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Vítor Pereira’s condition is calm Corinthians.

Despite the disappointment of the team in recent games, the loss of the leadership of the Libertadores team and the Brazilian, tying with two weak teams, the Bolivian mixed team Always Ready and América Mineiro. This is in the middle of Itaquera.

President Duilio Monteiro Alves is the first to support the Portuguese coach. And with much more force than he did with Sylvino.

Depending on several factors.

The first was that Vítor Pereira did not want to accept the job offer, saying that the Corinthians team was small. And that he didn’t do pre-season with players. For him, living together for 30 days, training the athletes, articulating the composition of the team, with its strengths and weaknesses, were essential.

Duilio convinced him to accept this discount. Knowing that there would be great difficulties, as the coach would form the team during the time of Paulista, the Brazilian Cup, the Libertadores and the Brazilian.

It is the pressure of the consultants associated with his administration that brings the results together, the effectiveness of Vítor Pereira. After all, Corinthians need the team’s high performance because of their financial life.

The elimination of Libertadores in the quarter-finals against Boca would be disastrous. Forecasts, still with Sylvino, when the team’s 2022 goals were drawn, indicated that the club should at least reach the finals. It serves the same purpose in the Brazilian Cup. And at least the 2023 Libertadores qualifier in Brazil.

Investments in big club-free veterans, plus Róger Guedes, had a big impact in the second half of 2021, taking the team to the Libertadores. But big reinforcements for 2022 are ruled out unless a company appears willing to pay for those athletes. As Taunas threatened to do with Paulinho. And it was an embarrassing fiasco.

The Corinthians press office quickly reported that in 2022 the club had more than 506,000 fans on the Itaquera pitch. The BRL raised more than $ 35 million in 15 games. Recall that until March, the state government had limited the capacity of the stadiums in São Paulo to a maximum of 70%. Since then, there have been an average of 38,000 Corinthians in the Itaque Games.

The agreement with Caixa Econômica for the payment of the venue is still pending. Due to discrepancy in value. The state bank says the club owes BRL 536 million. And Corinthians guarantees that the value is “only” R $ 470 million.

In other words, the result of the team has been crucial in communicating this account that has plagued the club since 2011.

Vítor Pereira has shown himself trapped in a maze. Make inconsistent choices. How to put midfielder Renato Augusto, who has never had speed at the top of his career, playing on the left wing, at the age of 34, against América Mineiro.

He also had a very weak save against Bolivia’s Always Ready in the starting line-up when Corinthians needed to win, however, to secure the top spot in Boca Juniors ‘E. Cauldron’ team.

Three defenders, four lines, two defensive midfielders, one defensive midfielder, two midfielders, three midfielders, two strikers, one striker.

4-3-3. 4-2-3-1. 4-1-4-1. 3-5-2. 3-4-3.

Vítor Pereira used all the tactical variations, without concluding how Corinthians should play.

He needed exactly 93 days of work. 22 games have been played. Nine wins, eight draws and five defeats. 51% usage.

Vítor is passionate about taking turns playing. Even more so in the chaotic calendar of Brazilian football. The athletes themselves are unsure, there are few absolute beginners. The Portuguese coach’s first move was to end the story of the “magic quintet”. He saw it as unproductive to keep Paulinho, Giuliano, Renato Augusto, Willian and Róger Guedes as headliners.

Giuliano has already stopped. Paulinho, before his serious injury, which will lead him to play alone in 2023, was already starting to get on the bench. The same criteria had already been reached by Renato Augusto and Willian. Róger Guedes was the last person to have problems, as he did not work properly, playing improvised as a fixed striker in the middle.

They know Vítor Pereira and his four Portuguese assistants. If it were up to them, the Corinthians would not have so many athletes over the age of 30, consecrated veterans. To create a competitive, vibrant and vibrant team, they need young players. But there is no use of very expensive athletes, and with good potential, which Duilio brought.

This is the factor that explains the maze in which the coach finds himself.

Not knowing the way out.

Without being your ideal team.

The demands of the press and followers have already reached the councilors.

He is the dustbin of Sylvena’s Corinthians.

But Duilio Monteiro Alves and the director, and former president Roberto de Andrade, were decisive for those who dare to question Vítor Pereira.

“He stays. He will work until the end of the contract,” Duilio and Roberto assure the inquisitors. They don’t give space for conversation, they don’t justify it as much as when Sylvinho was coach. Take a more rigid stance.

This search for a group has another factor. Vítor Pereira wants reinforcements. More intense players with quality in attack. Especially in the definition. Júnior Moraes and Jô have not responded to what Corinthians need. In addition to being a thoughtful and articulate midfielder, he is more powerful than Renato Augusto.

Because of their characteristics, they are expensive athletes.

The club is looking for this mid-year window.

But the harsh and harsh climate is already angering leaders.

And Vítor Pereira, also known as Kia Joorabchian, his manager and former president of the MSI team, who controlled Corinthians football from 2005 to 2007, knows that the team needs to react. Not because of your job. But for Kia, closely linked to former President Andrés Sanchez, and for the administration of Duilio Monteiro Alves.

The coach is taking advantage of this free week without a game. Find a more competitive and effective team. The next match will be on Saturday only against Atlético Goianiense in Goias.

The struggle will be to try to regain the Brazilian’s leadership, or at least to be among the first. The clashes against Boca Juniors began on June 28 in Itaquera and on July 5 in Bonbonera.

No one is guaranteed a position until these very important matches.

With Duilio’s blessing, Vítor Pereira needs and determines his Corinthian ideals.

Without the possibility of sending, the president guarantees …

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