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Inter, as they have done throughout Brasileirão, are drawing again. The team distinguished itself in this matter by staying 1 to 1 at Atlético-GO on the icy night on Monday, for the 8th round. Even if the visitors ’goal comes at the end of the game, they can even celebrate the point won. The gauchos dominated the middle of Beira-Rio and the only reason they didn’t lose was Daniel’s performance.

+ Mano admits Inter’s problems

We are closer to losing than winning. Despite being ahead and having a golden opportunity, we didn’t control the game. The questions we need to analyze are these. Our problems are tactical.

– Mano Menezes

And it can be very different. Before the 10th minute, Wanderson, Carlos de Pena and Edenilson had opportunities. At the age of 11, Alan Patrick was advancing from defensive field to offensive midfield, when he gave a valuable pass to Wanderson, who shot a cross to beat Ronaldo.

The logic for Inter, with the advantage, is to manage the gaps to try to extend the score. What we saw, though, was the Dragon taking care of the actions, advancing the scoring and hitting. Mano Menezes ’creative sector saw the opponent holding the ball, exchanging passes and engaging the defensive system.

Daniel avoids defeat at Inter – Photo: Ricardo Duarte / Internacional

Inter had another chance with Matheus Cadorini, who received it from Alan Patrick, but Ronaldo defended it. Then little progress was made, while the errors behind it started to happen a lot.

At 14, Bustos hit Baralhas, who watched Vitão approach and played for Airton. Bruno Méndez took it to his chest, but gave it to the feet of Diego Churín, who forced Daniel to make the first important save.

The colorado goalkeeper started to work. The next minute, Rodrigo Dourado, trying to stop Airton’s advance, returned to Baralhas, who tapped the post.

Bruno Méndez missed the ball in the 37th minute. Jorginho recovered and played for Hayner, who activated Wellington Rato. The attacker forces Daniel to dodge again.

In addition to not eliminating the risk, Inter allowed Atlético-GO to advance on Renê’s side. The left back struggled to keep Hayner and Wellington Rato’s advances at bay with a lack of cover. Carlos de Pena could not help him.

Bruno Méndez struggles to stop Atlético-GO-Photo: Ricardo Duarte/Disclosure, Internacional

Dourado missed before the break, cut the corner but touched Ramon Menezes’ chest. The defender dominated and just didn’t score for another shine from Daniel. With the intention of gaining more ball and regaining control, Inter returned to the second half with Taison in place of Cadorini.

The team, though less troubled, also suffered little. Gradually, the film from the first half begins to repeat itself. Uncontrollable in Colorado and leaking. Daniel had to defend Wellington Rato’s submission in another defensive failure.

Who in 9 doesn’t, in 9 gets hurt

However, at age 33, visitation pressure has an effect. Rodrigo Dourado did not cut the ball in offensive midfield. Jorginho got in the middle of the field and advanced to the right. Pedro Henrique approached, but allowed Léo Pereira’s reversal. The striker crossed Churín’s head, showing up between Bruno Méndez and Renê and scoring.

Yes, there were purifications of violence. The former Grêmio striker, who had not hit the net in exactly 389 days, returned to celebrate with a goal. Something followed by Inter’s “9” was tough. The most recent happened on April 26, with Alexandre Alemão, in a 1-0 win over Independiente Medellín for the Copa Sudamericana.

Colorado was about to get a comeback, but Bruno Méndez took it to the line. The poor performance reaped boos at the end of the game. There were no protests, but as they left, some fans complained on the stadium grounds.

– We are almost never able to put pressure on the opponent, we are always at the mercy of retrieving a ball in the back. That was our biggest problem with the game. Marlon Freitas played for free. This leads to other dislocations. They still have a player on the right side. We went back with Pena at a line of 5. We solved the problem on defense, but we didn’t have the strength on the offensive side – justified by Mano Menezes.

“This team lacks a little more daring”, commented Luka Pumes | The Voice of the Flock

Invincibility full of draws

The latest draw has left Inter reaching five in Brasileirão. followed. The team with the most competitiveness, which prevents it from becoming one of the top six qualifiers for the next edition of the Libertadores. It is in 12th place with 11 points, four behind leader Palmeiras, two behind Coritiba, who close out the G-4, and one behind Athletico-PR, sixth in the table.

There is another factor that has failed Colorados. That’s 12 games undefeated. However, Colorado had five wins and seven draws that period.

The week is to show Mano the problems to the team and seek to correct them. Inter return to the field on Sunday when, at 7 p.m., they face Bragantino. The match is scheduled for Nabi Abi Chedid, of Bragança Paulista.

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