Flamengo’s landing boiled over and both athletes received a message; behold

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Dorival Júnior’s debut was Flamengo’s left foot. This Saturday, the team continued the same indifferent posture in previous games and lost to Internacional by 3-1, in Beira-Rio, in Porto Alegre. The only red-black goal was scored by Andreas Pereira. Upon returning to Rio de Janeiro, the players were charged outside the airport.

As the athletes boarded the bus, a group of fans took advantage of the opportunity to curse. In the pictures released by Julio Miguel Neto, it is possible to notice the strong accusation of Willian Arão. Filipe Luís, who was criticized in the match yesterday, was also one of the targets. The shouts of “team without shame” were also sung.


On the lawn in Beira-Rio, midfielder Diego spoke to reporters about the turbulent moment.

– Great challenge, as well as expectations. It’s time to work hard and say little. We need to correct. Soon, we will be fighting again at the table. I think it’s a winning squad, has a clear conscience, enjoys good things and is progressing. The responsibility is ours too. There are no secrets. You have to be someone to get it. That’s why we’re here until now. As long as we’re here, let’s do our best. We have some positive points, but we have a lot of work to do – Diego told the Premiere channel.

Speak up, Dorval!

– We really need to change this concept (issue of the soul of the players). We have to take turns a little and change our behavior in the field, change a little even in profile. In order for us to find a way again, we need to do something different from what has been done in the field, so that, by changing this attitude, we can find a condition that provides a rebalance to the competition.

– At a time like this, when some losses happen, you teach very easily, very simply for any professional. The important thing now is to point the finger at us. Everyone realizes what they are doing, what we need to improve, a greater need in all aspects, in all feelings, a dedication as well as the state of need itself, cause let’s change this key. A team like Flamengo can’t have that kind of attitude. We will work to improve all of this, to innovate, to provide greater possibilities than we see today. We need to have balance and peace. It’s a complicated time, I admit, but with a lot of struggle, a lot of work, we can find a new path and solution to everything we see.

Flamengo near Cebolinha

The soap opera involving the future of Everton Cebolinha is almost over. According to information from reporters Thiago Asmar and Julio Miguel Neto, negotiations have progressed in recent hours and the likelihood is that the striker will wear the red-black shirt in the next three years.

Initially, Everton Cebolinha will spend Flamengo the equivalent of 16 million euros (about 83 million reais). According to Julio, the red-black decided to buy the 26-year-old athlete. Previously, the intent was a loan with an obligation to buy, molds that would not please Benfica.

“The information I have is that Flamengo has changed their strategy. It is no longer a loan, but an athlete’s claim. Flamengo is about to agree to buy Everton Cebolinha with a tie up until December 2025. Benfica, without the athlete, is already positively signaling.Flamengo will pay almost 16 million euros for Everton Cebolinha.In addition, salary gains are almost 2 million euros per year, without ‘y imports, almost 1 million reais per month.Flamengo and Benfica seem to be more connected.Negotiations are ongoing.This purchase amount, I was told that Flamengo will pay in installments, I can’t find the number of installments , but the total amount will come to this final amount ”, said Julio.

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