John Textor explains his support for Botafogo Libra: “You want to sit at a table where power and influence exist”

After taking a position of neutrality, Botafogo He joined the Brazilian Football League this Friday after John Textor attended a meeting with the club’s founding club leaders in São Paulo. In an interview with GE’s “Negócios do Esporte” blog, the majority of Glorios’s shareholders, who have always defended a strong league, explained their reasons for choosing Libra.

– I think, from Botafogo’s point of view, they ask us: would you like to sit at the table with the biggest Brazilian clubs, probably the ones that will continue to be the leaders, the biggest brands in the country, when people think? Brazilian football? When the Premier League started, imagine if they were asked by Crystal Palace: Would you rather be the smallest club in the Big Six or the biggest club in a team of 14? The decision is obvious. You want to sit at a table with power and influence. This is not a perfect example, as Botafogo itself is a great and successful club, with great champions, and everyone knows that the club is a giant that sleeps. “It’s good to be at the table with the big Brazilian clubs,” Textor said.

According to the owner of SAF do Botafogo, there were no conditions for the club to join Libra.

– I’ve seen in the press that I’ve made requests, and that’s not true. The word “demand” is too strong. We have been invited to a fraternity of clubs, and everyone has something to bring to the table. There is tremendous diversity in the ownership model, with some clubs being private, like Bragantino, others civil society. Among the presidents of these associations, there is a great diversity in terms of their experiences, they have excellent curricula. So I came in as a person sitting at the table, ”Textor said.

The main discussion between the clubs is about the distribution of fees. Libra has put 40% on equal terms, 30% for the league and 30% for the commitment. “Opponents” disagree and have proposed 50% -25% -25%. John Textor underestimated this issue.

– In formula, I don’t know how it is now, but as it started, 40-30-30… 40% evenly distributed, 30% based on performance and 30% on fan participation. The only thing I have tried to say is that now, and over time, as this formula has been used for so many years, it will be amazing to put in place rules to encourage certain types of behaviors that will help everyone. Yes, this formula is well thought out for the past, for those who bring value. Yes, that’s what Flamengo, Corinthians and Palmeiras deserve. But there is also a lot about the future. You want the people who are there now and the investors who need to get into that equation, you want to invest in a way that helps everyone, ”John Textor said.

– Instead of having measures that are difficult to measure, that are easy to manipulate, like social media followers, I think that such measures can have bad consequences along the way. It’s important who pays attention to the game. The fans matter, the fans who really support it. TV audiences are very important, as they are measured very accurately in the world. Streaming is important. Which clubs are doing their best to attract attention to the entire Brazilian league? That should be rewarded, because we need to encourage small clubs to attract investors as well. The world is changing, and so is Brazil. We want to say: this is what everyone should be looking for, and how the money distribution rules tell you how to act. I suggested that we not look so much at the formulas thinking about where we are now, but at pushing them to where we want to be in the future. ”

Finally, John Textor thanked the founding clubs of Libra for their welcome, hoping to add to the knowledge of the Premier League and other leagues.

– Yesterday I was expecting to come to this meeting as “the one who arrives late at the party and doesn’t know how Brazilian football works” because they didn’t want to hear me, because they are big and successful … Why would they do it? do they care But I have to say, Rodrigo. I had a much bigger reception than I thought. I knew I would meet nice people, but I didn’t think they would be so willing, so open, to hear a different perspective. We really embraced it. They took us openly by fixing ideas that couldn’t be changed. They were very open to change. Some will be difficult in the short term, but in two, three, five years we are talking about the flexibility of this model. I think it’s the right team, and it’s not fair to say they care about each other. They want to grow the league and strengthen it all. ”

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