How to smooth out the sequences of chikungunna?

Like dengue and zika, chikungunya is one of the arboviruses transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. With high fever symptoms, severe pain in muscles and joints, the disease has a high incidence across the country.

According to the Ministry of Health, this year alone, more than 47,000 cases of the disease have been registered, 40% more than in the same period last year.

In April, researchers in Fiocruz Bahia published a study in the International Journal of Infectious Disease (IJID) examining the effects of the disease. The study showed that 42.5% of the patients examined had joint pain three months after the onset of the disease and 30.7% after a year and a half.

The Site Miséria report interviewed holistic massage therapist Graziele Trentim to find out how to alleviate the effects of chikungunja through unconventional methods.

According to the therapist, there are several ways to treat the aftermath of chikungunna. “The most popular treatments are medications prescribed by doctors to relieve symptoms and wait until the body recovers, but additional therapies are emerging as a great ally. ” account.

Graziel, who also had the disease, said that massage, hot stones, glasses, burning feet, auricular therapy and the use of extensions were therapies that helped the body regain strength.with that, I created a service protocol for my clients“, account.

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Graziel stated that the contraindications to the procedure are fever, infections or skin eczema, and that it is necessary to avoid therapy during the acute period of the disease.

The biggest benefits of massage therapy and integrative therapy in the case of chikungunna are increased flexibility, drainage of edema and with it a decrease in the inflammatory process, increased blood supply and oxygenation of muscles, giving greater vitality and strength and harmony. improving the nervous system, sleep, mood, improving the immune system, […] looking for a physical, energetic and emotional balance that helps a lot in recovery ”explains.

And physical exercise?

With muscles and joints affected by the disease, simple activities such as walking or cleaning the house seem difficult. For many people who maintained a routine of physical exercise, the succession made it difficult to practice.

The Misery Site report spoke with physical educator Renata Marques to understand a little about the practice of physical activity, to recover from chikungunna, and then.

After the acute phase of the disease, those affected by Chikungunna may engage in physical activity as well as low-intensity physical exercise. ”says the professional.

Renata Marques emphasizes the importance of following a medical protocol for rest in the acute phase of the disease. After the period, the physical educator states that it is necessary to understand the condition of the person affected by the disease so that the best physical exercise can be indicated.

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Current research shows that regular physical exercise reduces the chances of chronic post-pain, and today active practice is described as a non-pharmacological treatment, as physical exercise such as weight training strengthens and restores muscle strength and joint mobility. “account.

For those who are already doing physical exercise, the professional says the disease can affect the performance of practices such as weight training, crossfit, swimming, high-intensity cycling and endurance and muscle endurance.

Planned physical exercise gives us the freedom to adapt to such cases, allowing practitioners to go through the “adaptation” phase, where levels of intensity, volume, and duration are likely to change. It is important to remember that physical exercise should be accompanied by well-trained professionals, who will be responsible for these adjustments.”He explained.

Renata says that there is no forbidden activity or exercise after the txikunguny, but that the current situation of each individual must be taken into account, as well as the restrictions and limitations of each.

The professional also emphasizes the importance of other rules, in addition to physical exercise, such as body weight regulation, corrections and / or postural improvements, reduction of fat percentage, increase in muscle mass percentage, improvement of aerobic capacity, optimization of blood circulation, other rules importance. which can also improve the immune system of practitioners, such as the prevention of sedentary and obesity-related diseases.

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