Heroically, Santos seeks a draw against Atletico-MG after the VAR controversy

The duel between Santos and the referee, especially the video, called VAR, had two more rounds this Saturday (11) in the match against Atlético-MG in Mineirão. And the Vila Belmiro team, this time, was literally tied: 1 and 1.

Santos fought hard in Belo Horizonte and was penalized at the end (Pedro Souza / Atlético)

Photo: Launch!

The first interference of the VAR was against Santos. At the start of the second half, Lucas Pires held on to Sávio and received a yellow card warning, but he received a red card after being called by video referee Marcelo de Lima Henrique.

According to SporTV’s Central do Apito channel, the player was not to be released, as he came to cover Maicon, which would justify a lighter penalty.

At the end of the match, close to the 40th minute of the final phase, Peixe’s heroic equalizer also came after the VAR was launched. Video referee Marcelo de Lima called Henrique Jair to take a penalty for Bauermann. In that position, Rwan Seco showed his personality and left everything the same.

The 1-1 draw took Santos into the sixth game without a win, but given the circumstances, it can be considered good for Vila, especially against one of the title favorites.

Santos will return to the field next Tuesday (14) to face Juventude, in the south of the country. Coach Fábian Bustos, who is currently playing for Brazilian under-20 national team coach Kaiky, is unlikely to be in the hands of coach Fábian Bustos, who will face Uruguay on Sunday night in the decision of the South American quarterfinals. The Holy Spirit.

The game

Bustos completed the team with three defensive midfielders to try to stop half of Atlético-MG’s creative pitch, but the Argentine did not count on the double failure of the defenders after just 5 minutes. Madson gave Keno too much space, Lucas Pires didn’t look back and the young Sávio opened the scoring: 1-0.

In the 11th minute, the first change, forced. Madson suffered a muscle injury and was replaced by Auro. The home side worked hard to get through the middle and as a result, had a good chance of getting one back as tried lifting the ball over keeper Eduardo Bauermann. Unfortunately, the ball went just over the bar.

The isolated movement did not change the landscape of the game, and Santos spent most of his time behind Atlético-MG, who abused the exchange of passes, but in the end was not effective against the goal of João Paulo, who acted alone. time.

In the final play, however, the team quickly went on the attack, but Everson avoided what would have been a great goal for Bryan Ângulo after a play between Sandry and Rwan Seco.

The second time

On the return of the break, Santos risked a little more and had a good chance in the 3rd minute, Rwan Seco received a good pass from Rodrigo Fernández, but shot weakly, in the hands of Everson.

Atlético-MG’s response was swift, but the Hulk, while testing the cavadinha, stopped at João Paulo. Zanocelo then sent it into the net, but the goal was ruled out.

Santos’ reaction almost came to a halt in the 13th minute after Lucas Pires was sent off by Sávio and received a yellow card, but was sent off after a VAR review.

At the age of 39, however, the VAR ended up “helping” Santos to a draw, warning the referee of Jair’s penalty to Eduardo Bauermann. Rwan Seco, the best of the team, showed his personality, loaded and hit, giving the final numbers to the duel: 1 to 1.



Date and time: June 11, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

Location: Mineirão, Belo Horizonte (MG)

Referee: Marcelo de Lima Henrique (CE)

Collaborators: Nailton Junior de Sousa Oliveira (CE) and Renan Aguiar da Costa (CE)

Video referee: Rafael Traci (SC)

Yellow cards: Guilherme Arana, Alan, Jair, Everson (Atlético-MG), João Paulo, Ângelo, Auro (Santos)

Red card: Lucas Pires (Santos)

GOALS: Sávio (1 x 0, 5 minutes from Part 1), Rwan Seco (1 x 1, 39 minutes from Part 2).

ATHLETIC-MG: Everson; Guga, Réver, Junior Alonso and Guilherme Arana; Allan (Eduardo Sasha), Jair and Nacho Fernández and Keno; Savio and the Hulk; Coach: Turco Mohamed

SAINTS: Joan Paulo; Madson, Maicon, Eduardo Bauermann, and Lucas Pires; Rodrigo Fernández (Camacho), Sandry, Vinícius Zanocelo (Ângelo) and Rwan Seco; Lucas Braga (Bruno Oliveira) and Bryan Angulo (Felipe Jonatan) Coach: Fabián Bustos

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