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Coach Fernando Marchiori has used the official ABC channel in response to a statement from striker Wallyson released on Thursday. The commander of Alvinegro convened a club board and presented a “dossier” in which the idol of Mais Querido explodes (see below).

According to Marchorio, Wallyson made it public that he decided to clarify the things and things that could be resolved within him. To do so, he recorded a video with physiologist Vandeilton Galdino, physical trainer Alisson Herculano, Jonidey Tostão, a technical assistant on the club’s standing committee, and Carlos Azevedo. The first three also spoke at the conference.

– I repeat what I said from the beginning: none of us, from board to board, have a problem with anyone, any athlete, not even Wallyson. However, there are a lot of lies in the situation, ”Marchio said.

With reports, spreadsheets and a screen with a projector, the coach tried to justify Wallyson’s absence in the last three games. Initially, the two-week period would be used to improve the physical section, also subject to a change of position on the pitch.

– I called him in the chat, because of his idol, we identified the quality we know. We showed him the videos where we could save more, playing close to the goal, because of his technical quality, his ability to define, ”said the coach.

– We preferred to protect him more and more, to make him perform even better, and to continue to be an idol – he added.

Fernando Marchio presents Wallyson’s mistakes – Photo: Rennê Carvalho / ABC

Marchioi then began exposing the attacker. First, the player showed off his work with a former club coach on the beach. Vandeilton Galdino said he was not part of the exact schedule for him, saying he was physically ill.

At another time, Vandeilton said Wallyson did not participate in the activation with Campinense on match day, scheduled for 11 a.m. The dossier went on to mention that the striker does not normally do post-match weigh-in, as is the protocol of the committee, and also presented an image of the athlete training in a gym in the South. city. The extra work done outside the club without the permission of the fitness department could lead to complications from load control, the coach said, with potential injuries that could cause damage to the club.

– Training abroad without joining who we are, without the permission of the club, is enough for me. It’s a huge disrespect to the club’s professionals, the ones who are doing the best, the ones who are doing the best, trying to make everyone the same, respecting him, being the idol of the club, the one who has made things happen, but it’s very disrespectful. Marchio said.

Fleeing the issue of physical preparation, Wallyson also said that he does not participate in prayer circles with his teammates, and that in the match against Potiguar, after being replaced, he went straight to the locker room and left.

He also pointed out that the idol alvinegro, who did not enter the match against Brazil de Pelotas, did not go to the match to help his teammates “and that he was in a certain situation outside”. In this case, the coach was shown a photo of Wallyson, who was apparently in a park, and Allan Dias, who was injured and with a crutch, climbed the stairs in Frasqueirão and showed a video with the team. , in the locker room.

Marchio stressed that he prefers to “work on things internally, without revealing anything, but I think he has also crossed the line.”

– Tell me you came to me, I gave you statements. What statement did I make at some point that I failed? Saying he didn’t want to play 9, he wanted to play on the sidelines. It’s an opportunity he has, and we all respect it. He will fight the same with other athletes, he said.

Among the positive figures presented, the attacker only showed an improvement in the percentage of fat – it was 11.6 with fat and fell to 10.7 – “the merit of the work”.

Marchiori went further and stressed that as he neared the end of his speech, “there are cycles in life, beginning, middle and end.”

– Another thing is respect for colleagues, for the institution, which is greater than all of us. It’s not enough for me to want to do what I want. As he said he was silent, I was silent. He mentioned some things he didn’t agree with, and he never had to talk about what those disagreements would be, he said.


Fernando Marchio also said he hoped to “continue his professionalism” with respect for the organization.

– It started with a physical condition, then the athlete himself has now said that the problem is mine. If I am, let him declare what a problem he has with me, if it is to work, to be a professional, to dedicate himself, that is our duty as a club employee. It is not written in the ABC athlete’s contract that the athlete must be the owner, must be a reserve, must have his advantages – he stressed.

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