Goals and best moments for RB Bragantino x Coritiba for the Brazilian Championship (4-2) 2022/06/15

20: 565 hours ago

next games

On Saturday, Massa Bruta will face Santos in Vila Belmiro at 21:00 (Brazilian time) and Coxa will play the classic against Athletico-PR, Couto Pereiro the next day at 16:00 (Brazilian time).

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how is it

Bragantino has won four places in the standings. He is in eighth place with 17 points. Coritiba drops to 10th with 15.

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48 ‘

End of the game

20: 525 hours ago


Cleiton catches the punched ball thrown into the area. However, delivery Adrian Martinez. Be careful, the striker takes advantage and covers the goalkeeper

20: 495 hours ago

46 ‘

Luan Cândido crosses so much, he doesn’t come out well and he isolates

20: 425 hours ago

38 ‘Substitution, Bragantino

20: 415 hours ago


Jadsom Silva was on the penalty spot and is out of the next game

20:40 hours ago

36 ‘Yellow card for Bragantino

Jadsom Silva

20:40 hours ago

36 ‘Yellow card for Coritiba


20: 366 hours ago

33 ‘Yellow card for Bragantino

Leo Ortiz

20: 346 hours ago


Arthur fouls inside the box, Nathan it rises in the middle of the two and deflects the goal

20:30 hours ago

26 ‘Substitution, Bragantino

20: 296 hours ago


Igor Paixão crosses the bass. Clayton was the first to reach the corner kick, but his header was blocked by the keeper.

20:28 hours ago


After walking in the Alviverde area, Jan Hurtado shares it with Muralha. The attacker takes the best, wins in space and gives it to Hyora. He finishes and saves the archer with his feet

20:19 6 hours ago

15 ‘Substitution, Coritiba

20:18 6 hours ago

14 ‘Substitution, Bragantino

20:17 hours ago


Hyoran puts on a smile. The midfielder kicks at speed and kicks hard. Wall avoids the fourth goal by hitting

20:16 hours ago

11 ‘IA

Coxa takes advantage of his opponent’s wrong start. Cleyton releases Alef Manga, who combines a first-rate bomb. The goalkeeper makes a great save

20:12 6 hours ago


Nathanael is recovering from the defense, he has advanced in speed, he has touched Alef Manga on the right wing. The striker faces the mark and returns to the 16th shirt to cross. Igor Passion dominates and fulfills to reduce the foot

20:10 6 hours ago

00 ‘

restart the game

20:09 6 hours ago

Changes in Coritiba

19: 476 hours ago

45 ‘

the first part ends

19: 436 hours ago

41 ‘

Clayton picked up from Régis to make a turn inside the area to finish, but sent it outside

19: 397 hours ago


The smile is disarmed in the middle, it quickens HyoranHe scored with a 27-yard touchdown pass and a corner kick on a low line

19: 377 hours ago


Hyoran backs away Arthur on the right. The attacker cut to the left and fired a shot. The ball deflects over William and ends up inside the net

19: 277 hours ago

24 ‘

Luan Cândido takes a direct free kick, but the shot goes wide

19:23 hours ago

20 ‘HU

Clayton spins well inside the area and finishes. Cleiton defends it in two parts

19:22 hours ago

19 ‘

Nathanael crosses from the base. Léo Ortiz takes the corner

19:21 hours ago

16 ‘

Regis takes the corner. Braga’s defense faces danger

19:17 7 hours ago

14 ‘

Clayton picks it up inside the field, sharing it with Cleiton of the same name, who takes the worst

19:15 7 hours ago

12 ‘

Fabricio makes a good play on the right wing and plays low. Cleiton falls hard to hold on

19:11 7 hours ago


Hyoran a free kick hits the target, the ball deflects off the crossbar, Muralha slams it lightly, but can’t hold it and sees the round die inside the goal.

19:06 7 hours ago

4 ‘

Raul takes a risk from a distance and ends up isolated

19:06 7 hours ago

3 ‘

Arthur launches Evangelista in the middle, decides to take a risk, but ends up sealing Ytalo. Hyoran picks it up and sends it over the door

19:05 7 hours ago

1 ‘

Clayton fights for space with Nathan. The attacker falls after the split and is given a response

19:01 7 hours ago

00 ‘

whistle to the referee

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the era of the national anthem

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teams on the field

18:21 hours ago

Thigh Bank

Rafael William, Egidio, Warley, Henrique, Márcio Silva, Maicky, Robinho, Biel, Pablo Garcia, Alef Manga, Igor Paixão and Adrián Martínez

18:19 8 hours ago

Coritiba went up

Alex Muralha; Nathanael, Guillermo, Luciano Castán and Diego Porfírio; Bernardo, Galarza and Regis; Fabricio Daniel, Clayton and Neilton

18:19 8 hours ago

Gross Mass Bank

Lucão, Jadsom, Ramon, Alerrandro, Kevin, Eric Ramires, Praxedes, Renan, Jan Hurtado, Bruno Tubarão, Miguel and Guilherme

18:17 8 hours ago

RB Bragantino was aligned

Cleiton; Andrés Hurtado, Léo Ortiz, Natan and Luan Cândido; Raul, Lucas Evangelista and Hyoran; Arthur, Sorriso and Ytalo

18:08 8 hours ago

Looking at the card: Coritiba

Igor Paixão, Adrian Martínez, Willian Farias, Val, Guilherme Biro and Henrique

18:05 8 hours ago

Looking at the card: Bragantino

Cleiton, Léo Realpe and Alerrandro

18:00 8 hours ago

video arbitration

17: 558 hours ago

field arbitration

17:50 8 hours ago

When is the RB Bragantino vs Coritiba match and how to follow LIVE?

17:45 8 hours ago

How and where to watch RB Bragantino vs Coritiba live

Here is a real time game in addition to VAVEL Brazil RB Bragantino vs Coritiba will be broadcast live by Premiere.

17:40 8 hours ago

Probably Cortiba’s lineup

Alex Muralha; Guillermo, Henrique and Luciano Castán; Nathanael, Bernardo, Robinho (Matías Galarza) and Diego Porfírio; Igor Paixão (Neilton), Adrian Martínez and Alef Manga.

17:35 9 hours ago

Coritiba related

17:25 9 hours ago

Verdão state

Defenders Warley and Egidio are recovering from their injuries Gustavo Morínigoas well as goalkeeper Alex Muralha, who had a cut on his hand.

17:20 9 hours ago

Possible RB Bragantino lineup

Cleiton; Andres Hurtado, Léo Ortiz, Natan and Luan Cândido; Raul, Eric Ramires and Praxedes (Hyoran); Artur, Sorriso (Bruno Tubarão) and Ytalo.

17:15 9 hours ago

RB Bragantino related

17:05 9 hours ago

Gross Mass State

Luan Cândido has returned from suspension. On the other hand, the accumulation of yellow cards leaves the coach out Mauricio Barbieri, Striker Helinho and winger Aderlan. Assistant Maldonado will lead the team.

17:00 9 hours ago


In the same situation cork he also has only one win in five games. He lost a place to Palmeiras by 2-0 with goals from Dudu and Rony. In the eighth, Cox has 15 points.

16:50 9 hours ago

looking at the game

9 hours 4:45 p.m.


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