In addition to Cebolin, Flamingo wants more reinforcements and returns to invest in the coach after “giving” the key to Ninho to Paulo Sousa.

With the departure of Paulo Sousa, the club’s football department needs to make a lot of changes to relocate to Dorival Jr.

The departure of Paulo Sousa and his entire coach caused a stir Flamenco. On the duration of the work of the Portuguese, at least until the middle of the year, with confidence, the committee left almost the entire technical committee made up of foreigners. Now he is back to investing in a fixed group.

Dorival Jr. he came to Flamingo with two trusted names: assistant Lucas Silvestre and physical trainer Celso Rezende.. At the same time, the club they also closed with two other names: physiologist Tadashi Hara, a former Athletic-PR, and sports performance specialist, Michael Minthorne from North America.

With the help of the club and surrounded by high hopes, the two signings arrive. Tadashi Hara was highly praised for his work in Hurricane. The football department understands that the contraction was decisive and considers the professionals to be the best in Brazil.

On the other hand, Michael Minthorne is an old acquaintance of the club. When he partnered with Flamengo Exos, he was a professional club consultant. Now it’s time for the red-black coach to qualify further.

The report has seen that the need for a fixed technical committee has begun to be seen with a different eye on Flamenco. Current issues are causing internal disagreement. After the success of Jorge Jesus, many understand that a professional must control everything in Ninho in order to be successful. In fact, the football department has already claimed that the lack of a strong coach was damaged by Domènec Torrent, who came with only two assistants.

However, another wing of the management understands that the club cannot “give the key to the nest” to a professional. A negative example of Jorge Jesusafter deciding to return what left the club to the north benfica re-discussed at internal meetings as the club left several professionals, especially in physical preparation, when all three names left football (Rafael Winicki, Roberto Oliveira, Betinho aka, and Alexandre Sanz, a CIPA employee, who could not be released but was removed from football).

Obstacles to hiring a goalkeeping coach

When Paulo Sousa arrived, the Portuguese introduced a goalkeeping coach to his coach. Paulo Grillo was the replacement for Wagner Miranda on paper. However, The post is now owned by Thiago Eller, the brother of former player Fabiano Eller. However, the professional has little experience in the task and is reluctant to continue as training number 1.

In recent weeks, two names with a history at the club have gained momentum: Robertinho Barbosa, who was at Flamenco from 2006 to 2010 and then Cruzeiro from 2010 to 2019, and Flavio Tenius, Flamenco goalkeeping coach in the 90s, who was in charge of Júlio Césa’s training.

Robertinho is in Portugal and was the first to take his name. However, the professional has no plans to return to Brazil at this time. He defends Alverca.

He left Flavius ​​Tenius Botafogo With the arrival of Luis Castro and is free in the market. The name of the professional has extreme approval within the club. In addition to his red-and-black roots, as one of the most influential members of the club said, he has a strong relationship with two of Flamenco’s most important names: Dorival Junior, who worked at Cruzeiro, and Diego Alves, who was promoted. Atletico-MG by a professional.

Despite having two highly acclaimed names in the club, the football department ranks second on the list of importance in this window. The aim of the caps is to strengthen the actors.

After Everton Cebolinha Flamingo plans to bring two more reinforcements to midfieldAndreas Pereira will not buy forever and will leave the club at the end of the month.

There is another side sector that is also on the radar of the boardBecause Isla will leave the club to defend Catholic University. Matheuzinho is the owner, with Rodine in reserve. But the replacement is heavily criticized by the crowd and there is no rise at the moment.

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