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Archie Battersbee’s parents, 12, lost their lives in court in Britain and will have to say goodbye to the boy, as the devices that keep him alive in the hospital will be switched off, according to a Supreme Court ruling. Although it was stated that the boy was already brain dead, Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee were hopeful that his heart would continue to work.

+ The baby wakes up from a coma after the doctors decide to turn off the device

The judge ruled that doctors could turn off devices that keep 12-year-old Archie alive (Photo: Reproduction / The Sun)

Archie is in a coma in a London hospital and his mother has told local journalists that his decision is upset. “I am shocked and very disappointed with the court’s decision after a few weeks of fighting in a legal battle when I wanted to be next to my son’s bed,” she said. “I am disgusted that the hospital and the judge did not respect his family’s wishes.”

The mother also said she intends to continue fighting for the cause, even after losing her son. “I don’t think Archie has had enough time. From the beginning I always thought, ‘What’s the dam?’ My heart is pounding, she took my hand and my mother’s and mother’s instincts know that my son is still there. “About the legal definition of death. This is just the beginning. I will not give up fighting for my son. ‘

The case was brought before the Arbuthnot District Court of the High Court in London. After asking for more tests and medical opinions, he made his decision, which was released on Monday morning (13). “I think the irreversible disruption of cerebral palsy has finally been established. I authorize the medical professionals at Royal London Hospital to allow Archie Battersbee to be mechanically ventilated; Archie Battersbee to be extubated; or when lung resuscitation interrupts cardiac output or interrupts respiratory effort. The steps I outlined above are legal, “he said.

Alistair Chesser, Barts Health NHS Trust’s medical director, who is in charge of the hospital where Archie is admitted, said: “We will ensure that our medical specialists provide the best possible care while the life support is being removed.

What happened to Archi?

Young Archie Battersbee was found unconscious at home on April 7th. Her mother Hollie said she had a great evening with the boy. “I was in my room when Archie came in with this bag and a crooked look on her face. She was going to tease me, so she’s always angry,” my mother reported. “He offered me a candy, but I saw that our pet rabbit, Simian, was in the bag. I laughed at him and told him to put the rabbit back on. He left my room and sent him a message, “Hollie recalled.

Minutes later, the mother noticed that the young man was very quiet, but he did not worry much. “She’s 12 years old, she doesn’t need me at home all the time,” she said. However, after leaving his room, he was faced with a tragedy: Archie was already lost. They found that he had a bandage around his neck. The family was then taken directly to Southend University Hospital and then taken to Royal London, where it is now.

“At first I thought it was a weird accident, but since it happened, I’ve been wondering if Archie would take part in an‘ online challenge ’,” Hollie said.

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