Goals and best moments for Austria 1×2 Denmark League of Nations | 20/06/2022

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Many thanks to Austria and Denmark for supporting VAVEL in Brazil. Good night everyone and see you next time.

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With the victory, Denmark took an important step in the League of Nations. They won both games away from home and secured the lead in the group with six points. Austria is second with a three-point lead, with Croatia and France tied for one point today.

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Austria 1-2 Denmark.

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After a corner kick from the area, the Danish defense moved away and Laimer fired a rocket. He deflected the ball and took the paint from the left post of Denmark.

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95 ‘

Sabtizer threw from the middle of the street, deflected the ball and went wide. Corner kick.

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94 ‘

She tried her hand at the edge of the area and the right foot and sent it outside.

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92 ‘IA

Wober received a pass inside the area, removed the mark and dropped the bomb. The ball bounced off the post.

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Let’s go for 95 minutes.

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After lifting the ball, Schmeichel came out badly and left the ball to Gregoritsch, who fixed it and sent it outside. Austria almost scored.

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Stryger picked it up at the edge of the left field, took it in the middle and hit it with the class. The ball landed at Pentz’s goal. A painting in Vienna.

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80 ‘Substitution, Denmark

18: 512 hours ago

78 ‘Substitution, Austria

18:50 2 hours ago

77 ‘

Arnautovic picked up again among the defenders, dominated, crawled into the area and fired a rocket. The ball landed at the feet of Ralf Rangnick, who was completely unmarked in the box.

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Danso shot Arnautovic, who won with the strength of the mark, entered the area, dribbled Schmeichel and with an empty net, ended up on the right post. What a chance Austria lost.

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Eriksen risked a long range shot and goalkeeper Pentz made a great save on the right corner.

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The short Andersen retreated to Schmeichel, who was unable to clear the ball. Arnautovic fired a shot at Schlager, who sent him to the back of the goal. Denmark’s decisive mistake. This is the goal of Austria.

18: 392 hours ago

66 ‘Substitution, Denmark

18: 372 hours ago

64 ‘Yellow card

Jensen lost a lot and received a ticket.

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Arnautovic picked up and finished inside the area. He was blocked by the defense, but the rebound was still with Austria. Laimer held the ball and finished above the goal.

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63 ‘Substitution, Austria

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18,700 fans at the stadium.

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Poulsen made a great block, though. The ball went over the bar, removing the paint from Austria’s left post. What a chance Olsen missed.

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56 ‘

Eriksen threw a bomb in the middle of the street and the Austrian goalkeeper held him.

18:29 2 hours ago

56 ‘

The daughter took a corner kick, Arnautovic deflected it on the first post and the ball bounced off the back line.

18: 262 hours ago

53 ‘

He tried to shoot his daughter, but the ball was too strong.

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52 ‘Substitution, Denmark

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Moving to Austria

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Denmark is winning 1-0.

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Austria 0-1 Denmark.

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The daughter took a corner kick with plenty of poison, the ball went to the corner and Schmeichel made a great save to prevent Austria’s Olympic goal.

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41 ‘NO VALUE …

Laimer picked up inside the area, gave the defender a great dribble, went out in front of the goalkeeper, but Schmeichel made a great stop. The flag was already marked offside.

17:53 hours ago

40 ‘

Denmark scores from the defensive side.

17:53 hours ago

35 ‘

Austria lose a lot of the ball in attack and Ralf Rangnick gives instructions on the edge of the field.

17: 503 hours ago

35 ‘Yellow card

Poulsen received the first card of the match.

17: 503 hours ago

32 ‘Spectacular

After a mistake by the defense, the ball fell to Poulsen, who dominated and hit the left corner. Goalkeeper Pentz made an impressive stop and saved Austria.

17: 483 hours ago

31 ‘

The Austrian exchange goes on the attack.

17: 453 hours ago


Kristensen picked up a pass from the right and centered it on the right, deflected the ball into the Austrian defense and left it to Hojbjerg, who hit the mark for the first time and scored the first goal of the match.

17: 423 hours ago

24 ‘

Laimer picked up the ball at the base and crossed it to the edge of the area. Schlager tried his head and failed. The ball went out well.

17: 413 hours ago

24 ‘

Denmark has a lot of difficulty playing. The Austrian brand is very strong in the middle of the pitch.

17: 343 hours ago


Kalajdzic kept the ball inside the area and fired a bomb into the right corner. The ball bounced off the post, but the flag was already offside.

17: 333 hours ago


Baumgartner received a great shot from Alaba, who dominated and centered on the area and Kalajdzic arrived late.

17: 313 hours ago

15 ‘

A tough game in the middle of the field.

17: 273 hours ago

11 ‘

Eriksen took a free kick, but the ball bounced off the wall.

17: 253 hours ago

8 ‘

He tried to kick his daughter, but he was too strong.

17:22 3 hours ago

5 ‘

Eriksen put the ball on a plate for him and instead of hitting it with his right foot it cannoned of his left shin wide of the goal.

17:18 3 hours ago

bi ‘

Kalajdzic picked it up inside the area, but it was offside.

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1 ‘

Denmark is starting to press.

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VAVEL is the League of Nations in Brazil.

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Hymn time.

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Almost everything is ready for the duel.

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France beat Croatia 1-0 with a goal from Rabiot.

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16: 514 hours ago


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UEFA has announced that the match will start at 17:15, Brazil time.

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Pure electricity in the Vienna stadium area. The game will change time.

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A small delay at the start of the game.

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He will turn 22 on Monday night at the Ernst-Happel-Stadion in Vienna.

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The current champion of the Real Madrid Champions League, Alaba, is the captain of Austria today in a defensive match.

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Austria defined!

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Denmark Defined!

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When is the Austria vs Denmark game and how to follow LIVE?

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How and where to watch Austria vs Denmark live

Here in addition to the real-time VAVEL Brazil match, the match between Austria vs Denmark will be broadcast on ESPN and Star +.

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Open the quotes!

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Austria probably!

Lindner; Wöber, Alaba, Trauner, Lainer; Schlager, Laimer, Sabitzer, Seiwald; Arnautovic, Baumgartner.

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How do you get to Austria?

Austria are trying to rebuild with new manager Ralf Rangnick, who recently left the Manchester United coach and adviser to take over the national team. Austria comes from irregular competition campaigns. In the last European Championship, they finished second in Group C, against the Netherlands, Ukraine and Northern Macedonia. Only Italy, who were champions at the end of the competition, fell in the last eight. Already in the knockout rounds, the team won 16 points in a group that included Denmark, Scotland, Israel, Israel, the Faroe Islands and Moldova. He still played in the playoffs, but fell 2-1 against Wales away from home and said goodbye to the Qatar World Cup. In the first match of the League of Nations, under the auspices of a new coach, Austria surprised and beat the strong Croatian team 3-0, playing gratifying football, in which they could win by more goals.

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Fala, Kasper Hjulmand

“It will be a close match. We beat Austria twice in the World Cup qualifiers. [4-0 fora, 1-0 em casa], but both were difficult. Austria will play with a lot of intensity, speed and a lot of pressure, with a lot of vertical races. You’ll see how the Austrian team develops next year or two. ”

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probably Denmark

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How do you get to Denmark?

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