Fluminense vs Atlético-MG: see where to watch, squad, fouls and refereeing | Brazilian series a

Fluminense and Atlético-MG will face each other this Wednesday at 21:30 (Brazilian time) in the Maracanãn, the match that is valid for the 10th day of the Brazilian Championship. The match will continue in real time gewith exclusive videos – CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE.

File: Fluminense x Atletico-MG – Photo: ge

Fluminense is trying to recover from two consecutive and atypical defeats: he lost to Flamingo, broke his opponent and was a great goalkeeper in a classic, and against Juventude, in a match where there was no football in the overflowing meadow. Alfredo Jaconirena. The results are a one-point difference from the Tricolor relegation spot, with the risk of entering the Z-4 ​​if he does not win this Wednesday. Fernando Diniz wants to maintain the confidence that the team has had in his previous seven games, with five wins and two draws, scoring 18 goals and conceding only four.

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Galo São Paulo comes from a goalless draw against Palmeiras in the final day of the Brazilian Championship, after two consecutive victories (Atlético-GO and Avaí). Atletico has 16 points and is in third place. If he wins, he sleeps as a leader, as Corinthians lost to Cuiaba. Galo has not lost in 12 games as a visitor. Antonio Mohamed is able to keep the starting line-up, win again and try to take the lead.

Retrospective: It will be the 100th match in history between Fluminense and Atletico-MG. In the 99 games so far, Galo has an advantage with 40 wins against Tricolo’s 30, in addition to 29 draws.

  • Streaming: TV Globo, narrated by Luis Roberto and commented by Fabio Junior, Roger Flores and Sandro Meira Ricci in Central do Apito; and Premiere, with narration by Júlio Oliveira and comments by PC Vasconcellos and Petkovic;
  • Real time: O ge along with exclusive videos. Click here to continue.

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Fluminense – coach: Fernando Diniz

Arias, who returned from the Colombian national team last Tuesday, will train with the team and attend the match, most likely as a starter. After serving his sentence against Juventude, David Braz is also in the hands of Dinize again and should form a pair of defenders with Manoel, as Nino is still out. After the ball was lifted in from the left, Cris Silva was on his own in the home side’s penalty area and should have scored after 79 minutes, but missed, probably due to lack of concentration.

Possible starting lineup: Fábio; Samuel Xabier; Manoel, David Braz and Cris Silva; Wellington (Felipe Melo), André and Ganso; Luiz Henrique, Arias and Cano.

Fluminense’s squad against Atlético-MG – Photo: ge

  • who is away: Luan Freitas (right knee), Nino (left thigh), Fred (left eye), Pineida (right calf), Matheus Martins (under-20 team), Nonato (punished) and Nathan (contract strength);
  • hanging: David Braz, Goose, Yago, Arias, Manoel and John Kennedy.

Atletico-MG – coach: Antonio Mohamed

Atletico did not disclose any information related to his trip to Rio. The question remains whether Keno and Guilherme Arana will be there. The former is without a thigh injury, but is undergoing physical improvement. After defending the team, the team returns from a trip to Japan. All indications are that el Turco will repeat the formation against Palmeiras.

Likely lineup: Everson; Mariano, Nathan Silva, Junior Alonso and Rubens; Allan, Jair and Nacho; Ademir, Sasha and Hulk

Atletico-MG to visit Fluminense – Photo: ge

  • who is away: Zaracho and Vargas (DM), Diego Godín (selection).
  • hanging: Nathan Silva and Mariano.

Leandro Vuaden will be the referee of today’s match – Photo: Aldo Carneiro / Pernambuco Press

  • Referee: Leandro Pedro Vuaden (RS)
  • Assistant 1: Jorge Eduardo Bernardi (RS)
  • Assistant 2: Jose Eduardo Calza (RS)
  • VAR: Daiane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (FIFA) (SP)

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