FIFA says Brazil and Argentina have tarnished the popularity of football

The CBF (Confederação Brasileira de Futebol) and the AFA (Argentine Football Association) were fined in their decision to reconsider and reconsider the knockout match, which was suspended on September 5, 2021, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee said. his actions, which led to the abandonment of the match, tarnished the popularity of FIFA and football ”.

The full document of February 9, when officials of Anvisa (National Agency for Health Care) entered the lawn of the Neo Química Arena in São Paulo, is about what happened to inform four Argentine players that they did not comply with health protocols. Pandemics of entry into Brazil, such as “chaotic and unfortunate” scenes.

“The event was broadcast to millions of viewers on television and thus tarnished the competition. [da Fifa] and football. These events are completely unbearable and unfortunate and deserve severe punishment for their recurrence, “said Anin Yeboah (Ghana), Thomas Hollerer (Austria) and Yasser Al-Misehal (Arabia). ).

In addition to reconsidering the match, which was scheduled to take place on September 22, the CBF did not fulfill its role of organizing the match, as a home team, and the fine was fined 500,000 Swiss francs (R $ 2.5 million). The AFA, according to the Commission, failed to comply with health protocols and was fined 200,000 Swiss francs (R $ 1 million). Both received a fine of 50,000 Swiss francs (R $ 250,000) each for leaving the game. Argentine players Lo Celso, Buendía, Martinez and Romero were penalized for two matches.

The CBF and the AFA appealed, and the FIFA Appeals Board in May reduced the value of the largest fines for Brazilians to 250,000 francs (R $ 1.25 million) and 100 thousand Swiss francs (R $ 500,000) for Argentines. Rearrangement of games and minor fines were maintained. Both organizations can go to the third and final instance, the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which, like FIFA, is in Switzerland.


Lo Celso, Buendia, Martinez and Romero played in England and were in Brazil due to health regulations to deal with covid-19 and at the time they had to comply with quarantine on landing 14 days before they arrived in London. in the country. In the documents filed on immigration, the athletes did not include this information, and the Brazilian authorities understood it as an attempt to circumvent the rules. The AFA says it was a small mistake to inadvertently miss this information.

After two days of negotiations and the government’s attempt to exempt the athletes from staying in the country, they went to the Neo Química Arena and Anvisa officials entered the field to report the end of the five-minute match. should leave the country.

In the report of the match representative, which the Commission used to assist in the decision, it was he who decided to take the delegation off the field to avoid fighting and after half an hour and without understanding. with the authorities, a permanent suspension of the match.

The document also includes the defense arguments of each confederation:

– Advised the AFA and Conmebol on the rules of health for timely access to Brazil;
– there was no way to prevent the Anvisa authorities from entering the area, as they are autonomous inspection bodies;
– Accused the AFA of failing to comply with the health agency’s instructions and refusing to continue with the match;

– In accordance with the rules on health bubbles set by FIFA and CONMEBOL, which are in force in international tournaments. And 14 days before entering Brazil it was public to be in the representation of the aforementioned players in the UK;
– that he did not know that he would have to ask for an exemption for these players and that he had done so after a meeting, that the Brazilian Government would provide him with a guarantee and that he would not inform them in time. denied. It was only 15:40, 20 minutes before the match, that an email had been sent about it;
– that there was an unintentional failure, a minor error in filling in the athletes’ documents;
– That there was an agreement with Anvisa that the players would be informed only during the break (same version of the delegate game).

In the decision, the Commission decided to reconsider the match, even though the standings are already over and Brazil and Argentina have already qualified for the Qatar World Cup, as there are only two types of penalties under the Discipline Code for leaving the field of play. : WO (3-0 win) give one of the teams or a game reorganization.

The commission said the only possible decision was to reorganize as there were no main culprits in the incident, which was shared by CBF and AFA.

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