How the Celtics beat Curry to win the “Michael Jordan Night” Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals

NBA Finals: The Celtics won 120-108 to open the Warriors series 1-0

As the two heavyweights are learning from each other in the opening round of the title, Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics he opened the finals NBA 2022 last Thursday (2), and The Celtics received their first blow at home to the Warriors in a 120-108 return. The match was broadcast live ESPN in Star +.

The Boston team won Game 1 in the last quarter with 17 consecutive points with a tremendous surge, the 2nd best of its kind in a finals game in 50 seasons.

And like many in the NBA Finals, Thursday’s duel began with a display of two elite teams showing their opponents their weapons, and seeing what they can and can’t do.

The Warriors showed their ever-present attack, with plenty of movement and perfect off-ball action, testing the accuracy of their opponent’s defense. The Celtics played their part to drive and kick, working patiently on the ball and hoping to be a pro-Warriors rotation duel. Both teams made the most of their defensive schemes, as the Californians also switched to the zone mark at times during the game.

With an absurd reaction in the final quarter, the Celtics took a 15-point lead. “Surprisingly,” the Boston team fired a volley from three zones. In less than seven minutes, the Celtics hit six threes, many of them in heavy marks. By the middle of the final quarter, the Alviverde had already fully finished with a Warriors advantage.

Throughout the match, the Warriors were “frozen” on the court. But in the final whistle, the Celtics scored 40 points against 16 of their opponents, hitting nine of the three three-pointers. This is the highest number any team has ever recorded in the fourth quarter of the NBA Finals, according to NBA Stats Bank. ESPN.

Although the Warriors have focused on their defense strategy Jayson Tatumyour teammates Jaylen Brown, Al Horford and Derrick White He provided weapons for the Celtics ’final reaction. Each of them gave the team more than 20 points Marcus Smart He helped with 18, including four three-pointers, which eventually fixed Tatum’s bad night (he only made three of the 17 shots on the court).

A good indication of Boston’s performance, Al Horford’s six-pointers were the best performances of his entire career, both in regular season games and eliminations. Derrick White opened up the space on the court, and Brown, always opportunistic on offense, was a lion on defense with his aggressive style of play.

The Celtics don’t show the same elegant attack that defines the Warriors, but they have already established themselves as a deadly threat with their ranged attacks. Before the finals, Boston did 45.5% from three-point shots – only the Dallas Mavericks had a higher number after the season.

Two good defenders, now the strongest in the NBA, were unable to withstand the onslaught of their opponents in the first half of the game. And they were just as strong as the Celtics on defense in the regular season and eliminationsNumber 1 was omitted: discovery Stephen Curry on the court and stuck to it.

In the 1st quarter alone, Curry, who is looking for the MVP award in his first finals, made six three-pointers, four of them defenseless. The 21 points he scored in the opening match were his personal best in any match in the quarter-finals, the majority of any athlete in the 1st quarter of the finals and only the fourth in the quarter-finals. Michael Jordan and Isias Tomas he did more. In the end, he scored 34 points.

The Celtics, who reached the finals for the first time since 2010 with the strength of the defense, have proven that they have an attacking arsenal that can penalize the Warriors ’defensive rotation on the right night. If Boston equates part of the display of its 1st offensive game with its traditional defensive strength in the other three games, it has everything to confirm the reconstruction they have had over the last nine years and lift the trophy.

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