Fittipaldi is a key player in Charouz’s progress and appears strong in F2 in 2022 – Formula 2 News

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In the first two rounds of the 2022 F2 season, Enzo Fittipaldi hit the scoring bar with his Charouz. Three times he finished 11th and once crossed the finish line in tenth place, he always found himself having to make room in the races, whether it was a bad classification, a pit-stop error or even a track incident. However, it was only a matter of time before the Brazilian managed to lead the Czech team to the points, and in the end he reached something else in the third lap, Imola, and could not be in the best way: a sure combination of pace and strategy.

Since then, Fittipaldi has won four regattas in the field of points, and while it is realistic to talk about Charouz’s intentions for the year, it is undeniable that the 20-year-old has been instrumental in the Czech team’s evolution. years.tests.

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In 2021, taking on the work he had already done, Fittipaldi managed to get his first points in F2 by finishing seventh in the Jeddah 2nd race. The result already indicated what the next year could be like, and in addition to meeting the expectations of the Enzo team, Charouz has so far been responsible for 42 of the 46 points in the World Cup – by comparison. the Czechs went far by 28 points in the entire 2021 season, finishing 10th in the overall standings, the team’s worst position since making their F2 debut in 2018.

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