How to buy earplugs? Why You Shouldn’t Look for a Needle in the Giant Cryptocurrency Market and other highlights of the week

There is a maxim in the market: the higher the risk, the greater the potential for the return of a project. And, of course, in the cryptocurrency universe, the two sides of the equation are multiplied: they are highly volatile assets that have the potential to move from BRL 1,000 to BRL 1 million in just a few days – or to turn a billion into dust in a few hours. .

But how do you know which cryptocurrency is the best among the more than ten thousand projects on the market? “It’s like finding a needle in a pile of need,” says Cauê Mançanares, CEO of Investo.

To do this, there is a solution that is very popular in the investment world: index funds traded in exchange, called ETFs. Using the metaphor of the CEO of Investo, it’s like “buying a pile of herbs”.

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Understanding ETFs in exchange for cryptocurrency

These types of funds are just baskets of assets that seek to surpass a benchmark. In this case, cryptocurrency ETFs are often thematic: they invest in metaberse projects, web 3.0, or promising digital currencies.

“Instead of trying to find a specific project that will benefit the astronomical, the investor buys a capsule with the selected projects to waste hours on the best crypto in mining,” Mançanares comments.

But not everything is perfect

According to a survey by Seu Dinheiro, B3’s cryptocurrency ETFs have had a tremendous 2022 so far. In six months, the losses reach more than 60%:

ticker Variation (% of the year)
NFTS11 – 67.40%
ETHE11 – 59.86%
QETH11 – 59.67%
WEB311 – 56.39%
HASH11 – 51.25%
CHALLENGE11 – 49.49%
QDFI11 – 47.40%
BIT11 – 45.59%
QBTC11 – 45.00%
CRPT11 – 2.94%
Source: Google Finance

But Cauê Mançanares is not driven by short-term ups and downs. For him, investments in cryptocurrency, metaverse and web 3.0 are long-term, at least ten years.

And the reason for the wait is simple: cryptocurrencies are like the internet in the 1990’s. “If you had put money on Facebook ten years ago, where would you be now? It’s the same logic. “

Cauê Mançanares, CEO of Investo, is a guest on this week’s Crypto Chat. And in our next traditional million-dollar question, it also provides tips for investing on your own: don’t just buy cryptocurrencies, buy project segments.

To understand what this means, click play and check out our interview!

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