Haylou smart watches and cordless headphones 70% off

AliExpress has prepared a lightning promotion for those who want to give this basic boost to physical activity. That’s because the site offers it Up to 70% Haylou’s smart watches and headphones!

You can take it home, and at a good price! – Quality products from this brand, which is a subsidiary of Xiaomi and specializes in wearable technology, producing devices that are as useful as your everyday clothes.

Credit: AliExpressAliExpress offers a 70% discount on Haylou branded products

The promotion is valid from June 8 to 10 and you still get free shipping and shipping for a maximum of 12 business days for those living in São Paulo, and 15 business days for the rest of Brazil.

In addition, to make the offers even more tempting, AliExpress offers three coupons: the HAYLOU4 Guarantees a discount of R $ 4 for purchases over R $ 80; HAYLOU8 Demand over R $ 160 reduces R $ 8; and HAYLOU12 2 Orders over R $ 40 make it cheaper than R $ 12.

Let’s see what we offer to differentiate AliExpress?


Credit: Outreach – HaylouThe Haylou RS3 LS04 BRL costs 306.69 in the AliExpress promotion

It is also perfect for those who practice water sports Haylou RS3 LS04 has a promotional price of R $ 306.69 and is waterproof for diving to a depth of 50 meters! The product also includes specific sports for 14 sports, including hiking, cycling, yoga, basketball, football and even rowing.

The smartwatch also features a 1.2 ″ AMOLED display with a resolution of 390 × 390 pixels, which ensures excellent definition and bright colors. The 230 mAh battery offers 21 days of battery life without turning on the monitoring features.

In addition, Sony has a high-precision GPS tracking system that works directly for 21 hours, and features 24-hour health monitoring functionality, heart rate, blood oxygenation and sleep information, sedentary lifestyle warnings, and breathing exercises.

Credit: Haylou – AdvertisingHaylou RS4 Plus costs between BRL 245.38 and BRL 250.29 in AliExpress promotion

With a design reminiscent of the Apple Watch, the Haylou RS4 Plus is priced between R $ 245.38 and R $ 250.29 in promotion, depending on the version chosen. The AMOLED display is 1.78 ″ and has a resolution of 368 x 448 pixels, and the battery life can last up to 25 days in basic mode.

In addition, the device is constantly updating the clock scope application, offering many customization options, and more than 100 clock frames, which you can freely choose when setting up.

This smart watch has 12 functions to control physical activity, heart rate, blood oxygen levels and sleep.

Credit: Haylou – AdvertisingHaylou LSO2 costs BRL 117.04 in promotion

If you’re looking for a cheaper way to get to know the Chinese brand’s products better, the Haylou LSO2 smartwatch, which sells for $ 115.14 on AliExpress, is a good choice. With the same manufacturing quality as the other models, the watch has a high cost-benefit ratio.

The LSO2 weighs only 38 g and has a 1.4 “LCD screen with a resolution of 240x240p. it is smooth, smooth and does not damage the skin.

In addition, the model also has specific characteristics for 12 types of physical activity and provides various health and sleep monitoring. And the battery promises to last 20 days when the heart rate monitor is turned off and in standby mode for 30 days.

Credit: HaylouThe Haylou X1 Pro costs BRL 227.28 on the AliExpress promotion

If you’ve been waiting for a promotion to buy a good wireless headset, it’s time! You can take home the Haylou X1 Pro for R $ 227.28.

The device features smart 35 dB external noise-canceling technology, Bluetooth 5.2 technology and a wireless charger. In addition, its design was thought to bring greater ergonomic comfort and the battery can last up to 30 hours.

Credit: HaylouThe Haylou GT7 wireless headset costs R $ 105.38 on the AliExpress promotion

For those who have spent so much and don’t want to take home a good wireless headset, the advice is to buy a Haylou GT7, which sells for R $ 105.38 on promotion. The cost-effectiveness of the product is the highest point!

The device also has a noise-canceling system and Bluetooth 5.2. Its battery lasts 20 hours and its range is 10 meters, with no obstacles in the environment. The device still has a compact body that weighs only 3.9 g and carries a cable.

Did you like the highlights? So click here and enjoy shopping with AliExpress promotion with other branded models. It should be remembered that the campaign is valid until June 10 or until stocks run out. So stay tuned for the article’s release date.

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