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Televisions are designed to last a long time. However, the position inside your home may reflect the appearance of errors. Excessive heat from the sun, for example, could have been avoided if it had not been near the TV window. The same is true when the device is in a very humid environment and without proper ventilation.

Therefore, before making your purchase, it is important to consider a suitable place that does not interfere with the health of your device. To help with this issue, TechTudo has made a list of possible positions on your TV that may cause problems and that you should avoid.

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Although technology has brought many features to TVs, it is important to be careful with the position of this device inside the home – Photo: Disclosure / LG

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1. The distance between the person and the television

TVs too close to users can cause vision problems – Photo: DivulgaƧao / LG

The first problem is not with the bugs that appear on TV, but with the risks to users. The distance from the screen to the sofa or bed is crucial make sure your eyesight is healthy and avoid disturbance caused by television lights. The closer you are to the screen, the greater your chances of developing a problem.

The recommended distance usually varies depending on the size of the TV and the resolution of the image, as shown in this article. Therefore, before installing the device in your home, see if the location is appropriate.

2. Is television a place where it will be exposed to the sun?

An alternative is to hang curtains so that the TV is not exposed to sunlight – Photo: Disclosure / Samsung

When the TV is placed in very sunny places, the average temperature of the TV will rise exceeds the manufacturer’s recommendation. Although new technologies have optimized the cooling of televisions, it is important to place them in an airy environment without sunlight. If possible, do not leave it near windows or doors.

This advice is even more valuable for people who enjoy watching movies and series for hours on end, this advice is even more valuable. If the TV is placed in a sunny room and it is still on for a long time, it can overheat, and loss of important parts of the equipment.

3. Is the TV close to a router?

Electronics can make it difficult to spread the router signal and develop faults due to constant contact – Photo: Reproduction / TechTudo

If your TV is next to a router, switch it on right now. THE harmonic electric current LCD screens and other models may interfere with the wireless network signal. This can not only interfere with your internet connection, but can also lead to problems with your TV.

Use the bottom of the rack or change the room where the signal transmitter is located. If possible, always keep the router away from your TV, monitor, computer, or laptop.

4. Is there an electronics near the TV that can heat up?

It is possible to place other electronics in the niches of a rack – Photo: Disclosure / Samsung

Just like in places where they receive sunlight, the TV should also be placed in a place with few devices. If you leave a video game, router, and speakerphone close to the TV, chances are it will overheat and cause a problem.

Parts of your library or chair should be equipped with a cable TV set-top box, for example. Use these niches and avoid leaving the devices on the side as much as possible., which increases the chances of overheating the TV. If there is no space for the furniture, move the electronics or place them in another room.

5. Is the TV environment dirty or damp?

Very closed environments and no air circulation can be detrimental to television – Photo: Disclosure / LG

In addition to warm, sun-drenched environments, it is important not to place the TV in damp rooms. THE Lack of ventilation can cause mold not only on the outside of the device but also on the inside., in very important parts for operation. In the long run, the trend is similar leave the screen dirtyas if it were wet.

Windowless environments are not a good option. Rooms with leaks or using floor tiles on the wall should also be avoided, as they increase the humidity of the space. The living room and bedroom, well ventilated and free from direct sunlight, are the best places to leave your TV.

6. Is it easy to clean the place?

TVs should be located in places where dust and other dirt accumulate – Photo: Filipe Garret / TechTudo

Lastly, it is important to keep the TV in a place where it is easy to clean. Unlike smartphones, TVs do not have IP protection. This means external actors like sDirt or small dust can enter the unit and cause damage..

When installing, always leave a for easy height cleaning. Also put on less structured furniture that accumulates less dust. If possible, avoid placing them near windows while building near the house, as there is a tendency for a lot of cement, wood, and other materials to come along with the wind.

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