Guto mentions the difficulties against Chape and explains the substitutions

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Bahia defeated Chapecoens 1-0 at Arena Fonte Novan in a game on Tuesday night (14). Coach Guto Ferreira spoke about how he watched the game after his first home injury in this Serie B.

The home game was scored by a goal two minutes into the game and an opponent’s knockout in the first ten minutes of the first half. With one less, Esquadrão had extensive control of the ball and a total of 23 shots. However, most of the shots were fired in the wrong direction or on defense.

In his assessment of the game, Guto Ferreira mentioned the difficulties he had on the pitch and said that he was already expecting a tough match due to Chap’s record in visiting this tournament.

“What we can’t mention is that Chapecoense’s campaign, before this away game, was the second best away. They didn’t lose away. With the victory they have the same score as Cruzeiro (away). We knew that.”

In addition, the coach reported that the goal in the first minutes completely changes the schedule for the match, highlighting again the difficulties faced by the opponent on the field.

“Like it or not, the goal was too early. When it’s too early, the planning changes, you have to adjust. Then Chape’s team is very experienced. He was captain of Léo Cruzeiro for a long time. The boys were burned. he tried, but it comes from the game … This often breaks the rhythm. We tried to break the deadlock. Imagine what it’s like to be mentally challenged. It’s hard to break. I have to be a player of high quality and maturity. We are a mature team that is achieving important results and is trying to play game by game. Some games don’t happen. “

Despite the setback, he has made sure that his team’s performance is not a concern, as he believes he has seen enough level of creative attack.

“I would be very worried if we didn’t create a chance, but we did. So that calm can suddenly be a reflection of the improvement for the next few games, so that we don’t leave and if that happens, we have a greater ability to turn this situation around.”

Differences between Criciúma and Chapecoense

“It’s a very important situation in the match against Criciúma and for this match. Criciúma couldn’t hold on with one more, he went to the match and then we found the equalizer. They tried to win and lose. He played with the defenders. He kept his position for five minutes. when we were there, the goalkeeper did well. ‘

Changes to try to turn the game around

“We left the first half with a player to play against a team that was behind it all. We needed to improve on the construction. Behind Patrick, we had an improvement on the construction and we played Daniel backwards, compensating with a stronger mark. , because the midfield would be open with one more player, because I was bringing Patrick behind me. In doing so, Davó held on to the defenders and Hugo turned to the back. When we put Borel in his place, Jonathan won the game because it was useless to put him in a situation. Jonathan is more balanced between defense and attack. “

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