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– Vasco has been looking for the best for his commission.

Maurício Souza’s statement refers to the hiring of technical assistant João Eduardo Correia, announced by Vasco this week. The 28-year-old Portuguese did not know the coach, but has arrived at the club with the approval of his right hand man. He did not appoint a new commander, but he has good references and has been on the radar of football coach Carlos Brasil for a long time.

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João Eduardo is young, but has done internships at major clubs such as Manchester United and Barcelona, ​​coached by José Mourinho and Ernesto Valverde at the time. He came to Brazil at the hands of Alberto Valentim, and recommended him to Cuiaba, his first club in the country.

João Eduardo met Jorginho, Atletico-GO coach, Vascon coach and player, during the Mato Grosso team. It was through people connected to the former defender that Carlos Brasil first heard the assistant’s name and kept it on his radar. The departure of Cléber dos Santos Zé Ricardo’s assistant opened a gap for the Portuguese to reach the São Januário club.

– The invitation did not come from Maurício Souza, because I did not know him. Vasco da Gama was interested in telling me, and this time I had the opportunity to get into the job I really wanted: a technical assistant, ”João Eduardo told the Portuguese newspaper” A Bola “.

João Eduardo, Vasco’s new technical assistant – Photo: Daniel Ramalho / CRVG

After the praise of Jorge, a “very good professional”, and his conversations with João Eduardo, Carlos Brasil sought new references to the professional. He spoke to Alberto Valentim’s team and liked what he heard. It was Valentim who brought the Portuguese to Brazilian football when he was in Cuiabán.

– It was Alberto Valentim who opened the doors for me in Brazil when he took me to Cuiaba. I will always be grateful for what he did for me. Going from Olivais and Moscavid to Brasileirão allowed me to get in touch with a different reality … Since I left Cuiabá, the interest of several Brazilian clubs arose, but it did not meet the proposal that I wanted and Vasco presented to me. I thought I could get to a big Brazil and as an assistant, luckily, that opportunity has come now, ”the Portuguese João told the newspaper.

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In Rio de Janeiro, João Eduardo will have a great opportunity for his career, as well as the case of Maurício Souza, who is starting as a permanent coach of a professional team in Vascon. Although Vasco did not know each other before his interest, the commander gave a vote of confidence to the assistant who will assist him in the mission.

– Vasco has been looking for the best for his commission. I had zoom conversations with him. He is a highly qualified professional. I was interested in the club, my support and I am sure he will be very happy to be here – said Maurício Souza in his presentation.

João Eduardo Alberto Valentim with Cuiabán in 2021 – Photo: Rogério Moroti / Cuiabá

With the confidence of the new coach, João Eduardo has also found a well-known face in CT Moacyr Barbosa. Cuiabán, the assistant, worked with Captain Anderson Conceição Vasco. The defender was also consulted by the football department about the signing.

– It was his first experience in Brazil. I liked it a lot, great ideas, a guy who learns a lot, even though he’s young. There are great things to add, very professional, they will come to add to our fixed commission, which is also very good. He’s a good guy and very professional, “said Anderson Conceição ge.

Fellow of Mourinho and Valverde

João Eduardo does an internship with José Mourinho at Manchester United – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

At the age of 28, João Eduardo has experience in Europe and Asia, practicing with the biggest football teams in the world. Vasco’s new assistant was with José Mourinho at Manchester United in 2018, and the following year he was Ernesto Valverde’s fellow in Barcelona.

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João Eduardo also coached smaller Portuguese teams such as Olivais and Moscavide and the Associação Deportiva de Oeiras. A more significant experience was on the sidelines at Benfica, but at the team’s football academy in China.

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The Technical Assistant holds a degree in Sports Science from the Faculty of Human Motor Skills in Lisbon and a UEFA B degree from the highest body in European football.

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