Has Vinícius Júnior surpassed Neymar as the best Brazilian in Europe?

At just 21 and at Real Madrid since 2018, Vinícius Júnior has his best season in 2021/22 with a Merengue shirt, closed with a golden key with the purpose of giving the Madrid team the 1-0 win against Liverpool on Saturday (28) and, thus, their 14th Champions League title in history.

Despite the bright weather, Vinícius Júnior was not expected to win the award for best in the world, with Benzema as a favorite, but some discussions about the level the former European Flamenguista has already reached football has already begun to emerge. or UOL Esporte entered one of them and asked the following question to the columnists of UOL Esporte: Vini Jr. has Neymar surpassed as the best Brazilian in Europe? See reporters’ opinions:

Vinicius Jr. had a better time. He is only the fifth Brazilian to score the decisive goal in a Champions League final. Neymar is probably a more complete player, not least because of his experience, but he’s also on the decline of his career, while Vini is the pure juice of potential.

By the time it’s higher, you can’t compare. But Neymar, despite his decay, remains on his shelf as one of the greats of this generation. It’s good to remember that he won a Champions League that also scored a goal in the end, but argued with CR7’s artillery and Messi at his peak.

Neymar still has plenty of resources; Vinícius Jr. is at a better time, at an imaginary stage. Both could be very important for Brazil at the World Cup.

At the time, no doubt. It even deserves to be one of the three best in the world – Benzema is the best. Now, in a broader discussion, Neymar is still the good reference in Brazil and the one who should accept the protagonism of the World Cup selection.

Vini Jr. had a better time than Neymar, but he was still far from the peak the PSG forward had already reached.

On the lawn, yes. Not at the club.

Vini Jr’s 21/22 season was the best for a Brazilian since Neymar’s 14/15, a formidable supporting player (Benzema in one case, Messi in another) crucial to winning the “double “. The difference is that everyone is expecting that from Neymar, while Vini has aroused a lot of doubts before the explosion. Now, there is no comparison. Vini Jr is the best Brazilian in Europe. But of course Neymar is still a complete player – he hasn’t practiced his talent yet.

Vinícius was better than Neymar last season. Its growth potential is great. Neymar seems to be parked. But to reach Neymar’s technical level, Vinícius had to improve.

Yes, Vinicius Júnior is the most active Brazilian player in the world. Young, he plays on a big team -not in a folk country of the ball -, he doesn’t get involved in trouble, is loved by teammates and opponents and prefers to be an athlete than a pop star. However, it does not reach the level that Neymar reached at his height.

Now yes. In the current season, there is no way to compare the performance of the two. While Neymar is seen as a decadent player, who, frankly, doesn’t want to (not just get taken by PSG due to lack of interest), Vinícius Júnior is considered a future candidate for the best player in the world. . award. In terms of “tomorrow’s stars”, the Brazilian is just behind Mbappé and Haaland.

Vinicius Jr. better than Neymar this past season. But the PSG star is a more complete player. I think it’s premature to check that the Real Madrid kid will reach the level of importance that Neymar has achieved in his career.

Vinícius Júnior was voted the most Brazilian of the 2021/22 season. He is the player with the most goals (22) of the clubs in the top five leagues in Europe, the most assists (16), won the Spanish, scored the Champions League title. Nowadays, he’s better than Neymar, quickly. But Neymar is more of a player than Vini Jr.

At the present time there is not a single argument between them. Of course, only Vini Jr.’s order at the current level will give him this condition in a stronger way, but the chance belongs to the kid.

Vinicius Jr is Brazil’s best striker this season in Europe, probably the best players to count from from all positions. Neymar remains a player with more resources than the Real forward and, at his peak, he can still play a lot. His good times were better than the last of Vinicius Jr., who had the potential to grow.

Vinicius Júnior ruled in the Champions League, a competition in which Neymar was eliminated without scoring a single goal. Between Vinícius Junior, the best Brazilian and highlight of champions Real Madrid, and Neymar, who has the worst season, there is a list that includes Marquinhos, Casemiro, Fabinho and a good cast.

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