Goiás turned his back on Botafogo and left the relegation zone

Goiás defeated Botafogo tonight (6th) 2-1 and left the relegation zone of the Brazilian Championship. Alvinegro, who heard boos when leaving the pitch at Nilton Santos stadium, wasted the chance to get into the G4. Esmeraldino’s win was built with two goals by Pedro Raul, in the second half, after Cuesta opened the scoring in the initial period.

As a result, Goiás scored 12 points, tying Flamengo, Alvinegro and Santos. In the loss, on the other hand, Glorioso wasted the chance to get back to the G4, and heard boos from the stands.

In the next round, Botafogo will face Palmeiras, at Allianz Parque, while Goiás will visit Fortaleza. Both matches will be held on Thursday (9).

Who is good – Hugo and Pedro Raul

Left-back Hugo, who got a chance to start the lineup, was very active in the offensive sector, which was one of Botafogo’s escape valves. On the Goiás side, Pedro Raul got off to a good start and was able to change the history of the game.

Who was wrong – Victor Sá and Elvis

Victor Sá, from Botafogo, was a bit unwell and failed to explore the main characters. In Esmeraldino, Elvis had a clever performance and was left hanging at the start of the game.

Botafogo’s performance

Botafogo, again, has news of the lineup. This time, Hugo got a chance on the left and Vinícius Lopes in the offensive sector. Like other home games, coach Luís Castro’s team tried to print a faster rhythm in the first few minutes, and was able to make a few games, leading to depth passes. However, he was also involved in the offensive transition in Goiás, which spotted some areas.

Back at the break, the team was able to present themselves a little more compact, making it difficult for opponents to advance. Gradually, however, he left the game open and, in this scenario, the visitors were able to create good chances to score.

Performance in Goiás

Goiás took the field in a 3-5-2 formation and were able to make good offensive connections, finding scoring spots, but they failed on the defensive side. Running behind when the opponent attacked, Jair Ventura’s team abused free kicks in the first half.

For the second half, there were changes, in an attempt to make the team more reactive, but Goiás showed greater difficulty in getting the ball, and proved to be more withdrawn. However, with recent changes, it has consolidated and created clear opportunities.


The game started out busy, but there were a lot of “losses and wins” between the intermediaries. Goiás was scared of a bid where there was confusion in the area and the ball was left for Caio, but missed the target.

Botafogo, on the other hand, came close to the good move of Hugo, who stormed the area and was hit. The defensive ball exploded and someone was asked to touch the hand, but the referee ordered it to continue.

buy early

Esmeraldino had to make the first substitution in the first minutes of the game. After one step, Maheusinho fell on the grass and showed severe pain. He gave way to Vinicius.

many mistakes

Goiás saw difficulties in the defense’s transition and, “delayed”, led to the appeal of fouls to stop the opponent’s attacks. The range of penalties-there were 13 in the first half-even generated a lot of complaints from black-and-white players.

hapit na

Esmeraldino was about to open the scoring when, after a corner kick, Dadá Belmonte took the rebound and, from outside the area, finished. The ball approached Gatito’s right post.

El Patron celebrates

When the initial period was almost over, Botafogo opened the scoring. After a corner kick from Daniel Borges, Víctor Cuesta headed in, sent Tadeu’s left corner, and came out to celebrate.

at speed

Back in the second half, Erison received a quick launch and was hit, but sent it off.

On the beam!

Unlike the first half, Goiás collided with the opposite mark and showed little difficulty in attack. However, in one of the attacks, Dadá Belmonte won inside the area and was hit in his right leg, stuck in the pole. To continue the bid, it was submitted by Fellipe Bastos.

hapit na

In an attempt to change the face of the team, Jair Ventura put Pedro Raul, who defended Botafogo in 2020. And on the first throw, the ball was left in place and he came back, but it was sent off.

Double the law of ex

Goiás reached the tie in a two -player match known to Botafogo fans. Fellipe Bastos, who was a brother of Alvinegro, crossed three fingers, and Pedro Raul alone showed up at the scene to complete a header.

him again

In the attack, Vinicius activated Pedro Raul, who came wearing on goal and returned the game.

All or nothing

In the final minutes, Botafogo continued to attack trying to score, at the very least, the balancing goal.


At the final whistle, the crowd did not apologize and protested, with boos and shouts against the team.


Botafogo received a delegation from RWD Molenbeek, from Belgium, which also included John Textor. Club members were in Nilton Santos after the game and will stay until Thursday in Rio, to hold a series of meetings.


: Brazilian Championship – Ninth round
toward: Nilton Santos stadium, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
day: June 6, 2022, Monday
time: 20:00 (Brazil time)
Referee: Paulo Henrique Schleich Vollkopf (MS)
assistants: Marcelo Carvalho Van Gasse (Fifa/SP) and Eduardo Goncalves da Cruz (MS)
VAR: Daiane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (Fifa/SP)
yellow cards: Víctor Cuesta, Lucas Fernandes (both bot), Lucas Fernandes (BOT) and Elvis (both GOI)
goals: cost (bot), at 45 ‘/1ºT; Pedro Raul (GOI), at 28 ‘/2nd and 35’/2nd

BOTAFOGO: Catito Fernandez; Daniel Borges (Saravia), Kanu, Víctor Cuesta and Hugo; Luís Oyama, Tchê Tchê (Chay) and Lucas Fernandes (Patrick de Paula); Vinícius Lopes (Diego Gonçalves), Erison and Victor Sá. Technician: Luís Castro

GOIÁS: Tadeo; Sidimar, Reynaldo and Caetano; Maguinho, Caio (Fellipe Bastos), Elvis (Apodi) (Pedro), Matheus Sales and Dadá Belmonte (Pedro Raul); Maheusinho (Vinicius) and Nicolas. Technician: Jair Ventura

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