How much will a Nintendo Switch cost in 2022? See models and prices for sale consoles

The Nintendo Switch was launched in 2017 and only officially arrived in Brazil in 2020, with prices starting at R $ 3,000. Today, it is already possible to find it on the Brazilian market with cheaper values: on Amazon, for example, the console costs at least R $ 1,582 on the simplest model. In addition to the standard Nintendo Switch, the Switch Lite, which serves only as a handset and does not connect to a TV, and OLED, which has better image quality thanks to more modern resolution technologies and higher storage capacity.

All three models are current and have a good offer in the market. However, they come with different prices and proposals, always based on a portable proposal. In addition, it is worth mentioning that major series such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario and Donkey Kong can be enjoyed in any version. See below for more details on models and prices for purchasing a Switch in Brazil in 2022.

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Nintendo Switch has been officially launched in Brazil since 2020 and will be available in three versions – Photo: Disclosure / Nintendo

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The original model of the console was introduced in Brazil in September 2020 and its official price was announced at R $ 2,999. Joy-Con is available in gray or blue and red controller versions. Today, in 2022, it is offered in various promotions with various discounts. On Amazon, you can already find R $ 2,344, with a value of R $ 655 more than the original price.

The traditional version of the switch comes with a shit to hook up with the TV. In addition, the Joy-Cons is removable, which is ideal for use as a desktop console. In terms of performance, other changes are lacking, except for the battery, which may last a little less than in more modern revisions. The difference is not so great, so it may be a good option for those who want a really more hybrid and economical version of the console.

Original Nintendo Switch – Photo: Disclosure / Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch Lite version arrived in Brazil in 2021, although it was released in 2019 in other countries. The model is aimed at those who prefer to have only one laptop, without the option of using it as a desktop console. Therefore, it does not connect to the TV in any way and also does not release Joy-Con on its sides. The whole body is fixed and unique, so be careful when playing, as they need multi-player detachable joysticks. In the Brazilian market, Lite is available in coral, turquoise and yellow. As for the hardware, it is the same as the original version, although its battery lasts 1-2 hours longer.

Exclusive portability is also a way to make the console cheaper, which is the most economical of the three versions. Its official price is R $ 1,899, but it is possible to buy it at even lower values, as several discounts are also offered. Amazon can be found from R $ 1,582, a 5% discount on its total value.

Nintendo Switch Lite is the cheapest of the three; gray is not officially available in Brazil – Photo: Disclosure / Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch OLED hit the market in 2021 and has yet to be officially unveiled by Nintendo in Brazil. Anyone wishing to buy should opt for subcontracted importers, which does not make the purchase unfeasible, but can be an obstacle for those seeking service with support and warranty. The company only sells the traditional edition and Switch Lite directly here.

As for the proposal, this model is closer to the original: with it, there is also the possibility of removing the joy and sticking it to the TV. The difference lies in the display with 7-inch OLED technology, which displays images with greater clarity and definition. Another new enhancement to the version is 64 GB of storage capacity, double that of other versions.

OLED switch is a more modern option, but it is not yet officially sold in the country – Photo: Disclosure / Nintendo

As it is not officially sold in Brazil, the values ​​vary between R $ 2,800 and R $ 3,000. Amazon, through imports, the cheapest value is R $ 2,712. It is worth mentioning that this is the most expensive version not only because it is newer but also because of the more modern and attractive OLED technology.

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