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It’s been ten years since a revolutionary partnership. Six NBA finals and two seasons of major injury resistance. It could be the fourth title on Thursday night against the Golden State Warriors Celtics in Boston at 10 p.m. For Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, Game 6 is the result of a redemptive walk, but the home team has other plans. follows all the details of the game in real time.

The trio, which led to structural changes in the basketball game, led by coach Steve Kerr, have never lost a decisive series that was on the court in all three games – so far. Larry O’Brien’s trophy was lifted three times against LeBron James ’Cleveland Cavaliers. They were defeated by the same Cavs in 2016 when Green was penalized in Game 5. They fell to the Toronto Raptors in 2019 in Game 3 without Thompson due to a thigh injury.

  • Curry is out of the trio for 233 straight games

Golden State Warriors NBA – Photo: Justin Ford / Getty Images

He would still suffer a torn ligament in his left knee in Game 6. After two and a half years on the court, the return was the Warriors’ most famous news of the year, but the redemptions don’t stop there. Draymond Green lost 36 games in the regular season with a back injury. Stephen Curry has been sidelined with left foot problems for the past month. To mention Andrew Wiggins, the Timberwolves ’disappointment was the start of the All-Star Game and one of the highlights of the 2022 Finals.

– We could tell a lot of stories and comedies in ten years. The characters are so different. They all come from different backgrounds. But we have developed a collective unity in how things are done, in locker rooms, on planes, in hotels. We know how to have fun, relax and keep things going, but we understand what we’re trying to do and why it’s important to win games. ”

On the way to the MVP of the first finals

Curry is a favorite for the finals MVP award, and that would be his first career. In the other three trophies, Kevin Durant took the honor twice, and Andre Iguodala once. The biggest pitcher of all time had a legendary game in Game 4, scoring 43 points and 10 rebounds away in a 2-1 win over the series. He also had 34, 31 and 29 point duels, completing his teammates ’average nights at the top and bottom of the series.

– Yesterday (Tuesday) we were sitting at the same table on the plane. Bob (Warriors General Manager Myers) passed by us and said, “You guys are having fun, you’re still sitting together.” You don’t understand, it’s been ten years. That doesn’t happen, the boys are still sitting at the same table. Not even in the same group, much less at the same table, enjoying the conversation and presence of each other. This trip would not have been the same without these two boys and without Andre Iguodala. I couldn’t have imagined this trip without them, ”Draymond Green recalled.

The Warriors ’emotional reference will be the work against a Boston with the most urgency in Game 6. The Celtics were twice in charge of the series, but the irregularity of the attack resulted in two consecutive defeats in the last two duels, which has not happened since. March 28 and 30. The tension is in the air and will be noticed in the TD garden this Thursday night, even for the more experienced. The players had a light workout after traveling from San Francisco to Boston on Tuesday, and the priority was rest.

“I don’t know all this.” I owe Draymond some money on dominoes. I don’t want to see it so often (laughs). But it’s fun. Two days ago, I was half asleep. He and Bob were excited to talk for six hours on a plane. I was trying to get some sleep. Good times (laughs) – Klay Thompson finished. If Celtics win the duel this Thursday, the final game will be played next Sunday at 9pm in San Francisco.

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