Galo and Flamengo in double doses today, by Mineiro – Jaeci Carvalho

Mineiro will be filled today for the game between Atltico and Flamengo, for the Brazilian (photo: Ramon Lisboa/EM/D. A Press)

When we talk about Atltico vs Flamengo, what comes to my mind are the many fights in the 1980s, which made this classic one of the most competitive opponents in the country. How not to remember the genius Reinaldo, as Zico said in an interview with me, in Istanbul, in 2007, that he thought “a new Pele had emerged, when, in 1973, the King left the half of a Flamengo team and scored a goal in Maracan ”.

How not to remember Zico, is decisive in many of these confrontations. Luizinho, der, Cerezo, Paulo Isidoro, Palhinha and other stars. Adlio, Andrade, Raul, Leandro, Jnior. In short, stars were lacking at the time.

Former referee José Roberto Wright, recently fired by CBF, was the main villain in the classic for the Libertadores in 1981, when he fired half a team from Atltico. He was able to ruin a good game, where Atltico were better.

It is known that the team that passes will be the Libertadores champion just like the quality of the two teams.

They are both giants, and Atltico, without a doubt, have the most bizarre team in their history. Had it not been for the referee’s mistakes, the Brazilian and Libertadores, that white-and-white team would have won two trophies. By the way, Zico and the company are innocent. Referees are the great villains.

But these mistakes have angered Atletico at Flamengo. And in modern times, when the world is sick, hatred grows. The classic is now starless. Away from it. It has good players, especially Hulk and Arrascaeta. Some were just fine, including Gabigol, which was a failure in Europe, but who at Flamengo responded.

Both were cited candidates in all their disputes. I see Rooster as better, even if his fans are hoping to get rid of coach Mohamed. However, the victory now puts everything in its place. The loss, however, could cause the house to collapse. There are people who say Renato Gacho has already been hired.

I asked a Galo source, and he assured me that he would not be deceitful at work. “If there’s a coach working, there’s no way someone can be hired to replace him. Our policy is to keep the coach. Here at Galo, fans don’t fire a coach. If we understand that Turco will no longer be available, he will be announced and we will go to the market. But a man who has won the two titles we have disputed so far is not and should not be removed. It is a disagreement on our part, “he said. niya.

I believe and trust my source, but we know that in football there is no fact that it lasts an hour, and the pressure on the fans brings, yes, coaches and players. I don’t see this whole crisis that they are trying to implement in Galo. I’ve seen a balanced team, with a few players who lost their technical form last year, but nothing to fear.

With the exception of Palmeiras, who proved all that was expected of them, so far the Brazilian has remained, and the distance from the Z-4 ​​to the G-4 is only two wins.

Don’t compare Turco to Cuca. Everyone has their own work philosophy. It’s worth remembering that Cuca only prepares Brazilian, because Mineiro, Galo and Hulk are so bad, remember? Of course not. The fan just remembers what he deserves.

Maybe today the Rooster will bloom and play a nice game, in front of the crowded Mineiro and cheering crowd to celebrate more cups.

Galo has defended the Brazilian title and the Copa do Brasil, and the double dose of the title in this column is really the reason. Now for the Brazilian. Wednesday, for the Copa do Brasil. Two consecutive wins will calm the mood and return Rooster to his normal course, which is to find cups.

Flamengo, without Bruno Henrique, who is at risk of not playing further this season due to knee problems, is going through a serious crisis and is still flirting with relegation. With a monthly salary of R $ 35 million, which is Cruzeiro’s budget for the whole year, the red-black should get out of the crisis, and there is nothing better than a victory against the state’s biggest rival so that the things are calmer on the Ninho side. to the vulture.

That we have a good classic, maybe a 3 to 2, especially for Rooster, is the desire of Atletico fans, to revive, at least in part, the great classics of the past. Good game to the fans well, and hopefully the public is the big winner.


Last week, bandits dressed as fans stormed Botafogo’s CT to demand results. On Thursday it was the turn of Fortaleza fans to attack the airport, even attacking an athlete from the club, demanding a better performance.

Are the Brazilian authorities waiting for the death of a player, manager or coach, to act strongly and seriously against these groups, who have no fans?

Imprison these bandits, severe punishment and good social response! The scenes are repeated, every week at a different club. This god must end.

Football only has a reason to be like love and affection, which never loses the cause. If this continues, we’d better close the doors on this football that has been badly abused on the pitch and even worse than that.

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