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The match against Novorizontino, at 9:30 pm this Tuesday, in the Arena, will take on a decisive air for the Grêmio B Series. There are five games left in the competition, three draws in a row without a goal, Tricolor saw the distance. G -4 climbed to four points and opted for troop strength to start the recovery.

After “turning the page” in the draw with Vasco, it’s time to regain the momentum and, of course, shake the nets again, something that hasn’t happened in three Serie B games. It will also be. had the opportunity to improve the performance of Tricolor at home, another factor that is considered negative.

In all four Serie B home games, Grêmio has two wins, a draw and a defeat. With seven points, it is 16th place only considering the campaign as home to 20 teams. It is worth remembering that Tricolor has played only one match in the Arena in the last five matches.

By comparison, the four G-4 teams are also the best at home. Leader Cruzeiro and Vice President have been 100% successful so far. The miners played four times as a home team, and the Bahians five times.

Classification as a Serie B home team

  • 1.a. Bahia – 15 points (5 games – 100% success)
  • 2.a. Vasco – 14 points (6 games – 77.8% success rate)
  • 3. Cruzeiro – 12 points (4 games – 100% success)
  • 4.a. Sport – 12 points (5 games – 80% success rate)
  • 16th. Grêmio – 7 points (4 games – 58.3% success)

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Grêmio returns to the arena after two games away from home – Photo: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio

To improve on that record, in addition to winning the championship again, Grêmio has the support of the crowd. Last week, the club released six actions to reach new and active members. The goal, of course, is to call the fans to the Arena and create a positive atmosphere for the team.

The tone of the call is usually seen by Grêmio leaders, especially football vice-president Denis Abrahão. Both he and Junior President Romildo Bolzan have requested that fans go to the Arena this Tuesday.

– I have no right to ask Grêmio fans anything, because they are great. All I have to do is go to the stadium and help the team, we will overcome these difficulties at the moment – said Abrahão after the draw against Vasco.

Fast forward to the end of the goal

To improve his home campaign, in addition to winning Serie B again, Grêmio obviously needs a goal, something that hasn’t happened in a long time. More precisely 311 minutes – not counting the extra – when Diego Souza scored the equalizer against Ituano in the 7th matchday.

The striker, by the way, has a direct participation in five of Grêmio’s seven goals in the competition. Before scoring in Itu, the 29th T-shirt scored three goals against Guarani and assisted on the victory over CRB.

Diego Souza scores Grêmio’s last goal in Serie B in a draw against Ituano – Photo: Mauro Horita / Grêmio

Recently, coach Roger Machado changed the team’s tactical scheme and began using the formation with three defenders. This allows the wings, or wings, to have a more offensive involvement in search of an end to the team’s goal drought.

– Of course, we will have more back-line games through the system. Putting the light players aside will have one leg in the middle to recover the ball. The system will be adapted and there will be opportunities for attackers, Roger said last Thursday.

The positive point that can help end the fast of the net balls is the retrospective of the Arena. Five of the seven goals scored by Serie B in Grêmio were at homethey won both games, against Guarani and CRB.

Fifth, with 14 points, is four from Grêmio Vasco and Sport and five from Bahia. The match against Novorizontino is also a direct one, as the São Paulo interior team has the same score, but with a lower balance (0 out of 3).

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