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Greater comfort, ergonomics and even better accuracy are some of the advantages of the vertical mouse. The device, suitable for gamers or those who spend many hours in front of a computer, is not yet very popular in Brazil, but can be easily found for purchase.

This model works similar to the usual ones, with a sensor that helps the cursor move and the click buttons.

The difference is in the format: it has no horizontal contours to handle in the palm of your hand. It has a design to fit the toes vertically.

What are the benefits of the vertical mouse?

Due to its shape, the vertical mouse offers better ergonomics and comfort, making drag and click movements more natural. The user puts less strain on the muscles and nerves, repetitive movements help prevent injuries.

With the same function as a traditional accessory, it can be adapted to anyone and can fit any computer or notebook model.


As with traditional mice, it can be optical or laser tracking technology. They are quite effective in both cases.

The difference is that laser mice cost a little more because they have a little more accuracy. They don’t need a mouse pad, they work well on any surface. However, when they are far from the surface, they lose accuracy, which is detrimental to players, for example.

Optical mice, on the other hand, do not have the same accuracy, but are ideal for use with a mouse. It is suitable for gamers and those who do not want to invest so much in the device.

In addition, the user should also look at DPI – the acronym for “one inch per point”. In practice, it determines the resolution of the mouse and how many points it identifies in each inch traveled. This is important because the higher the DPI rate, the more sensitive it is to mouse movement. Conversely, when the target is more accurate, it is appropriate to seek lower sensitivity.

weight and size

In order to provide the user with more comfort and ergonomics, the size and weight of the device should be taken into account when purchasing.

It is necessary that it is not too heavy to be uncomfortable during use and that the measure is suitable for the user’s hand, so that it fits perfectly.

special features

If you are a person who spends hours in front of your computer and you spend most of your time reading, it is recommended that you use a mouse scroll button to help you with this task.

Those who browse multiple screens can take advantage of buttons that allow them to minimize and maximize the screen.

And for gamers, it’s important that models have special buttons and LED lights.

If you know what you need to value before buying a vertical mouse, here are six options for this model.

2.4G Rechargeable Wireless Mouse – Beyamis

Price: BRL 73.49 *

Beyamis vertical mouse

Image: Outreach


It has three adjustable DPI levels, from 800 to 2,400. Thus, offering a higher speed of response and less delay.

The tracking sensor is optical, which, according to the manufacturer, ensures a more accurate location. Ergonomic design and weight (151 grams) promise to reduce wrist fatigue.

It works via Wi-Fi (2.4G) and has a lithium battery that can be charged with a USB cable.

Wireless mouse – Almencla

Price: BRL 77.80 *

Almencla vertical mouse - Outreach - Outreach

Almencla vertical mouse

Image: Outreach


Amencla’s wireless vertical model is a very economical option for everyday use.

Again, the goal is to prevent diseases caused by repetitive movements, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Reduced weight (87g) helps.

It has an optical system and three adjustable DPI levels: 800, 1600 and 2400. It has six control buttons to provide more autonomy when the user performs his tasks.

Logitech MX vertical wireless mouse

Price: BRL 519 *

Vertical Mouse Logi - Outreach - Outreach

Logi vertical mouse

Image: Outreach


The 57 ° vertical angle provides an ergonomic position without compromising performance, allowing the user to hold the hand in a natural “hand” position, reducing wrist pressure and forearm tension.

The 4,000 DPI high-precision sensor hand-moves four times less and reduces fatigue, according to the manufacturer.

In addition to the three conventional mouse buttons, the MX Vertical has two customizable buttons on the left and another button that can adjust the speed of the display pointer.

It can be connected to your computer or laptop via a USB-C cable, Bluetooth, or a Logitech USB receiver (it allows you to connect six wireless accessories to a single input).

The vertical MX is fully charged for four months. And a quick charge of one minute is enough to use three hours.

Ergonomic ergonomic standing mouse with delux cable

Price: BRL 172.89 to BRL 133.70 * (23% discount)

Delux Vertical Mouse - Outreach - Outreach

Deluxe vertical mouse

Image: Outreach


It also promises greater ergonomics thanks to the design, designed to alleviate the discomfort and stiffness of the arms. It comes with a base to provide even more support to the user’s arm, thereby relieving wrist tension.

Adjustable DPI (five options between 800 and 4,000), non-slip and sweat-resistant equipment, is perfect for gamers, but satisfies all the needs of those who use the computer for a long time.

It has an optical sensor and RGB Chasing lighting, which can be activated or switched off with a switch at the bottom of the mouse.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and MacBook.

Mouse GXT144 Rexx Vertical Ergonomics – Confidence

Price: BRL 206.18 to BRL 149.90 * (27% discount)

mouse - Play / Amazon - Play / Amazon

Mouse GXT144 Rexx Vertical Ergonomics – Confidence

Image: Playback / Amazon


It has a high quality optical sensor, up to 10,000 DPI, six programmable buttons and a customizable RGB color. It’s a very good setup for the players.

Its distinctive orientation aims for greater comfort, avoiding injuries and stress during playtime.

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