Inter have 3 wins in the last 20 games against Corinthians; à la Garrincha, Paulão decided in 2015 | International

Inter and Corinthians face off this Saturday at 19:00 in Beira-Rio, the match that is valid for the 6th matchday of Brasileirão. The Gauchos are in ninth place, while the Paulistas are in the lead. The final retrospective is in favor of Timão.

The history of the last 20 games has seen three wins for Inter, eight for Corinthians and nine draws.. In a match he did not win by more than one goal. Although there is a difference in numbers, balance prevails in the games.

Inter’s successes were in 2013, 2015 and 2018. In 2017, for the Brazilian Cup, Colorado took to the stage on penalties after a 1-1 draw.

Recent chapters have intensified competition between clubs: the whistle mafia in 2005; The loss of Goiás in 2007 helped Timão fall; 2009 Brazilian Cup final and DVD section; and 0-0 for the 38th matchday of Brasileirão 2020, which guaranteed the Flemish title.

Paulão’s goal for Valdívia in 2015 led to jokes with Garrincha – Photo: Diego Guichard

Remember the three-colored victories

  • 05/27/2018: Inter 2×1 Corinthians – Brasileirão

Inter’s last victory was almost four years ago against Corinthians. With Odair Hellman on the pill, Colorado turned to Beira-Rio. Mateus Vital opened the scoring early in the 1st half. Leandro Damião equalized and Rossi scored after Mantuan failed.

Between: Danilo Fernandes; Zeca, Rodrigo Moledo, Klaus and Iago (Nico López); Rodrigo Dourado, Edenilson and Patrick; Pottker (Rossi), Lucca (Juan Alano) and Leandro Damião. Coach: Odair Hellmann.

Corinthians: Walter; Mantuan, Henrique, Balbuena, and Sidcley; Paulo Roberto, Maycon and Jadson (Marquinhos Gabriel); Angel Romero (Junior Dutra), Mateus Vital (Pedrinho) and Roger. Coach: Osmar Loss.

International 2 x 1 Corinthians best moments for the 7th day of Brasileirão

  • 09/16/2015: Inter 2×1 Corinthians – Brazil

Under Algiers, Inter beat Corinthians 2-1 in Beira-Rio. Réver and Valdivia scored. The victory was “à la Garrincha”. Paulão dribbled past Edilson and crossed the midfielder as far as the attacking midfielder to send him into the net. Colorado would end a 17-game losing streak in 17 games with Paulista in Brasileirão.

Between: Alisson; William, Paulão, Réver and Ernando; Rodrigo Dourado, Nilton, Wellington (Lisandro López) and Alex; Valdivia (Silva) and Vitinho (Rafael Moura). Technician: Algiers.

Corinthians: Cassio; Fágner, Felipe, Gil and Uendel (Edílson); Ralf (Cristian), Elias, Jadson and Renato Augusto; Malcolm (Angel Romero) and Vagner Love. Technician: Tite.

International 2 x 1 Corinthians goals for the 26th day of Brasileirão 2015

International 2 x 1 Corinthians goals for the 26th day of Brasileirão 2015

  • 09/04/2013: Inter 1×0 Corinthians – Brazil

The match took place at the Estádio do Vale, in Novo Hamburgo, due to the 2014 World Cup works in Beira-Rio, which was a tough and tense match with little technique. Forlán (Inter) and Guerrero (Corinthians) without goals, it was D’Alessandro who shone when he scored a beautiful missing goal early in the second half.

Between: Alisson; Gabriel, Indio, Juan and Fabricio; Ygor, Williams, Otávio (Caio) and D’Alessandro; Scocco (Josimar) and Leandro Damião (Alex). Technician: Dunga.

Corinthians: Cassio (Danilo Fernandes); Edenilson, Gil, Paulo André and Fábio Santos (Alessandro); Ralf, Ibson (Igor), Danilo and Douglas; Romarinho and Emerson Sheik. Technician: Tite.

Highlights: International 1 x 0 Corinthians Brasileirão for the 18th day of 2013

Highlights: International 1 x 0 Corinthians Brasileirão for the 18th day of 2013

Last 20 duel between Inter and Corinthians:

  1. 10/24/2021: Inter 2×2 Corinthians – Brazil
  2. 2021/07/03: Corinthians 1×1 Inter – Brasileirão
  3. 2021/02/25: Inter 0x0 Corinthians – Brasileirão
  4. 2020/10/31: Corinthians 1×0 Inter – Brasileirão
  5. 11/17/2019: Corinthians 0x0 Inter – Brasileirão
  6. 08/11/2019: Inter 0x0 Corinthians – Brazil
  7. 09/23/2018: Corinthians 1×1 Inter – Brazil
  8. 05/27/2018: Inter 2×1 Corinthians – Brazil
  9. 04/19/2017: Corinthians 1 (3) x (4) 1 Inter – Brazilian Cup
  10. 04/12/2017: Inter 1×1 Corinthians – Brazilian Cup
  11. 11/21/2016: Corinthians 1×0 Inter – Brazil
  12. 07/31/2016: Inter 0x1 Corinthians – Brazil
  13. 9/16/2015: Inter 2×1 Corinthians – Brazil
  14. 06/13/2015: Corinthians 2×1 Inter – Brazil
  15. 10/19/2014: Inter 1×2 Corinthians – Brazil
  16. 07/17/2014: Corinthians 2×1 Inter – Brazil
  17. 11/30/2013: Corinthians 0x0 Inter – Brasileirão
  18. 09/04/2013: Inter 1×0 Corinthians – Brazil
  19. 11/18/2012: Inter 0x2 Corinthians – Brazil
  20. 08/16/2012: Corinthians 1×0 Inter – Brasileirão

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