“I’m excited”: how many players have won (and lost) with NFT – 2022/06/02

Rodrigo *, 32, worked 8 hours a day as a cooling technician in the city of Itajaí (SC) when a friend found out that he was making good money with NFT (Non Fungible Token) games, a kind of online competition that uses technology. to create special blockchain characters, items, or accessories that have become popular since 2020.

Unlike in a game like Mario’s Mario, for example, where multiple players can “be” Mario, in an NFT game no two competitors are alike. These special resources can bring benefits to other players or become collectors, as well as the issue of speculation: there is hope that these items will be valued over time, especially if the game is successful and can be sold later. profit. Transactions are conducted by brokerage firms. crypto-assets and the balance is stored in digital wallets.

At the time, Rodrigo was already making money with the online game Tibia, which is not NFT. He spent the first “season” of the Covid-19 pandemic, keeping himself that way: during 2020, he exchanged items he won in the game for real for his account via Facebook and WhatsApp. “So when the NFT game came out, I knew I would be able to help with the game again,” he thought.

So I wanted to try my luck. Last August, Tech started with a free NFT game called Tech Mir4. In one month, he managed to earn almost double his salary, which was around R $ 1,800. He didn’t have to pay anything and already had a return, his eyes shone.

Note Sakata’s ‘A Poor in the NFT’ YouTube channel

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From Tibia to CryptoCars

Rodrigo resigned and decided to devote more time to gaming, investing in paid NFT games. He first invested R $ 260 in the Block Farm Club. The game broke down shortly after, but the investment was small compared to the profits at the time, he reflects.

The following month, the leap was even bigger: he took a loan from the bank to invest BRL 2,600 in Bomb Crypto and made a profit of between BRL 80 and BRL 150 per day. Within a few weeks, he was able to recoup his investment and make a profit.

It almost doubled: He borrowed R $ 4,200 to invest in CryptoCars. He saw on Facebook that the new currency of the game would be included in the Binance exchange, which could increase its value, and he imagined that a profit of around R $ 8,000 could be made in a car. “I was excited that I was going to get in before that. After a month and a half, the $ 1.25 coin went for $ 0.40,” he says.

The coach hoped it was just a bad race, until the end of January when CryptoCars failed. Rodrigo also opened an account for his mother on another NFT, BombCrypto. He invested R $ 4,000 in November when the game’s currency peaked in value, after which he began to fall, so he also lost money. Rodrigo currently owes R $ 7,000 to the bank and, due to his mother’s debts and pressure, returned to work with a refrigerator to earn a fixed income. “I love computer games. [Mas] I don’t play NFT anymore if I have to invest money. Tibia I’ve already started playing again. ‘

trafficking and fraud

Tibia was also the first game to attract engineering student José Carlos Júnior, 32 years old. Later, BombCrypto and Axie Infinity started in NFT. “Everything was talked about and I finally got involved,” says the one who joined in October 2021. In the early months, she earned $ 2,500 a month.

José Carlos Junior, NFT player - José Carlos Junior / Personal archive - José Carlos Junior / Personal archive

“That was all we talked about and I finally got involved,” says José Carlos Junior

Image: José Carlos Junior / Personal archive

Despite a busy routine between college, work, and homework — he lives with his girlfriend and his nearly 2-year-old son — he continues to play during lunch breaks and before school, looking for an income. 300 per month, on average. “Nowadays, I don’t think it’s very feasible to get into games.

There was a general downward movement in the currency of the game, and those who were solely dependent on them had to reinvent themselves. In June 2021, Lucas Camargo, 25, known worldwide as Sakata, began playing Plants vs Undead, abbreviated as PVU, which is more accessible than the well-known Axie Infinity. According to Sakata, a five-character Axie group was worth about R $ 8,000 at the time; Admission to PVU was already around R $ 500. “So everyone who went looking for Axie joined PVU,” he recalls.

Sakata joined PVV and won for a month. During the day, he also worked as a forklift truck, but was released earlier this year. “NFT is saving me,” he says. He started trading cryptocurrencies and started posting videos on YouTube, and even though the platform doesn’t make money on the channel, Lucas already gets $ 30 protection (about $ 145) per video, paid for in a stable currency that became your source of income. .

In the telegram, Lucas has a team of more than 800 players. Very busy, it is common for the team to accumulate thousands of messages in a matter of hours, including conversations about new games and allegations of fraud. And most players have a story to tell.

Insurance broker Roberto Macedo, 51, fell in love with Criminal Duck, which ran from November to January and was suddenly out of the game. Roberto was looking for investment information on YouTube when he came across videos about NFT games. Her twin son was already playing Axie Infinity, and in July 2021, they decided to invest in BombCrypto together: BRL 750, which earned him an average of BRL 800 in the coming months. They then invested R $ 450 in Criminal Duck.

Agents and kids end up playing BombCrypto because they already have a team, but they don’t offer any more time (and money). But despite the bumps and swings of the game coins, Roberto maintains a clear hope of participating in a new turn. “Let’s just say, it’s something like a bitcoin, no one imagined it would get to this point, right?” He asks.

“But the certainty of past performance is not the certainty of the future, it’s just assumptions. I have a bit in one currency, a bit in the other, but it’s not something that keeps me awake at night. It’s not dependent. , it is difficult “.

* Name changed at interviewee request

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