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Bahia beat Operário-PR on Saturday night to celebrate his second victory away from home in Serie B. Tricolor played a balanced match to win 1-0, the third consecutive positive result in the competition. Lucas Mugnik scored the goal of the match for the 12th matchday [veja os melhores momentos acima].

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Winning away from home took the “stone on Saturday” at the hands of coach Guto Ferreira. Prior to this round, Bahia had 100% success as a home team and only one win from Arena Fonte Nova. At the post-match press conference, Guto gave a “boost” to those who consider him a coach who doesn’t win away from his domains, as well as praising the team’s maturity for victory.

Guto Ferreira Operário-PR x Bahia – Photo: Felipe Santana / EC Bahia

– For Bahia, it’s a victory. People always use the word victory. An important match, here against a team that lost only at home against Cruzeiro, is the second defeat at home. If we lost the game here today, they would almost touch the qualifying site. It was a team that had the potential to grow in competition. And the fact that we are lost today does not deprive us of the ability to seek access to the four. There are good players. It’s just that we played another different game away from home. With a maturity, with a general concern to balance the team, not to let the opponent enjoy the game. And, from the moment he had the ball, he tried to value the property, work the ball more calmly and try to score goals. They had, for about 20 minutes, the most balanced match. A little more aggressive with them than us. From the 25th, 26th minute, we are in charge of the game. So I think, tactically, we were the only ones. Their chances were out of reach. Not only did we score, we also had a number of balls that crossed the area, in terms of back-to-back shots inside the area. We had an interesting attack volume, and it could have made a more elastic score as well. I’m happy to leave. One thing everyone says is that the teams I build don’t earn away from home. One more for them. Twenty-five points. A very important point, as they played against each other in the top six in this round. The second against the sixth, the first against the third, and the fourth against the fifth. If Cruzeiro loses to Vasco, we will touch on Cruzeiro’s three points; If Cruzeiro draws with Vasco, we will touch two points, we will be four and we will open three points for Vasco. If Cruzeiro wins, we will give Vasco four points. On the other hand, if Sport wins, we will be eight points behind Grêmio, who would be fifth with 17 points. If Sport draws, we will open seven points for Grêmi. If Grêmio wins, we are seven points behind Sport, which would drop to 5th place. We would save five from Gremio. This victory was very important. Define something? No. It gives the competition sequence peace of mind, but we can’t get into a comfort zone. Anyone who relaxes there will pay the price.

As a result, the squad is guaranteed a 25-point lead in Second Division. Now, Bahia has eight wins, one draw and three defeats.

“No one releases anyone’s hand”

A good second campaign, according to Guto Ferreira, is part of a work that has a great unity within the Tricolor. The accumulated fat in the competition brings peace of mind at this time of season.

– Serious work. When everyone inside Bahia’s staff and has a phrase that works on WhatsApp, no one is free to shake anyone’s hand. Don’t let anyone down. All together, firm and strong. And that’s also happening with players. The group is very closed. When the work is too hard, things start to fall apart. Hit the post and go in … Our ball didn’t go in, one went in and we lost. Ituano. Now it’s our turn. Let’s enjoy it a little, let’s appreciate it. Very important, we had with the volume. It is important that you do not suffer in the match. And he has been aggressive.

As part of that process, the coach mentioned that overcoming it was a key element of winning away from home. That was the case against Náutico in the second round. In addition, he believes that it is necessary to know how to overcome setbacks, as happened after the defeat of Tombense.

– Very important, this shows his ability in the Bahia competition. The results start to count. When we went to Tombos and lost the game 1-0, as it were, we were angry on one side, but at home, Tombense tied with Cruzeiro and Vasco, and he didn’t lose. He didn’t win either, but he didn’t lose at home. We failed, but that is at stake. This failure at least led to the maturation of the team. And a demand that is starting to get more and more results on this demand that they are making among themselves, so that we can embody the competition and have a good competition and finally celebrate the inclusion.

Bahia has a new commitment to Serie B this Tuesday, against Chapecoense, at Arena Fonte Novan, at 19:00 (Brazilian time). Game tickets are on sale.

Guto has the support of fans to keep Tricolor 100% of Salvador’s success.

– Of course. I hope that once again our fans will invade Fonte Nova. I know fans sometimes complain that it hurts a lot. But it’s delicious. Don’t say it’s not sweet, because it’s delicious. And you are participating, being the basic pieces in these victories. Invade our home, Fonte Nova.

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Strategies for maintaining a good physical and technical team
“It simply came to our notice then. This goes beyond two points. First, physiology. Second, strategy. In this game, complete two points. Davó came out with the crap out of the final game. The other time that happened, he was injured in the next game. So we had to be affectionate not to lose it, but not to stop using it, because it would be just as important or more important than the second part. And that’s what happened. We held on to Jacare, who was well into it again. Mugni stayed on the field longer. It wasn’t over, but there was more left. Emerson played a very good game. We had a doubt, yes, about the behavior. He had already played well and felt a bit different in other games. He arrived today and took over. We are pleased with his behavior, attitude and play. In the last game Patrick was the best on the field, he played another game. The two compete with each other. Let’s strengthen ourselves by having good players in every position. Let’s always have players full of tanks. They will return to the field on Tuesday. Those who are out of rhythm will certainly recover more slowly. We need to be able to change the leg and the intensity, we need to change one piece or the other. Rezende can also be in the field, `disposition. Didi, no. Marco Antonio will have to push harder, too. But in the last game Didi played too much. This is the team that strengthens the results, the team and brings peace of mind. When you get to change three, four pieces, you don’t change the behavior of the team, and the result comes.

reinforced list
– If everyone thinks of Bahia first, it doesn’t matter who starts and who ends. What matters most is winning the team. And everyone will have a chance to be on the field someday. And you need to be prepared to do your best. Things like that.

Falcão’s introduction in the second half
– The games I didn’t play were due to combination problems, who was matching at the time and what the game required. In the game he didn’t play, I took a chance on the Gregory wheel. Because we needed one more midfielder, one more different pass. And Falcão is less creative than Gregory and is more of a scorer than Gregory. He doesn’t stop creating, he has started the game well. In the middle of the attacking field, Gregory is more creative. That is why, in Tombos, we chose Gregory and not him. We use what we have properly. Falcão started well today, replacing Mugni, who almost scored. But there is one detail: If Emerson had gone, Falcão would not have entered. It would be better to marry her because she was Mika. There are situations that go through a lot. Who makes it up. And this is what we are doing every day to strengthen Bahia. It’s not just “Oh, that was good, that was bad.” Being “good” or “being bad” depends on the trust they have a lot, and there is a lot of confidence in them, what they talk about, what they read, what they read, what they see. And often the guy ends up being insecure because he gets external pressure and doesn’t know how to control it. It all depends on the player, what kind of attitude he should have, to determine. We need to be aware of all this so that we can have a stronger team. The team is also more established because Mugnik, with more experience, brings a condition, he and Hugo, the command on the field, where he manages to load and consolidate the team in the most difficult moments. That’s what the coach can’t do from the outside. Positivity, confidence, often goes through an anchor. Sometimes a boy has a tattoo, a necklace, a pendant, and sometimes a teammate on the field. It is very clear that the team is more established when Hugo is on the pitch, more balanced, more organized. Because they charge more themselves, a more professional attitude, with more attention.

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