Inter and Corinthians are drawing a hot game with accusations of racism

Internacional and Corinthians are 2-2, today (14), at the Beira-Rio stadium. Colorado led the scoreboard twice, but Timão reacted and got the tie in a duel valid for the sixth round of the Brazilian Championship. The fight has a hot climate with the right to complain about arbitration decisions and Rafael Ramos ’report on racism against Edenilson, in the second half.

The match was stopped for five minutes and, after the final whistle, forward Jô was responsible for confirming the fact after the pictures recorded what happened.

“He (Edenilson) accused Rafa of racism, but Rafa says he didn’t say it. I don’t know what the word is, but Rafa says he didn’t say racist offense,” he said. si Jô sa Premiere.

Alan Patrick and Wanderson scored for Inter, while Raul Gustavo and Jô scored for the Corinthians.

The result left Corinthians with 13 points, while Internacional had nine. The gaucho team, however, amassed three consecutive draws.

Inter and Corinthians returned to the field on Tuesday (17). The gaucho team received Independiente Medellín-COL, for the Copa Sudamericana, while Timão visited Boca Juniors for the Libertadores.

In Brasileirão, Internacional played again on Saturday (21), against Cuiabá, away from home. The Corinthians host São Paulo, on Sunday (22).

Who is good: Wanderson

Shirt 11 made a cross for Inter’s first goal and the match. And before the break, Wanderson showed little ground to score 2 to 1. A goal and an assist made the attacking midfielder visible, despite other names – both teams, play well.

Who was disappointed: Renê and Rafael Ramos

Full-backs have problems with punctual throws. On Inter’s side, Renê was long gone and provided conditions to attack the Corinthians with two goals scored. In Corinthians, Rafael Ramos was confused at decisive moments.

Jô enters, harasses and applies ‘ex law’

Jô’s third goal was in 2022 against an old acquaintance of the striker. Launched on the field at half-time, the shirt 77 disrupted Inter’s defense through aerial play and bid intelligence where he won four markers and pulled the nets. The proper kick applied to the law in the past, 10 years after he left the Beira-Rio stadium.

Inter destroyed the new script

The gaucho team came back to play with volume, pressure and a good chance to score. But unlike recent games, where the attack failed miserably, Inter were able to score two goals in the first half. In addition to Alan Patrick and Wanderson’s correct conclusions, David and Bustos have a clear opportunity to swing the net.

Hot weather with a referee

The Corinthians ’first goal, which placed 1 to 1 on the scoreboard, was checked by the VAR. On the field, Inter complained heavily about the confirmation of intent. Next, the team from Rio Grande do Sul went crazy with Rafael Ramos deflection within the area. The right side touches the ball.

The Corinthians stayed and reacted

Vítor Pereira’s rotation had some responsibilities and one of them became clear in Beira-Rio. With collective problems, the Corinthians had opportunities for pure salvation. in resistance. And the plan is based, in the first half, on the aerial ball – the path to a tie. In rolling the ball, only one moment is created. Róger Guedes stopped Daniel. In the final stage, the scenario changed.

Inter retreats, the Corinthians insisted

Jô’s entry, in the middle of the hour, was the sign that the Corinthians would try something different. The pressure on the VP team provided more chances than the entire initial period and the tie came to 18. The match, previously with the face of colorada victory, was balanced.

Edenilson accused Ramos of racism

In the 30 minutes of the second half, Inter’s number 8 called the referee and reported on a discussion with Rafael Ramos. The side of the Corinthians was surrounded by other athletes and Edenilson uttered the phrase “be human, you say”. The game resumed in the 34th minute. Shirt 21 was replaced a few seconds later. The indictment was suspended until the last whistle, when no Internacional player spoke. Only Jô responded to the press and confirmed Edenilson’s accusation, but it was also reported that the Corinthians player denied it.


Date and time: 05/14/2022 (Saturday), at 19:00 (Brazilian time)
Location: Beira-Rio stadium, in Porto Alegre (RS)
Referee: Braulio da Silva Machado (Fifa/SC)
Assistants: Alex dos Santos and Thiaggo Americano Labes (both from SC)
VAR: Emerson de Almeida Ferreira (MG)
Yellow cards: Rodrigo Dourado, Mano Menezes (INT); Maycon, Jo (COR)
Goals: Alan Patrick, in the 24th minute of the first half (INT); Raul Gustavo, 30 minutes into the first half (COR); Wanderson, 44 minutes into the first half (INT); Jô, 18 minutes into the second half (COR)

INTERNATIONAL: Daniel; Bustos, Vitão, Mercado and Renê; Rodrigo Dourado, Edenilson, Carlos de Pena, Alan Patrick (Pedro Henrique); Wanderson (Alexander Alemão) and David (Mauricio)
Coach: Mano Menezes

CORINTHIANS: Cassius; Rafael Ramos (João Victor), Gil, Raul and Bruno Melo; Maycon, Du Queiroz, Gustavo Mantuan, Renato Augusto (Cantillo); Willian and Róger Guedes (Jô)
Coach: Vitor Pereira

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