Google TV: How to use the app on Android and iOS

Wait a while Google TV finally, it became available for Android and iOS operating systems, and users can consume it directly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The novelty comes to Brazil to replace the old Google Play Movies, the company’s streaming service for the purchase or rental of audiovisual productions. The difference is that the new platform also has advanced content recommendation features, as well as a revamped interface.

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If you’re interested in having Google TV at your fingertips, stay tuned for everything we’ll cover in the next text.

How do I set up Google TV on Android?

When you sign in to the Google Play Store on your device, use the search bar to enter “Google TV”. You can also search for the app by its canceled name, in this case Google Play Movies. When you open it, click Update or Install, because if the app update settings are automatic, they may already be on your device.

After a few seconds, depending on your internet connection, you can run Google TV. You may need to sign in to your Google Account to activate effectively, but it may take advantage of your Google Play Movies data to continue. The home page will feature recommendations for the latest releases and productions organized by genre.

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As the user enters the stream, more custom settings will be developed, showing that the algorithm will be at your fingertips to suggest movies and series based on your personal taste. As you browse the app, find the main items to buy or rent, as well as the library of past purchases.

You will also be able to create a list of interests with films and series to buy or rent later, in addition to productions that have not yet been released, and you will still be able to communicate through a channel of personalized advice on the platform.

How do I set up Google TV on iOS?

The process for installing and setting up Google TV on devices running iOS is very similar to the devices used by Android. This way, you need to open the iPhone or iPad App Store and search for Google TV (or even Google Play Movies). When the application appears, click Get or Open if it is already installed and needs an update.

When you’re running, sign in to your Google Account and browse the options below, including library recommendations, movies, and series by genre and recent releases, as well as a list of interests and a communication channel for tips for interesting productions. based on your tastes.

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What to watch on Google TV?

In general, the application allows users to buy or rent for a few days all movies and series that are not available on regular streaming platforms and are distributed in this format.

It is also worth mentioning within Google TV, it is possible to combine subscriptions from other services and see all the productions you want from one place. Another novelty is the ability to view free content via the “View other modes” tab.

And with the help of an a Chromecastfor example, the simulcast button can be used in the app to stream content directly to your TV, turning your phone into an advanced remote control.

With Google TV, a pre-registered payment method will make your financial transactions even easier. So to rent or purchase a movie or series, click on the production poster and complete your order. From there, the app also allows you to consume content offline with the option to download it to your device.

In addition to being available on Android and iOS, Google TV is the default interface for new Brazilian TCL TVs and can also be used on compatible streaming devices, such as the Realme TV Stick and Chromecast.

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