In his childhood, Vasco’s supporter is presented by Maurício Souza: “The biggest challenge of my career” | Basque

Vasco unveiled his new coach Maurício Souza on Tuesday evening. Mauricinho, who has gone through the club’s youth indoor soccer categories, said the team was taking root and fulfilling its childhood dream.

– My childhood dream was to play professionally with Vasco, but I was a poor player. I played professionally, but not for Vasco. I used to play indoor soccer here. When I was six, my grandfather gave me a Vasco uniform and I’ve been a fan ever since. He died when I was eight years old. Some time later, as coach, I led Vasco’s under-15 indoor soccer team. When you see the opportunity to live this professional environment in your childhood club, it is a dream I have had for a long time and I have never given up, ”said the coach.

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Mauricio says taking Vasco is the biggest challenge of his career

– It’s different for you to work at the club where you grew up and go to the Maracana. I stay here, but I’m very happy. It’s the biggest challenge of my career, a childhood dream. Doing this interview right now is a dream come true. Vasco is not an invitation, it is a call-up, added the coach, as he will have his first chance in professional football.

In addition to Maurício Souza, the club also hired assistant coach João Eduardo.

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Introduced as coach of Maurício Souza Vasco – Photo: Marcelo Baltar / ge

The coach signed a short-term contract with Vasco, which runs until December this year. The term of the relationship followed a suggestion from 777 members, which is about to buy SAF Vasco da Gama and plans to evaluate the work of the football department at the end of the season.

– As for the working day, it was an interview contract until the end of the year. As for 777, I might think twice if I were given a period for a buffer job. If 777 comes and wants to change, I will be very happy to live what I am experiencing now. Few coaches had the honor of coaching Vasco, Mauricinho said.

– If this happens by chance, I will be very happy to have the opportunity to coach a huge team like Vasco. I’m not worried about that. My concern starts a bit inside the field, on Saturday’s game. Fans don’t want to know who Vasco has climbed, they just want Vasco to climb.

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Maurício Souza discusses his contract with Vasco and his relationship with 777

Maurício Souza discusses his contract with Vasco and his relationship with 777

Vasco defined Mauricio’s name as a replacement for Zé Ricardo last Saturday, and he was hired on Monday. During this time, the crowd showed resistance and refused to hire a coach. The coach said he understood the attitude of the follower.

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– Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I understand all kinds of rejection. I don’t understand the more rude and threatening messages. This is passion, this is Vasco da Gama. Fans want the best. No doubt he would love to see Tite, Guardiola, the famous coach sitting here. I don’t take it personally. It’s passion, we need to know how to deal with it. I know it and I treat it naturally. One of my goals here at Vascon is to finally give a hug to all those who have shown some kind of rejection if I can. I am sure that their will is not greater than mine. It may be the same, but it’s not bigger, “said Mauricio, adding:

– Of course I wanted to hug the fans, but it wasn’t possible. I’m sure we’ll turn this around. I know that I have the ability to prepare, learn, and do the work that can bear fruit and results.

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Mauricio says he understands all kinds of rejection of his work

Mauricio says he understands all kinds of rejection of his work

Recruitment It was a bet by Carlos Brasil and Eduardo Húngaro, Basque director and football coordinator, respectively. But inside there was no consensus on the lack of experience in leading professional teams. It was up to the two leaders to convince Vasco’s leadership.

The 48-year-old Maurício Souza, who temporarily led the Flamengo professional team, was a temporary assistant and Maurício Barbieri’s assistant in Rubro-Negron in 2018. However, it is based on a history of victories. As a coach, he won the São Paulo de Futebol Júnior Cup and the Brasileirão under 20, among others, for Flamingo. His last job was as an assistant to Athletico-PR between February and May this year.

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The new coach is already in charge of the first training session this Tuesday to prepare for the match against London, away from home, on Saturday at 16:00.

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First choice in a professional team

– I try to treat it naturally, because that’s what I’ve been looking for all along. I was prepared for that. It is certainly a great challenge. I know I will be under pressure. I am very calm, I calmly accept the challenge. I need to treat myself naturally, understand the possible rejections, and look for results.

– Vasco has been looking for the best for his commission. I had zoom conversations with him. He is a highly qualified professional. I was interested in the club, my support and I am sure he will be very happy to be here.

Play style and conversation with Zé Ricardo

– I watched all the Vasco games. I can’t come here and understand that I need to change something for the result to happen. Zé Ricardo is my friend, we have a lot in common. I didn’t live up to his work, but I couldn’t notice Vasco’s intensity on the field. And my first goal is to not lose anything that Vasco has built so far. Of course, over time, each coach has its own peculiarities. Teams will evolve over time.

Maurício Souza says that he spoke to Zé Ricardo and that he wants to keep Vasco's style

Maurício Souza says that he spoke to Zé Ricardo and that he wants to keep Vasco’s style

“What did I talk to?” The next step was to evolve some sectors that he understood were necessary for evolution. Zé leaves, but the whole team remains. Of course, there are differences between the coaches, but we will try to follow the path we are working on.

“It’s a dream to have this conversation right now.” Vasco is not an invitation, Vasco is a call. I know it’s a tricky time, but I couldn’t say no. When Brazil called me, I said, “Brazil, I’m in.” Of course I said it wasn’t going to be a buffer contract, a contract I wanted until the end of the year. But there was no way my heart would refuse an invitation from Vasco.

– I was part of the commissions and played in some of the most important tournaments in Brazil. Three Libertadores, two Brazilians … I think everyone should take the first step. I would like to thank Carlos Brazil and Vasco for their courage in helping me. For many it is a lack of experience. But I have experience in football, I have experience directing famous athletes.

Mauricio Souza, Carlos Brazil and João Eduardo Vasco’s CT presentation – Photo: Marcelo Baltar / ge

– In the interview with Zé, we talked about the evolution of the group. He had an idea, he established a very strong defense system and it bore fruit. Then he intended to have a more owned team, with a higher score. This was already happening. Emílio Faro himself spoke about the merits of Zé Ricardo in the last match. The team is already showing an evolution. But it can’t stop there. We want to continue the team that has played well and achieved results. It’s not up to me because I like to come here and change players. This will be done every day, with someone who is training and playing better.

Invitation to take Basque

– It is a great honor to receive the invitation. They were chosen after all these processes and came to my name. I will give my life for Vasco. Make every effort to put Vasco in the place he deserves. Success goes through the processes that the club has, from the professionals who are here. Coming here and finding this environment, I have no doubt that it makes my job easier. I know the greatness of the club. It’s a challenge, but I feel ready and confident.

– I like a team that presses, thinks of having the ball, much more proactive than reactive … But I also understand that the team needs to have a balance when lowering or raising the line. Team game. you can change. My idea is that the team has changes within the game. But the first idea is to put pressure on the opponent and control the game on possession.

Serie B access and title

– I’m very happy. I feel at home with people I know and trust. I will dedicate these months of my life to Vasco. I will dedicate Vasco to returning to the elite of Brazilian football, preferably with a degree. Vasco enters to win the championship. This is the message I leave to the fans.

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