GameSpot Research has revealed the problematic background of Abandoned’s Blue Box

GameSpot released a story that brings an investigation into Abandoned’s Blue Box Game Studios.

The article is long and contains a lot of information. However, a large part of the beginning is information that we already know. New features include:

  • There is an exclusive chat group run by Hasan Kahraman himself. Manually selects the people involved in this chat and sends them an NDA (the document you sign will not be disclosed);
  • Kahraman often argues with this group, revealing what he is doing. Sometimes he “explodes in anger” and then apologizes, saying he’s been very stressed;
  • In the case of the site’s audio, Kahraman says it was a hack, it came from this group. He stayed on the website to show his selection and ended up filtering from there. Not to mention that the group existed, he created a hacking story;
  • The cryptic audio now available on YouTube was badly translated into Japanese, as if using a program like Google Translate. Sources believed that the use of Japanese was another way for Kahraman to base his theories on Kojima, even though he denied them at the same time. The audio is linked to Kahraman’s “Zero Cell” argument at the time, which sources say was a cheap copy. Metal Gear Solid;
  • For the group, Kahraman curses all potential partners of “scammers”. Be a developer or Geoff Keighley with his Summer Game Fest or GamesRadar Future Games Show;
  • Kahraman wanted to build a romantic relationship and work with a teammate and promised to pay for his work on the game’s PlayStation trophy-related artwork after he began receiving studio release revenue. He said in March 2022 that he planned to visit a potential business and romantic partner in person two months later, when he would be “free,” which Kahraman hoped would end the game’s preface by then. One of the various divisions in the group chat has also separated the couple socially and professionally, and according to sources, they have not spoken since;
  • In another situation, Kahraman asked a team member to act as his shipping partner to store some physical copies of the game in the U.S. so that Kahraman would not have to find a storage device that travels from the Netherlands to the U.S. He offered to pay the fan $ 1,500 for this, which he said would cover his expenses with “extra” money, and set them up with an email address at Blue Box Game Studios so he could have a relationship with Sony. He admitted that the final details, including payment, are yet to be determined. He sent the fan to fill out the Sony Interactive Entertainment form and a few days later, including his home address, Kahraman canceled a strange deal;
  • Oddly enough, the youngest member of the group was only 12 years old and the other members thought he was loud and rude. Once, while the band was chatting at a PlayStation voice party, this young fan told another member to kill himself while Kahraman remained silent beside him. Other members consoled the private person and expressed despair that Kahraman had done nothing;
  • The band has had a number of repetitions since last fall, but they have stuck to one common thread: it has been “toxic”. What started out as a place to socialize with the developer of a game that was in the spotlight by eager fans has become a loyalty and secret service for someone who plays in a questionable way. Sources say members should have sided with the game and praised Kahraman with him during the Rainbow Six Siege round – which often invited some of them to play late at night – or that they could leave;
  • Kahraman would share something, the team would not be surprised and maybe even shed some outsiders, when Kahraman would say that he was testing his loyalty and that they were not material. abandoned, at the end. It started to happen more after the Zero Cell audio leak, and at that point Kahraman became more suspicious with the band members;
  • Kahraman told the team that he was actively working abandoned, but as time went on, he could not show much that seemed real or compelling, even though he often missed the deadlines he set. For example, after saying that he had planned an appearance for a week, that day would come and go without further development;
  • Sources say Kahraman eventually accepted this from the PSN team abandoned not in development, but now claims to be a playable prologue. As mentioned earlier, the sale of this prologue is intended to fund the entire game and attract investors, but the materials it shared with the private group were only confusing. He promised game tests, sometimes to a person on the team, but no game test was actually presented;
  • Some members joked that the game should be called “Wallbadoned” because a large part of what Kahraman showed them was game walls and nothing else. Those close to the situation are also questioning how much progress is being made in the preface;
  • A PlayStation representative did not respond to GameSpot for comment. Kahraman does not comment.

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