Jô says he is ready to step back and take the paternity test

Maiára categorically denied being the father of the child of the Quidérolly influencer and a day later, former footballer Jô, Corinthians, spoke to the LeoDias column this Wednesday (15/6) and is back in first place. Now, the athlete has made himself available for paternity testing and has left the situation open.

It should be noted that after the column announced that Jô would find out that her relationship with Maiára Quidérolly was pregnant with her child, the information that both the player and the influencer had repeatedly denied was incorrect. Maiara also stated in an interview with our report that her child’s father is a former boyfriend and currently living in South Africa.


“I’m angry! That doesn’t make sense. These people are trying to take advantage of the situation that happened last week. There is no basis for truth in what is being broadcast, ”Jôk said in a statement sent to the column.

This Wednesday morning (15/6), however, the athlete decided to step back and shook his head when it came to dealing with the issue, also putting his son ready for a DNA test.

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