In Ronaldo’s presence, Cruzeiro defeated Ponte and remained in the lead

Ponte Preta even tried to hold back Cruzeiro’s actions with a very strong mark, now (16), at Mineirão, for the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship Series B, but Raposa’s round remained burning. The celestial team expressed their strength at home and defeated Macaca 2-0, with goals from Edu and Matheus Bidu for the more than 50 thousand fans who watched the Gigante da Pampulha match.

The match also had another important spectator: Ronaldo Nazário watching the match from one of the Giants da Pampulha boxes. The Phenomenon will remain in Brazil until the end of the month and there will be a series of commitments for Cruzeiro this season.

With the win, Cruzeiro scored 31 points and remained alone in leading Série B in Brasileirão. Ponte, on the other hand, amassed its second consecutive loss and remains in the last four of the classification table.

Cruzeiro will return to the field next Thursday (23), against Fluminense, for the first leg of round 16 of the Copa do Brasil, at 19:00 (Brasília time), in Maracanã. Ponte Preta faces Sampaio Corrêa, the same day, at Moisés Lucarelli, at 9:30 p.m., for the 14th round of the B series.

Cruzeiro game: bet on the high ball

It wasn’t what coach Paulo Pezzolano wanted the most, but Cruzeiro had to bet the ball long to try to break through Ponte Preta’s powerful block. The team from inside São Paulo bet the high score for most of the first half, making it difficult to get off the ground. Thus, Cruzeiro started betting on launches and it worked, as the team opened the scoring in a game coming off a long pass. Fox entered the game for good and gave the opponent little chance.

The Ponte game: fast scoring for the home team

Ponte Preta went to Mineirão to try to eliminate Cruzeiro’s main strategy: the quick foot -to -foot game. Very effectively, Macaca preceded the celestial protectors who tried, in vain, to establish the movements of the earth. However, Macaca was only able to continue the strategy in the first period, couldn’t fit in a lot of wine moves and had to lower the lines during the game.

First time

With Ponte Preta very good defense, the game balanced for most of the first half. The proof of this is that the clearest chance of goals starts after 30 minutes. At 34, Edu finished and demanded a good save from goalkeeper Caíque França. Four minutes later, Ponte almost opened the scoring with a cross kick from Igor Formiga that stopped a good Rafael Cabral intervention at his feet. At 43, Edu received a full launch from Neto Moura and sent it behind the net opening up the scoring.

Second time

Cruzeiro started to panic and increased the score after 2 minutes. Fernando Canesim gave a nice low pass to Rafa Silva in the area. The defensive ball exploded, returning to Geovane Jesus on the right, who hit the bottom of the area so Matheus Bidu hit the goal on the other side. After adding to the advantage, Cruzeiro began to take control of the game, with no clear chances for either side. At the age of 46, Caíque França touched the ball outside the area and was sent off. Without making further changes, Ponte ended the game with Wallisson on goal.

The best: Neto Moura

The midfielder stood on the mark and the beautiful pass for Edu’s purpose. The player has a specialist in providing assists to Raposa, who is third in the last three games.

The worst: Fernando Canesim

This is a smart midfielder performance unlike other games. On the right, he struggles to make games and is on an afternoon with no enthusiasm.

Ronald of Mineirão

In addition to Ronaldo, another presence has attracted the attention of the Mineirão boxes. Ronald, Phenomenon’s son, joined his father for the first time in the Cruzeiro game since the SAF purchase.

Edu, the all-time leading scorer

Edu’s bright phase continues to make the celestial fan happy. The striker reached his 16th goal in 24 games played for Cruzeiro. In addition to being the team’s top scorer, the top scorer has now entered the fight for the scorer mark in Serie B. He has five goals alongside Diego Souza, from Grêmio, and Gabriel Poveda, from Sampaio Corrêa, in second place. the tournament. Lucca, from Ponte Preta, with six goals is first on the list.



Reason: 13th round of Brazilian Serie B

Location: Mineirão Stadium, in Belo Horizonte (MG)

Date and time: June 16, 2022, at 4 p.m. (GMT)

referee: Paulo Roberto Alves Junior (PR)

Auxiliaries: Victor Hugo Imazu dos Santos (PR) and Rafael Trombeta (PR)

VAR: Rodrigo D’Alonso Ferreira (SC)

Yellow cards: Rafa Silva (Cruzeiro) and Fábio Sanches (Ponte Preta)

red cards: Caique France (Ponte Preta)

goals: Edu, at 43 in the 1st half and Matheus Bidu, at 2 minutes in the 2nd half (Cruzeiro)

CRUISE: Rafael Cabral; Zé Ivaldo, Lucas Oliveira and Eduardo Brock; Geovane Jesus (Rômulo), Willian Oliveira, Neto Moura (Adriano), Fernando Canesim (Filipe Machado) and Matheus Bidu; Rafa Silva (Rodolfo) and Edu (Breno). Coach: Paulo Pezzolano.

BLACK BRIDGE: Caique France; Igor Formiga, Fabio Sanches, Fabricio, Douglas Mendes (Matheus Anjos) and Artur; Leo Naldi, Wesley Fraga (Felipe Amaral) and Ramon (Wallisson); Fressin and Nicolaas (Ramires). Coach: Guilherme dos Anjos.

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