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Joelma has a swollen face

Singer Joelma, a 47-year-old former member of the famous band Calypso, caught the attention of fans when she appeared in a swollen face at Parauapebas (28) last Saturday (28). According to the artist’s advice, the inflammation would be a sequel to Covid. Joelma has had the disease four times, most recently in January of this year.

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Alexandre Barbosa, a specialist in infectious diseases at the SBI (Association of Infectious Diseases of Brasilia) and Carlos Fortaleza, a member of the SPI (Association of Infectious Diseases of São Paulo), said that from the photos published in the media, Joelma may have a swollen face. The problem, according to doctors, is inflammation caused by excess fluid in the body tissues, which can have several causes.

“By establishing a connection with Covid, this edema can be linked, for example, to excessive corticosteroids, an anti-inflammatory drug indicated for patients who develop a severe form of the disease,” says Barbosa.

“Using long or high doses of corticosteroids, especially improperly, can cause facial edema. But that’s just a hypothesis. It can’t be diagnosed just by a photo,” he added.

According to Barbosa, the most common causes of edema are, for example, kidney failure (a condition in which the kidneys lose their ability to perform basic functions) and kidney failure (due to a lack of hormone production by the kidney glands). part of the endocrine system). ). But in addition to these, there are many others. “Medicine isn’t exactly math,” he says.

Fortaleza also carefully points out that it is impossible to say what caused the edema without knowing the details of the case. But for him, “Covid, in itself, would explain everything.” As there are various pulmonary and neurological complications of the disease, there are also skin complications, such as edema, which have been reported with some frequency in clinics.

“Coronavirus targets many human cells, most of them in the respiratory tract, but also in the subcutaneous tissue, intestinal tissue, etc. The virus enters these cells and causes inflammation. He says.

“There are several direct actions of the virus that cause tissue damage, which in turn causes inflammation. Even if the virus no longer exists, the infection can last for weeks,” he added.

According to doctors, this type of follow-up is rare in percentages, but, as mentioned, it has been reported in clinics with some frequency. This is because in Brazil, tens of millions of cases of the disease have been registered. To give you an idea, if patients with this type of follow-up, for example, had 1% of positives, there would already be a total of more than 300 thousand cases.

Can Covid re-infection reinforce this type of follow-up?

If the cause behind the edema is a Covid-induced infection, and not the use of corticosteroids, the re-infection with coronavirus is, in fact, a factor that may strengthen this type of follow-up, according to Fortaleza. The doctor explained that the sequelae are like “internal scars” of inflammation.

“Many patients have swollen lungs, for example, and even after healing, they are left with a kind of ‘scar’. The organ no longer spreads like a healthy person. It cannot be practiced. also, the ones that don’t necessarily work, ”he says.

How to follow this presentation?

When presenting this type of follow-up, the patient should first seek specialized medical attention in order to get a good diagnosis and understand the cause of the edema. It is important to emphasize that, although aesthetically pleasing, it is not something particularly serious, such as lung or neurological sequences.

Fortaleza says some doctors usually prescribe medications, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, to improve blood and lymph circulation (a clear, alkaline-like liquid in the blood and circulating through the lymph vessels) to relieve inflammation and fix the problem faster. . But if nothing is done, the inflammation usually resolves on its own within a few weeks.

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