Guto explained the changes in the starting line-up and praised the second half of Bahia: “Wonderful submission” | Bahia

With two goals from Matheus Davó, Bahia beat Criciúma 2-1 on Saturday night and finished second in the Serie B standings with more than 30,000 fans at Fonte Novan, with Tricolor playing badly in the first half when he came out. followed in the lead and lost to Ignacio. In the final phase, however, the story was different, and he told the star of Matheus Davó, who is in charge of two goals, to win the team. (see best moments above)

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At the post-match press conference, coach Guto Ferreira reviewed the performance and explained the changes in the starting line-up when it came to promoting the entries of Djalma, Rezende, Rodallega, Raí and Jacaré. The team didn’t do well in the first half, and the coach made four changes during the break.

– If it had worked and had the conditions to work, we would not have asked. During the week we had some situations, we had to evaluate what we did in training and what works best in training. That’s why we started that way. We knew that two of those who were replaced would probably not finish the game. There was still Daniel, who didn’t train two days a week. He had a sore throat, he was taking antibiotics. We put him on the field because of his importance, but we knew we would have to get out someday. Rodallega everyone knows its importance.

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– So we shaped the team to be a team that could even attack and score. But we couldn’t attack or score as much as in training. Then some things happen, you plan and it doesn’t work. During the break, a man down, we had to make some decisions. We were like faster players on the sidelines. At the last minute, without Daniel, we put Davó in the tenth and put the attack in the ninth. Thank God things went well. Why did he walk? in fact, Mugnik managed to command the team. I think Djalma played a game with a lot of physical explosions, a lot of greed. Patrick was the player who stole the most balls in the game. And look, it doesn’t have that characteristic of stealing balls, it’s more than disarming. Didi came in very well. I think the second part looked like it Bahiawith a wonderful delivery. Whoever thinks we play with ten is wrong. We played with 33,345. What drew the fans to our side … the man thanked the fans for the party. This is Bahia. Bahia is more than just football. Bahia is pure energy.

Matheus Davó celebrates a goal for Bahia – Photo: Felipe Oliveira / EC Bahia / Advertising

Guto also defended Rodallega and Raí, two of the newcomers to tonight’s match. Both came from injury and were replaced at the break.

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– They trained before that. We went to Tombos, and they were already training with the team. We cannot transfer responsibility for their performance to their physical condition. And the only way to get back in shape is to play it safe. And I don’t think the results of the first half are worth it. Enter the account of Criciúma who knew how to play. In between we relocate and direct

Gutok has a new engagement with Bahia this Wednesday. The opponent will be Sport, once again at the Fonte Nova Arena. The match is valid for the 11th round of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship and is scheduled for 21:30 (Brazil).

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District changes
– I often say that you have to have the courage to take risks and take risks. So there was no disappointment. If I was disappointed I would keep the main pieces in terms of names inside. Danilo played a good game and we take the whole team in the second half. Everyone on the field did very well. A victory with less than one was in vain. It was the result of the delivery of the team. From the courage to change four during the break, to relocate the team. I don’t want to burn my sardines. The main thing is who took the field and executed it. I blame the first half for not playing well. And the main culprits of the second half are those on the field. We did our part, but he delivered them.

Resend situation
– The injury is worrisome. Let’s look at it, let’s see what his situation is, what he really felt. Now, as for the team, it all depends on what we see tomorrow.

bos and rupture
– That’s what I already said, I think what happened was the relocation of the team. We showed that nothing was lost, that their attitude could be overturned. It was a time of courage to take risks. Success only reaches those who take risks, those who have the courage. We exchanged four and got a great response. There seemed to be five on Mugni’s field, and others like him. Patrick, Djalma, Rildo, Davó, Borel. No one is talking about Borel now. He has finished about three or four games and is playing well. With all this we need to be a little calm. Calm down and realize what football is all about. Football will be a day when we play very well, we will impose ourselves, and there will be days when we will have very good flashes, which we will have to overcome ourselves. We have one more game at home, we have to play very well and once again we are counting on this crowd, this fan.

magnitude of Bahia
– I think those with a longer history within the club already know that. Those who lived here last year also felt that energy. And the ones that are coming are getting more and more understood day by day. The marketing department plays videos showing what Bahia is all about. We pass on videos to the players that show what the bay is all about. The difference is that it’s one thing to watch a video and another to feel it on your skin. They feel on the skin. Today there were 33 thousand people. There were already 26 miles against the bridge. When you feel it on your skin, the transformation is internal. And the answer is this.

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