It is fixed by the boys of the villa, and Santos breaks the taboo against Juventude

In the 47th minute of the first half, Santos lost 1-0 and Juventude dominated Alfredo Jaconi. In a seemingly midfield move, however, everything changed. Yuri hit Jhojan Julio with a powerful cart and was expelled after a VAR check. In the final stage, Peix turned the match against Caxias do Sul and won 2-1 for the 12th round of the Brazilian Championship, and stuck to the G4.

Juventud opened the scoring with Ricardo Bueno and played well until they had one less. In the second half, Santos confirmed his numerical superiority and gave the home team a corner. Eduardo Bauermann and Marcos Leonardo scored the return goals.

Marcos Leonardo played for the Brazilian Under-20 team last Sunday and went straight from Espírito Santo to Caxias do Sulera. Ângelo, after injuring his thigh, played as many minutes as possible and provided support for his 9th shirt. Meninos da Vila decided again.

Santos scored his first victory as a visitor in Brasileirão and ended a three-game winning streak with three points. Peixe is now in sixth place with 17 points, one less Internacional, fourth place, and tomorrow against Goiás. Juventude remains the runner-up with ten, and three over Fortaleza, who pays Avaí, the fifth, in Ressacada.

Santos will return to the field against Red Bull Bragantino on Saturday (18) at Vila Belmiro. Will visit Juventude Atletico-GO on Sunday (19)


Those who did well in Santos: Bruno Oliveira, Ângelo and Marcos Leonardo

Bruno went into the break and once again improved Peix’s attacking performance. Ângelo and Marcos Leonardo performed well and scored the second goal. The trio demands Santos ’passage. Also noteworthy is the important performance of Jhojan Julio.

Who was bad in Santos: Auro and Ricardo Goulart

Auro was unsure and left to rest. Goulart was very cautious again. The 10th shirt created little and was replaced in the second half.

Santos game: Red card saved

The fish went bad until Yuri was sent off at the end of the first half. With one more, Santos improved and started to dominate the game. Juventude barely made it past the midfield in the final phase.

The boys in the village fix it

After playing for the Brazilian Under-20 team last Sunday, Marcos Leonardo started on the bench and entered the second half. Ângelo was also in the final phase against Atlético-MG after recovering from a thigh injury and still not being 100%. Angelo helped Marcos to turn Caxias’ match around.

felt early

How you posted UOL Sport this morning, Maicon was questioned for the match due to muscle aches. The defender went to the “sacrifice”, felt pain in his thigh and had to go to the entrance of Emiliano Velázquez, just over 14 minutes.

Reverse the old law?

Yuri, a former Santos man, was sent off at the end of the first half after a tough challenge from Jhojan Julio. The youth midfielder passed Peixe and did not disappoint.


Eduardo Bauermann made a great block, though. The goal was disallowed, the ball hit the post, the goalkeeper scored … The defender scored the second goal with Santos’ shirt and celebrated Caxias do Sulen a lot.

What a scare!

In the last minute, the referee checked a possible penalty for Emiliano Velázquez. After long seconds for the Santos fan, nothing was achieved.


Competition: 12th round of the Brazilian Championship
Date: June 14, 2022 (Tuesday)
Hour: 9:30 pm (from Brazil)
Place: Alfredo Jaconi Stadium, Caxias do Sul (RS)
Referee: Rodolpho Toski Marques (PR)
Contributors: Guilherme Dias Camilo (MG) and Ivan Carlos Bohn
VAR: Adriano Milczvski
Yellow cards: Paulinho Moccelin (JUV), Rodrigo Fernandez and Auro (SAN)
Red card: Yuri (JUV)
goals: Ricardo Bueno, 25 minutes Part 1; Eduardo Bauermann (SAN), At the age of 11, and Marcos Leonardo (SAN), In the 31st part of the 2nd

YOUNGS: Caesar; Rodrigo Soares (Oscar Ruiz), Thalisson KelvenRafael Forster and William Matheus; Yuri, Jason, Chico (Paulinho Moccelin) and Capixaba (Paulo Henrique); Pitta (Darlan) and Ricardo Bueno (Vitor Gabriel). Technician: Eduardo Baptista.

SAINTS: João Paulo, Auro (Bruno Oliveira); Maicon (Emiliano Velázquez), Eduardo Bauermann and Felipe Jonatan; Rodrigo Fernández, Vinicius Zanocelo (Ângelo) and Ricardo Goulart (Marcos Leonardo); Lucas Braga, Jhojan Julio and Rwan (Bryan Angulo). Technician: Fabian Bustos

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