Lack of drainage? Photo shows Jaconi pitch without pit Juventude x Fluminense | Brazilian series a

In the match between Juventude and Fluminense, for the 9th day of the Brazilian Championship, the debate over the conditions of Alfredo Jaconi’s ear continues to generate controversy due to the lack of drainage. In a photo circulating on social media (see below)The stadium of the Francisco Stédile stadium, Centenary, belongs to Caxias and the field 2 km from Alfredo Jaconi can be seen in much better condition, which ended with a 1- at the same time as the match of Brasileirão. 0 wins for the night team.

Seeing the echo, Gek confirmed that the record was set last Sunday at the Francisco Stédile Stadium at around 12:00, the same time as Alfredo Jaconi Brasileirão’s match. In the picture you can see the Caxias pitch in better conditions and without puddles, even though it was raining heavily.

Francisco Stédile Stadium at the same time as Juventude x Fluminense – Photo: Reproduction

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This is not the first time that Alfredo Jaconi’s overflowing pitch has stood out nationally. At last year’s Brazilian Championships, the conditions on the pitch were similar in the match against Flamingo on June 27th. At the time, Juventude also won 1-0.

Distance between Alfredo Jaconi Stadium and Francisco Stédile Stadium – Photo: Reproduction Google

According to the youth director, the cause of the flood has to do with the type of drainage and the new renewal of the ear, was held early last year. The system responsible for draining water from the soil is below many organic materials, which are mandatory for planting new grass and are still considered “hard”. Stages with a vacuum drainage system, which have a higher cost, do not usually suffer from this type of problem.

Alfredo Jaconi, Caxias do Sul, Juventude x Fluminensen – Photo: Thiago de Lima

– Our grass is very new and we must remember that last year it was chosen as the fourth best in Serie A. We need to differentiate between quality and drainage. The grass came from an organic matter that is accustomed to the soil and is now very strong. Our drainage system is below that organic mass, but that mass is a bit of a hindrance. We’ve been talking for a year and a half after the exchange, and we’re talking about two situations, “said Youth Executive Director Marcelo Barbarotti.

Juventude x Fluminense with many wells in the grass – Photo: MAILSON SANTANA / FLUMINENSE FC

– We invested something to change the grass. It wasn’t done anyway. The club invested heavily. The people here are proud of their praise for the grass. Grass is one thing, drainage is another. Sometimes I deal with the argument. It seems to be segmenting. It seems to be a preconceived notion of the climate of the Serra Gaúcha. This is the reality. If I go to Castelão, I will complain about the pitch, which is the worst in Brasileirão, and little is said about it, ”added the director.

Shortly after the game ended, Fluminens issued a statement warning Goiás referee Jefferson Ferreira de Moraes and the staff of the Juvenile staff for their handling of the drain. In a text signed by Influenza president Mário Bittencourt, the club denounces Juventud’s attitude towards the pitch.

Juventude x Fluminense with wet field – Photo: Luiz Erbes / AGIF

– Unacceptable that the Youth x Fluminense referee started the match in precarious conditions, and also continued after the heavy rain. A disaster. A real disaster. The most curious of all is that after 1 x 0 and the first half was in the water, the Youth officials decided to “drain” the pitch with traces. Nothing was done before the match to soften the conflict conditions of the match, the text said.

With the victory at home, Juventud has ten points and takes 16th place. Goiás, who are ninth and 17th, can beat Botafogo this Monday. Fluminens, with 11 points, missed the opportunity to touch the leaders of Brasileirão.

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