Goals and best moments Coritiba 0x1 Athletico-PR Brasileirão | 2022/06/19

18:05 19 minutes ago


After the final whistle, Warley is expelled for “fucking” the judge.

18:05 19 minutes ago

End of the game!

Coritiba 0x1 Athletico-PR

18:05 19 minutes ago


56 ‘- Nico receives a yellow card

18:04 20 minutes ago


55 ‘- Kelvin takes a corner from the right.

18:01 23 minutes ago

Hurricane punishment!

52 ‘Rafael William has been booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle.

18:00 24 minutes ago


50 ‘Vitor Roque is sent off for a foul on the pitch

17:55 29 minutes ago

Coritiba also represents

47 ‘- Warley replaces Alef Manga

17:55 29 minutes ago

change athletics

46 ‘- Vitor Bueno replaces Pablo Siles

17:55 30 minutes ago

in addition

45 ‘- Five more minutes

17:51 33 minutes ago

change the thigh

43 ‘- Adrián Martínez replaces Guilherme Biro

17:50 34 minutes ago

Out !!

41 ‘- Diego Porfírio has been booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle.

17:47 38 minutes ago

Save Bento !!

38 ‘- Igor Paixão crosses the ball from the right, but Adrian Martínez hits the post with a shot from the right.

17:44 40 minutes ago

Atletico MG’s goal

36 ‘- Ademir Júnior Galora is ruled out of the match. 2 x 0.

17:44 41 minutes ago

that’s one more

35 ‘- Willian Farias is booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle

17:41 43 minutes ago

the other yellow

33 ‘- Pedro Henrique delivers the ball into the back of the net

17:41 44 minutes ago


32 ‘- Adrian Martinez receives a yellow card for a foul on Pedro Henrique. He was left out of the next game.

17:40 an hour ago

Thigh replacement

31 ‘- Thonny Anderson is injured and is taken off the field to receive medical treatment

17:39 an hour ago

Get out!

30 ‘- Cox’s Igor Paixão hits the ball on the volley with a shot for which the keeper, the keeper, has had no chance.

17:34 an hour ago


26 ‘- Cittadini receives a yellow card for a foul on Galarza

17:33 an hour ago

Ownership of the ball

25 ‘- Coritiba% 61 x% 39 Athletico-PR

17:30 an hour ago

bad game

21 ‘- The duel is very contentious and with several fouls in the last minutes

17:26 an hour ago


17 ‘- Matheus Alexandre is injured when the game becomes more physical, and he has to leave the field.

17:22 an hour ago

Changes at Atletico

17:22 an hour ago


13 ‘Pablo Siles receives a yellow card after leaving his arm in the face of Willian Farias

17:20 an hour ago

Thigh pressure

10 ‘- Coritiba starts better in the second half and presses behind the goal

17:16 an hour ago

Come on !!

7 ‘- Castán deflects his header on the second post after a shot from the right and Bento extends his palm. In the substitute, Adrián Martinez was the first to be caught and sent off before being caught offside

17:14 an hour ago

Pablo Siles

6 ‘- The Athletic player has been on the pitch for a while, but has been lifted

17:11 an hour ago

Take Bento

3 ‘- Coritiba takes a corner from the right.

17:09 an hour ago

now go

Rotate the ball to the second phase

17:08 an hour ago


The hurricane took a long time to return to the second half

16:502 hours ago


Coritiba 0x0 Athletico-PR

16: 492 hours ago

Exit !!

47 ‘- Castán heads wide after a corner from the right following a corner.

16: 472 hours ago

in addition

45 ‘- Three more minutes in the first half

16:45 hours ago

Hurricane change

44 ‘- Marcelo Cirino replaces Léo Cittadini

16:44 hours ago

the game stopped

43 ‘- Bento, Igor Paixão and Siles are on the pitch

16: 432 hours ago

remove the defense

41 ‘Igor Paixão crosses the ball from the right

16: 392 hours ago

Not valid !!

37 ‘- Alef Manga bounces off the edge of the box

16: 372 hours ago

The purpose of the Corinthians

35 ‘- Fábio Santos penalty kick for Timão against Goiás in São Paulo

16: 362 hours ago

Atletico MG’s goal

34 ‘- In another game, Nacho Fernandez opens the scoring for Galo against Flamingo in Minas.

16: 312 hours ago


30 ‘- Coritiba 9 x 3 Athletico-PR

16: 272 hours ago


26 ‘Neilton receives a bank card to complain

16: 272 hours ago


25 ‘- VAR reviews Luciano Castán’s handball in defense and doesn’t award a penalty

16: 262 hours ago

Save Bento

24 ‘- Alef Manga’s counterattack was impressive and was only stopped by a shocking foul. Somehow, the referee’s cards remained in his pocket – a terrible decision!

16: 252 hours ago

On top of the goalkeeper!

23 ‘- Pablo wins the right-footed shot from the right.

16:23 hours ago

Exit !!

21 ‘- Igor Paixão dribbles past his right wing, crosses the ball into the bottom corner and Thonny Anderson throws it wide.

16:19 2 hours ago

Lost !!

17 ‘Adrian Martinez hits the goalkeeper with his face on the ground and throws it over the arch. On the left, Manga sends.

16:18 hours ago

the other yellow

16 ‘Diego Porfirio has been shown a yellow card

16:17 hours ago


15 ‘- Players fight and fight on the pitch. Pablo receives a yellow card

16:14 hours ago

he found no one

12 ‘- Pablo Siles tries to get hold of the ball but it slips out of his hands.

16:09 2 hours ago

It wouldn’t work, but almost

7 ‘- Cirino receives a deep shot in the middle, clears the keeper’s head and sends it over the goal. The flag, however, was already in an irregular position.

16:07 2 hours ago

Get out!

5 ‘- Igor Paixão is on target but unsuccessful.

16:04 2 hours ago

the curvature came out

3 ‘- Pablo picks up from the left wing, hits the beak, but the ball bends, leaving the goal on the right.

16:03 2 hours ago

ugly blow

1 ‘- Rafael William leaves the goal and collides with a striker

16:02 2 hours ago

throw the ball

Start the game

15:52 hours ago

Teams on the court

It is considered a national anthem

15: 373 hours ago

Coritiba went up

15: 363 hours ago

Atletico squad

15: 173 hours ago

Good afternoon

Today is Athletic Day! Stay tuned for details on the Parana classic. The ball runs at 4 p.m.

01:35 17 hours ago

Watch the match Coritiba vs Athletico-PR live

Here is a real time game in addition to VAVEL Brazil Coritiba vs Athletico PR will be broadcast live on Premiere FC and RPC, Globe’s Paraná branch

01:30 17 hours ago

When is the Coritiba x Athletico-PR match and how to follow LIVE?

01:25 17 hours ago


01:20 17 hours ago

It is likely that the hurricane will rise

01:15 17 hours ago

Atletico’s malice

Vitinho, Thiago Heleno, Christian and marlos all are out of play

01:10 17 hours ago

Coritiba’s likely lineup

01:05 17 hours ago

Coritiba summary

Robinho is Cox’s only injury for the match. The midfielder injured his back in the thigh in the last game.

01:00 17 hours ago

previous round

00:55 17 hours ago

Atletico’s situation

00:50 18 hours ago

Coritiba situation

00:45 18 hours ago


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