Flamenco has a free week and Sousa gains time in search of stability

To strengthen the peace days in Ninho do Urubu, Flamingo has time to breathe this week. The atypical mid-season period is the perfect setting for the entire game marathon. After two months, Paulo Sousa has a “quiet” day: two breaks and four consecutive workouts, the perfect time to look for stability.

The last time Flamingo trained all week was before the Carioca final, and they had ten days to prepare for the first game, on March 30th. Since then, the team has played an 18-match marathon in 60 days: ten wins, five draws and three defeats. The balance is positive, but the time was marked by turmoil, state vice, management pressure and the ‘Diego Alves case’.

Although Maracanã has won four games in a row, Sousa is looking for stability and calm with the fans, especially. The stadium, seen as an ally, was the cause of some headaches in this sequence, as the team was kicked out of the field three times, Hugo became a target of criticism after the defeat, in addition to protests against Vice President and President Marcos Braz. Rodolfo Landim.

Sousa’s main accomplice may be working time for the best acting performance. The technical committee will have at least four activities to adjust the adjustments, mainly in defense, and focus on the recovery of athletes still in the medical department: Fabrício Bruno, Gustavo Henrique, Matheus França, Santos and Diego Alves.

Lack of partner and anxiety on the side

One of the main topics of the performance will be the absence of the pair against Fortaleza on Sunday (5) in Maracanãn. Gabi is booked for his third yellow card, while Arrascaeta is with the Uruguayan national team, who will not play against Red Bull Bragantino and Internacional. Pedro and Vitinho must be chosen to complete the losses.

Coaches, on the other hand, are worried about Matheuzinho, who felt pain after FlaFlu. It should be noted that Sousa is not penalized by Rodina and Isla, who is with the Chilean national team.

Relay on defense

In the final clashes, Sousa alternated between David Luiz, Rodrigo Caio and Pablo. The last two played twice. Against Fluminense, Léo Pereira was not among those involved, and the coach commented on the importance of training to determine who will be among the top 11.

“They have different characteristics. I want to count on all the defenders. Fabrício is recovering very well and will help us, as well as Gustavo, who is close to returning. Léo has come and gone because of his ability. at his press conference.

More chances to score?

Hugo owns the booth and once again sealed Sousa’s vote of confidence, this time with a FlaFlu performance. However, the coach is looking forward to the return of Santos and Diego Alves for the June match sequence.

Santos, who had a quadriceps injury to his left thigh, is still in the gym and started working out on the field. Meanwhile, Diego Alves is in the final stages of healing from pubalgia and is working in the grass with his physical therapist.


That will be the main focus of the actors in the coming days. In a collective, the team loses intensity when the coach changes, especially when he changes the way he plays in the second half, and therefore sees the need to help him in training.

“There are, we lose intensity when we lower the defensive block. It’s something we’ve been working on to be aggressive with the lower block as well. It doesn’t have to be so permissive. But he had a lot to do today. With this game. be aware of getting to more places, ”he said after FlaFlu.

Turn chances into goals

In Brasileirão, for example, Flamengo is the fourth club with the most presentations, according to FootStats. The red-and-black team scored 107 goals, however, only 46 were certain – in addition to scoring only nine goals. Efficiency is considered low, so finishing will be another important issue that Sousa will address.

The final eight of Brasileirão and Libertadores

The free week ends on Sunday (05) against Fortaleza, and is the first match of the month in which the attention of the red and black Brasileirão will dominate: six matches in three weeks. Finally, the first match of the Libertadores quarter-finals, on the 29th, against Tolima, in Colombia.

In the national competition, the time to recover the start marked by the oscillations is considered decisive. It is noteworthy that in the first six matches, Flak had only one win, three draws and two defeats. After winning the Goiás and Fluminense Maracanã, he climbed to eighth on the Rubro-Negro board and has already flirted with the G4.

unprecedented feat

The week of work, if successful, with a victory over Fortaleza, will take Sousa Flamingo to an unprecedented feat: five wins in a row. Since taking over the club, the coach has scored four victories in another, beating Vasco and Banguri three times, but ended up losing the first FlaFlu in the Carioca final.

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