In the first half, 44% of cryptocurrencies were invested in the success of the Polkadot network – Money Times

Polkadot is a blockchain protocol created to merge more than one blockchain into a single operation. It allows you to send and receive any type of data between any type of block (Image: Crypto Times)

In between thousands of cryptocurrenciesa few hundred tokens They have a market capitalization of over $ 50 million. At least a hundred tokens have a market capitalization of more than $ 500 million and a dozen unicorns (more than $ 1 billion).

In addition to investing money in a project, “smart money” investors who are confident in their long-term potential — such as venture capital funds, hedge funds, mercenary liquidity providers (LPs) — are committed to a variety of sectors. decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungal tokens (NFT), Web 3.0 yes metaverse – At different stages of growth (less than $ 50 million and more than $ 1 billion).

Messari tracked the major hedge funds and venture capital firms and recorded their liquid portfolios (with market-traded assets). Private investments or investments in networks that have not yet been launched were not included.

In total, the analysis showed that 44 funds have 225 different assets in different sectors, including stand-alone contracts, DeFi, Web 3.0, scalability, interoperability and NFTs.

As Messari Proyou have access a complete list of community panelsincluding from venture capital portfolios multi-coin, Panther, paradigm, paraFi, The capital of the three arrows and many others.

Access is also possible List of Messiri Researchwhich includes the following wallets: a16z, Research Alameda, Arrington XRP Capital, Binance Labs, Dragonfly Capital, Electricity Capital, Fabric Ventures, Framework Companies, Fenbushi’s capital, Digital Galaxy, Kenetic Capital and LedgerPrime Capital.

The public nature of these portfolios and the availability of most cryptocurrencies ensure that both organizations and retail investors can take action (and also lose it together).

Messari Fund Analysis

April analysis

In AprilMessari did the same analysis, but only with 35 funds, and the main assets invested were:

polkadot (DOT);

Maintain the network (SAVE);

uniswap (UNI);

compound (COMP);

filecoin (FIL);

author (MKR);

Network nerves (CKB).

July review: Larger and fuller pockets

After examining all the portfolios, Messari found that the main asset invested by the 44 funds was Polkadot.

EscolaCrypto: Polkadot and Internet 3.0

In fact, 19 of the 44 funds have DOTs, which means that 44% of the funds in question have shown interest in the success of Polkadot (remember this when you see someone. promoting twitter parachutes).

Liquid assets most invested among cryptocurrencies and hedge funds (Image: Messari)

It is important to mention this bitcoin (BTC) and etherera (ETH) were left out of the study because most of these funds are already investing in these cryptocurrencies.

It is the second most popular asset in the portfolio Earth (MOON) – a stablecoin platform, managed by algorithms.

Earth users have requested $ 2.2 billion in assets in its two applications – Mirror Protocol and Anchor Protocol – until the end of the second quarter. The Anchor Protocol is one of the top 35 protocols in recent years.

Platforms Protocol close (WORSHIP) and Oasis Network (PINK) are tied for third place. Both are independent contract platforms, but so far they have not been as well-received as their competitors. Solana (SUN), Ethereum and Snowfall (AVAX).

An identical portfolio from the list above would be created more than 77% of annual incomeSolana and Terra had the best results in the portfolio: 1,569% and 958%, respectively.

A diamond for venture capital funds

He also created a messenger panel which shows these assets (sorted by market capitalization). Of the 35 assets with more than six large venture capital or hedge investors, radical, read DAOOasis, DODO and balancer maintaining low market capitalization.

Interestingly, Lido is one of the three assets in the DAO derivatives sector (PERP and SNX) with more investment, Radicle is one of the few Web 3.0 projects that reflects a large part of the list of assets that receive large amounts of money. Graph and orchid.

However, it is important that market capitalization can be misleading and it is important to consider the diluted total value of these assets. Tokens with high diluted ratings should be able to increase ratings.

One of the most notable trends is the attention of venture capital investors to the full markets within the autonomous contracts and decentralized brokers (DEX)among the most used assets are the sectors with the highest investment.

Moreover, it seems that most of the funds are not in front of emerging sectors like Web 3.0, NFT and metaverse. This lack of exposure presents a potential opportunity for more investment in these sectors in the coming semesters.

It is also possible that these funds have already been invested in these sectors and that these positions are not liquid or have been invested in projects that are yet to launch their tokens and therefore do not reflect the purpose of the analysis.

How to invest as a cryptocurrency

Investing as a crypto-fund – venture capital or hedge – has never been easy. An average investor can literally do that. “copy trade”From these wallets imitate your favorite backgrounds.

However, while copy trading for a large venture capital fund may seem like a good strategy, it’s important to remember that investors in general or professionals don’t have the same access yet.

Overall, most of these funds receive private investments at much cheaper rates, while short-term funds are waiting to liquidate a portion of the tokens they have already invested in order to make a profit for investors.

In addition, in an upward cycle, liquid assets — especially newer projects — are sold at a premium in anticipation of a future valuation.

Although there are many barriers to investing in early stage cryptography projects, the chances are 10 times better than in the traditional financial world. The age of the general investor is coming and the crypto will be the main path of growth.

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