LaLiga 2 and Serie B: look at the budget difference between Valladolid and Cruzeiro

photo: True Valladolid/publicity and Staff Images/Cruise/publicity

Ronaldo, Real Valladolid and Cruzeiro clubs have different levels of investment in LaLiga 2 and Serie B

The clubs where Ronaldo is the majority shareholder, Real Valladolid and Cruzeiro have different financial realities and are in different markets. This can be seen in the budget they each have for Division Two this season. In LaLiga 2, the Spanish team has the second highest salary cap. Fox, on the other hand, has the most modest budget among Series B celebrities.

For the time being, LaLiga has changed the spending ceilings for clubs in both divisions and defined that Real Valladolid is entitled to an investment limit of 29 million euros (R $ 147 million), which is not reach.

The ceiling set by LaLiga includes the maximum amount the club will spend on players ’salaries, tuition commissions and youth categories.

In this edition of LaLiga 2, the total salary cap established by the organization is 252 million euros (R $ 1.28 billion). Eibar was the club with the highest spending limit (30 million euros / R $ 152 million), but still finished the competition in third place, with no direct access, behind Almera and Real Valladolid.

To qualify, Eibar will have to play in the playoffs alongside Las Palmas, Tenerife and Girona.

In Spain, the spending limit is based on what the clubs collect. per association or Sociedad Anima Deportiva (SAD, similar to SAF, in Brazil) proposes its investment limit, validated or not by LaLiga. This regulation guarantees the financial stability of the participants.

According to Ronaldo, the trend is for Real Valladolid with a budget of 55 million euros in the first division for the 2022/2023 season. This represents R $ 280 million. The exact amount will be set this Wednesday (1), at a meeting between Fenmeno and the club’s executive board.

Prayer Cruise in Series B

When Ronaldo took over Cruzeiro in December, one of the first steps was to reduce the budget for the Serie B season from R $ 90 million to R $ 35 million. The previous amount, set by the association’s president, Srgio Santos Rodrigues, was considered unrealistic.

At the time, Ronaldo implied that Cruzeiro would abandon the policy of spending more than income. The severe budget cuts for football in 2022 are related to the estimated revenue forecast of BRL 60 million.

“When we announced the purchase of SAF, we started to dive into what the club’s budget was for the year. The first thing I found was a budget of R $ 90 million with revenue. which is R $ 60 million, which is still being spent.We have lowered the budget to R $ 35 million, almost three times lower.It was a moment of unpopular reactions, but it was very much needed for the club to get back on track size as it should be ”, justified by the majority shareholder at the time. .

The budget of R $ 35 million, which is strictly enforced, provides for the payment of salaries of players, technical commissions and employees; image rights, gloves, commissions, negotiations and operating costs.

Thanks to this change, salaries were once again paid on time in Toca.

Grmio, in fifth place, sets the cost of the sporting event at R $ 213.7 million at present, with R $ 147.2 million in professional and administrative football salaries.
Vasco, vice-leader, will spend BRL 75 million in salaries and fees by 2022, including football and administrative duties.

The sport, in fourth place, has a budget of R $ 59 million this year. Bahia, in third place, is also focused on cutting costs this year. Of the BRL 95.6 million expected revenue, BRL 52 million will go to football.

Unlike what happened in Spain, in Brazil there is no entity to regulate the cost of clubs competing in the Brazilian Championship. This is one of the functions of Libra, a league that will take over the management of tournaments from 2025.

LaLiga2 main budgets 2021/2022

  • Eibar – € 30.15 million ceiling (ends 3rd – playoffs)
  • True Valladolid – ceiling of 29 million euros – spent 22 million (ended 2nd)
  • Legans – € 26.4 million cap (ends 12th)
  • Huesca – € 18.6 million ceiling (ends 13th)
  • Malaga – € 12.7 million ceiling (ends 18th)
  • Real Sociedad B – ceiling of 12.4 million euros (ends 20th)
  • Las Palmas – € 11.9 million cap (finished fourth – playoffs)
  • Almera – € 10.3 million ceiling (1st completed)
  • Sporting – € 9.7 million cap (ended 17th)
  • Oviedo – € 9.5 million ceiling (ends 7th)
  • Tenerife – € 9.1 million cap (ends 5th – playoffs)
  • Ibiza – € 7.6 million ceiling (finished 15th)
  • Alcordn – € 7.1 million ceiling (ended 22nd)
  • Fuenlabrada – ceiling of 6.6 million euros (ended on the 21st)
  • Cartagena – € 6.1 million ceiling (ends 9th)
  • Ponferradina – € 5.8 million ceiling (ends 8th)
  • Zaragoza – € 5.7 million ceiling (ends 10th)
  • Mirandes – € 5.7 million ceiling (ends 14th)
  • Burgos – € 5.5 million ceiling (ends 11th)
  • Lugo – € 4.8 million ceiling (ends 16th)
  • Amorebieta – ceiling of 4.6 million euros (ended 19th)
  • Girona – ceiling of 3.9 million euros (ended 6th – playoffs)

Series B 2022 main budgets

  • Grmio – BRL 147.2 million (currently 5th place)
  • Vasco – BRL 75 million (now second place)
  • Sport – BRL 59 million (now 4th place)
  • Bahia – BRL 52 million (now 3rd place)
  • Cruzeiro – R $ 35 million (now 1st place)
  • Ponte Preta – BRL 27.9 million (now 16th place)
  • Guarani – BRL 19.3 million (now 20th place)
  • Cricima – BRL 10.1 million (now 15th place)

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