Gabriel Bandeira breaks world record and Brazil launches historic campaign at Paralympic World Swimming Games | Paralympics

Brazil is doing well at the World Paralympic Swimming Championships in Madeira, Portugal. This Thursday, the fifth day of the clashes, the national delegation won five more medals, four gold and one bronze. With that, he won a total of 41 medals (15 gold, 8 silver and 18 bronze) and has the best campaign in his history in the championship. In 2017, in Mexico City, Brazilian swimmers reached the podium 36 times, 18 gold, nine silver and nine bronze. The goal now is to surpass the Mexican edition in gold as well.

Gabriel Bandeira breaks world record in the SM14 200m – Photo: Ale Cabral / CPB

The band’s album also came with a very important personal record. Gabriel Bandeira broke the world record for the SM 14 200m freestyle. The Brazilian dropped the old mark by 12 percent.

Carol Santiago is also the one who continues to make history. He won the S12 100m freestyle by heart and won his fifth gold medal in the competition (four in individual events and one in relay).

The other gold medals were in the S8 50m freestyle. Cecília Araújo, in the women’s race, and Gabriel Cristiano, in the men’s race, climbed to the top of the podium. In the 50-meter S4, Lidia Cruz won the bronze medal.

Carol Santiago wins fifth gold at Rome World Cup – Photo: Ale Cabral / CPB

It should be remembered that in Paralympic swimming, athletes are divided into 14 different classes, referring to the level of disability of the competitors. Classes S1 to S10 are for physical-motor disabilities, S1 for athletes with a higher level of disability, and S10 for those with a lower level of disability. Classes S11, S12 and S13 are for the visually impaired and S14 for the mentally handicapped.

The competition continues until the 18th of the month, always with the qualifiers at 04:00 (Brasilia time) and the finals at 13:00.


🥇 Gabriel Bandeira 200m freestyle S14 (Day 1)
🥇 Maria Carol Santiago 100m butterfly S12 (Day 1)
🥇 Samuel Oliveira 50 m backstroke S5 (Day 2)
🥇 4x50m freestyle mixed relay (20 points) – Day 2
🥇 Gabriel Araújo 100m backstroke S2 ​​(Day 3)
🥇 Maria Carol Santiago 50m freestyle S12 (Day 3)
🥇 Samuel Oliveira 50m butterfly S5 (Day 3)
🥇 Maria Carol 100m breaststroke S12 (Day 4)
🥇 Gabriel Araújo 200m freestyle S2 (Day 4)
🥇 Mariana Ribeiro 100m freestyle S9 (Day 4)
🥇 4x100m relay (49 points) – Day 4
🥇 Cecília Araújo 50m freestyle S8 (Day 5)
🥇 Gabriel Cristiano 50m freestyle S8 (Day 5)
🥇 Maria Carol Santiago 100m freestyle S12 (Day 5)
🥇Gabriel Bandeira 200m medley SM14 (Day 5)
🥈Samuel Oliveira 50m freestyle S5 (Day 1)
🥈 Joana Neves 50m freestyle S5 (Day 1)
🥈Maria Carol Santiago 100m backstroke S12 (Day 1)
HelPhelipe Rodrigues 50m freestyle S10 (Day 1)
🥈Gabriel Bandeira 100m backstroke S14 (Day 2)
🥈Lídia Cruz 100m freestyle S4 (Day 2)
🥈 Samuel Oliveira 200m S5 (Day 4)
🥉Patrícia Santos 50 breasts SB3 (day 1)
🥉Patrícia Santos 100m freestyle S4 (Day 2)
🥉Larissa Rodrigues 150 S3 Mixing (Round 2)
🥉 José Ronaldo 100 m backstroke S1 (Day 3)
🥉 João Brutos 100 m breaststroke SB14 (Day 3)
🥉 Debora Carneiro 100 m breaststroke SB14 (Day 3)
🥉 Lucilene Sousa 50m freestyle S12 (Day 3)
🥉 Joana Neves 50m butterfly S5 (Day 3)
🥉 Talisson Glock 200m S6 (Day 3)
🥉 Gabriel Cristiano 100m butterfly S8 (Day 3)
🥉 José Ronaldo 200m freestyle S1 (Day 4)
🥉 Talisson Glock 400m freestyle S6 (Day 4)
🥉 Laila Suzigan 400m freestyle S6 (Day 4)
🥉 Gabriel Cristiano 100m freestyle S8 (Day 4)
🥉 Cecília Araujo 100m freestyle S8 (Day 4)
🥉 Maiara Barreto 50m coastline S3 (Day 4)
🥉 Tiago Ferreira 200m S5 (Day 4)
🥉 4×100 free relay S14 (Day 4)
🥉 Lidia Cruz 50m freestyle S4 (Day 5)


Brazil entered without a favorite, but with two athletes in the final of the race. And they both fought for the podium. Lidia Cruz won the bronze medal in the 39s84 closed. Patrícia dos Santos was fourth with a time of 41s26. Tanja Scholz, German, first (38.09) and Rachel Watson, Australian, second (39.03).

50m freestyle S8 – women and men

The competition was dominated by Cecília Araújo. He ran from start to finish and there was no doubt that he would win the gold medal at no time. With a time of 30s97, he reached the top of the podium. In the men’s race, Gabriel Cristiano competed arm in arm until the finish line, but also won another gold medal for Brazil with 27s19.

Cecília is the Paralympic World Champion in Rome – Photo: Ale Cabral / CPB

100m freestyle S12 – women

Maria Carol Santiago swallowed her opponent. The Brazilian opened up more than one body to second place and managed to swim one minute to secure the gold medal (59s62). This is the athlete’s fifth gold achievement in the competition. Lucilene Sousa fought for a medal, but finished fifth with a time of 1m01s73.

Brazil is committed to renewing the Paralympic Swimming World Cup

SM14 200m hurdles masculine

From the start, Gabriel Bandeira did not save and tried to open a good advantage to secure the gold and test the world record. In the 50-meter butterfly, he was more than a body runner-up and kept his back in style. He lost a bit of his chest, but the Brazilian tried to encourage him to reach the world record by winning the sound of the screams in the stands. And it worked. With 2m07s50, Bandeira swam below the old 12 percent mark (2m08s02). João Brutos finished fourth with 2m13s57.

100m freestyle S11 – men

Matheus Rheine started strong and finished second, but lost the lead and finished fourth, 59s63. Wendell Bellarmino was sixth with a time of 1m02s11.

Gabriel Cristiano is the best S8 in the 50m freestyle at the World Cup in Rome – Photo: Ale Cabral / CPB

50 m freestyle S3 – women

Maiara Barreto and Larissa Rodrigues were not favorites for the podium, but they tried their best. Maiara finished fifth with a time of 1m04s68. Larissa was seventh with 1m09s62.

50m freestyle S6 – women and men

Daniel Mendes did a good race and barely made it to the podium. With 30s08, the bronze went to 0s16 than Dutchman Thijs van Hofweegen (29s94). He made the Thalisson Glock 31s37 and was in sixth place. In the women’s race, the same position as Laila Suzigan (35s81).

Douglas Mater had a good time of 25.17, but finished in sixth place, far from the medal issue.

Mixed 4×100 meter mix 34 points

The team finished 4: 39.39 and finished fifth with little chance of winning the medal, while Holland finished third with a time of 4: 34.79.

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