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when Covid-19 originated as a completely new disease, many wondered if the infection caused by coronavirus would be the only type of symptoms that appear once, such as varicella (chickenpox). The answer did not take long and in the first year of the pandemic, the first cases birinfection they began to appear with clinical images, albeit in rare incidents.

Although the infection promotes the body’s natural defenses, while providing protection against the virus for a time, re-infections have become more common. New variants of Sars-Cov-2 appeared, although vaccine coverage was widespread among the population, including booster doses. So what explains this?

It is important to emphasize this vaccines have been shown to be effective in significantly reducing serious cases of disease and deathsbut no one is able to completely prevent the infection from the virus, which does not stop the protection it provides and keeps them as the main allies in the fight against the pandemic.

Geneticist Renan Pedra, a professor at the UFMG (Federal University of Mining), explains the virus cannot enter the bodythat is, for any pathogen of this type.

“Even in the case of varicose veins, a person may have other relationships with the virus throughout their life, but they have not had a clinical manifestation of the disease because they have a sufficient or effective level of defense to neutralize the virus before it is created. the clinical feature expected of him, ”he says.

In this regard, it can be said that the ability of coronaviruses to cause new infections that can lead to Covid-19 is not uncommon. The novelty in this case is that O Sars-Cov-2 has caused new virinfections in an increasingly shorter period of timeaccording to the geneticist.

“In early January, when the wave caused by Ômicron reached its peak, we started discussing the infection again, but since most of them were people infected with Gamma, it was finally eight months or a year earlier, it was a kind of re-infection. it was already expected and it was also a reason to imagine the need for other doses of the vaccine, because we knew that this immunity caused by the vaccine or as a result of a natural infection was not for life, ”says the specialist.

Ômicron and its variants, which are more transmissible than previous strains, carry the main hypotheses about the increase in the frequency of re-infections, according to the infectologist João Prats, BP – A Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo.

“Ômicron was a champion of mild infections with mild cases due to a significant change in protein [do vírus], and the gap in vaccine protection was reduced. A lot of people came to the office and asked why they had Covid again. It’s a combination of a few things: the duration of protection is shorter than we expected [das vacinas e da infecção natural]the emergence of new varieties, especially Ômicron, and the time it took to get vaccinated [dose de reforço]”Explained the doctor.

Recently, The Ministry of Health began recommending a fourth dose of the vaccine Against Covid-19 for people over 50 and professionals working in the front line of health services.

Although the country is witnessing a progressive rise in coronary heart disease (acute acute respiratory syndrome) hospitalizations caused by coronavirus, there are already some. 70% of hospitalizations depending on the disease – it is not yet predicted that this second dose of force will spread to the general population.

Geneticist Renan Pedra has warned of this the number of re-infections is underestimatedand this can help the population to think of the subject as something unusual or to release protective measures after vaccination or natural infection.

“In Brazil, we have great laboratory difficulties in confirming viral infections it became even more difficult with self-tests. So it’s really more common than we think, there’s no doubt about it, ”he says.

Experts also point out that the frequency of Covid-19 cases cannot be compared with flu-like syndromes caused by other respiratory viruses.

First of all, because there is no pattern of incidence of coronavirus, which is not to say that it is seasonal, like the flu, which always has the peak expected in winter.

“We’ve seen that we’ve spent the summer with a large number of Covid-19 cases, so we still can’t predict anything. they are evenly distributed, ”says the geneticist.

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