learning to quit smoking without gaining weight

World No Tobacco Day

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This Tuesday, May 31, is World No Tobacco Day. Among the many ways to quit the habit, many smokers consider a number of health risks, but are afraid to gain weight. It’s true?

Quitting smoking is not easy, but it is becoming more and more difficult if we count on the help that nature provides every day. In addition to the nutrition tips below, check out the tips provided by Naturology to help you quit smoking here.

World No Tobacco Day: Does smoking cessation make you fat?

Cigarettes increase metabolism, which in turn increases calorie expenditure by about 10%. To give you an idea, a 60-pound woman who needs 2,000 calories to maintain her weight spends about 2,200 while smoking.

These 200 extra calories a day correspond to a slice of fruit or a slice of chocolate cake.

Therefore, it is necessary for people to reduce their food intake so that they do not gain weight when they stop smoking.

Other emotional factors that can increase weight are also related to the emotional side of going without cigarettes, such as insomnia (and nighttime snacks) and anxiety. Here you will find tips for controlling anxiety..

What happens is that after two days without cigarettes, it is already possible to feel the difference in taste and smell. The mucus decreases, so the person tastes more and sees the food more delicious than usual.

Cigarettes also compete with nutrient absorption, so it is very likely that the smoker will lack vitamins in the body. Be aware that each cigarette “destroys” 50 mg of vitamin C, which corresponds to an orange.

This vitamin deficiency can have long-term effects on the body, such as bleeding gums, low immune system, increased susceptibility to disease, and so on. Here are 10 activities and foods that boost immunity.

I decided to quit smoking. What should I do?

Practical tips for World No Tobacco Day:

  1. Eat meals regularly, so as not to get even more nervous. This includes: breakfast, morning snack (if required), lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and snack.
  2. If possible, sleep before midnight, because our body prepares to sleep from 9:00 pm to 11:30 pm. After this time, it becomes more difficult to sleep. Gh hormone works with a peak at dawn and the importance of this hormone is cell renewal, as well as melatonin. See Feng Shui melatonin tips here.
  3. Check with your doctor or nutritionist about the need for a vitamin prescription. It can be complex or based on algae.
  4. Capriche in vegetablesespecially dark green vegetables (rich in vitamin C and minerals) such as kale, watercress and broccoli.
  5. For snacks, prefer fresh fruit or replace it with yogurtwholemeal crackers, wholemeal bread with white cheese, tomato and oregano.
  6. Tryptophan-containing food abuse is a precursor to serotonin, which cause well-being and reduce anxiety. These are: milk, yogurt, cocoa powder, dwarf banana.
  7. Suggested afternoon or evening snack: heated milk with a teaspoon of cocoa and a pinch of cinnamon. Add a sweetener or sugar to taste. Another option is to cook a dwarf banana with water until covered and a little cinnamon. When the banana is cooked, put a teaspoon of cocoa in the water and enjoy. Eat bananas on hot syrup immediately.
  8. To relieve stress, eat crunchy foods and low-calorie foods such as pickles, vegetable sticks (celery, fennel, carrots, palm kernels, and cucumbers), sugar-free candy, and chewing gum.

Remember: The help of a doctor and nutritionist is important so that you feel supported in this change and can achieve your goal.

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