Fast legs suffer fouls, and Brazil beat Japan with penalty intent – 06/06/2022

The Brazilian team won another friendly qualifying match for the World Cup in Qatar this morning (6) in the morning. The victim at the time was Japan, losing 1 to 0 at the National stadium. The winning goal was scored by Neymar, who was just three goals away from equaling Pelé as the highest scorer in Amarelinha’s history in games against national teams.

Monday’s match was marked by excessive fouls from Japan, who made 18 throughout the match and imposed a lot of difficulty for Brazil’s attack that formed “fast legs”, as Tite calls it. The solution was a penalty that Richarlison suffered and Neymar converted in the second half.

Today, Japan continue their preparations for the World Cup and will face Ghana this Friday (10). Brazil has no commitments to this date with FIFA due to the cancellation of the match against Argentina which is in Australia. The next challenges are scheduled for September.

The best: Neymar

Neymar almost scored a goal from outside the area in the first half and scored in the second half.

Photo: Masashi Hara/Getty Images

He didn’t shine like other seasons, but he was the one who tried the most to be creative in front of the Japanese team that he never ceased to miss. He was even given a penalty goal which Richarlison conceded.

The worst: Lucas Paquetá

Package - Charly Triballeau/AFP - Charly Triballeau/AFP

Lucas Paquetá tried to finish in a friendly Japan x Brazil

Photo: Charly Triballeau/AFP

One of Neymar’s best teammates in the last few selection games, Lucas Paquetá is less likely to attend the game. In the attack with Vini and Raphinha, his presence in the area becomes even more important, but that doesn’t always happen. In fact, less happened than happened against South Korea, when Richarlison played the role of reference.

1st half: Brazil dominates, but there is little to fear

Neymar - Charly Triballeau/AFP - Charly Triballeau/AFP

Neymar complained about Japan’s lack of time with the friendly team in Brazil: in the first half there were 13

Photo: Charly Triballeau/AFP

The Brazilian team had the ball almost the entire first half at their feet. The thing is, this possession is less risky. Tite’s team finished 14 times, three of them on goal according to Sofascore. On the other hand, the Japanese committed more than ten fouls, which clearly angered the Brazilians and damaged the game. Every time they removed the mark with dribbles, Neymar and Vini Jr were stopped by strokes.

Quick feet plan for fouls …

Japan started the second half insisting on free kicks. Before the first minute, Raphinha was already on the ground. Vini Jr. tried hard, he showed up in all sectors of attack, but he did nothing to beat the opponent’s mark. Tite decides to sacrifice the “quick legs” scheme. Vini Jr. and Raphinha left for Gabriel Jesus and Martinelli, who were not yet on the bench in the first friendly match.

… but Japan’s strategy is back as well

Package - Kenta Harada/Getty Images - Kenta Harada/Getty Images

Lucas Paquetá and Neymar celebrated Brazil’s goal against Japan with a little dance

Photo: Kenta Harada/Getty Images

Japan was hit, hit, hit … Until Richarlison who had just entered, suffered a penalty from Endo. The ball was still left to Arana, who took advantage of the rebound to put it on the crossbar. The judge then pointed to the lime mark. In the crash, Neymar did the usual and opened up scoring for Brazil.

Tite tries Militão on the right. Kay?

To Danilo’s injury, from Juventus, even before the friendly, Tite preferred not to call a replacement. The idea is for Fabinho or Militão to test the sector. He did it on training days and took advantage of the game to do it too. To put it in the game, the commander took Daniel Alves and put Thiago Silva in the 24th minute of the second half. The Chelsea defender teamed up with Marquinhos again, and Militão fell to the right.

Vini Jr shared Neymar’s happy fans

Vini Jr - Masashi Hara/Getty Images - Masashi Hara/Getty Images

Vini Jr was selected as the starter of the Brazilian national team after being preserved against South Korea

Photo: Masashi Hara/Getty Images

As is the case in South Korea, Neymar is the big center of attention of Japanese fans. This time, however, he already has a competitor when it comes to applause from the standpoints. Vini Jr’s name is applauded like the PSG player’s name. The big difference is that the big screen always wants to focus on Neymar and not on the Real Madrid player.

The screen misses the photo of Danilo, now on the bench

Tite - Kenta Harada/Getty Images - Kenta Harada/Getty Images

Tite had to cut four players off the bench for the friendly against Japan

Photo: Kenta Harada/Getty Images

After being cut off the bench against South Korea, Danilo, from Palmeiras, made his debut in a match for the main team. He was linked by Tite, who preferred to cut Rodrygo, Alex Sandro, Léo Ortiz and the injured Gabriel Magalhães. At the time his name was announced, however, Palmeirense saw the big screen at the National Stadium go wrong and posted the photo of the right back playing for Juventus, he was his name and was not even called up due to injury. .

the goal

Neymar scored the winner for Brazil from a penalty kick in the 31st minute of the second half.


Competition: internationally friendly
toward: National Stadium of Japan in Tokyo (Japan)
date/time: June 6, 2022, Monday at 7:20 am (from Brasilia)
Referee: Alireza Faghani (Iran)
assistants: Ashley Beechan and Anton Shcetenin (both from Australia)
VAR: Kurt Ams (Japan)
yellow cards: Endo, Kamada (Japan), Raphinha, Neymar (Brazil)

GOALS: Neymar, on 31/2Q (0-1)

JAPAN: Gonda; Nagatomo (Yamane, at 35/2º), Itakura, Yoshida and Nakayama; Wataru Endo, Haraguchi (Kamada, at halftime) and Tanaka; Junya Ito (Doan, Q262), Furuhashi (Maeda Q221) and Minamino (Mitoma, Q226). Technician: Hajime Moriyasu.

BRAZIL: Alisson; Daniel Alves (Thiago Silva, on 24/2Q), Marquinhos, Éder Militão and Guilherme Arana; Fred (Richarlison, of 24/2T), Casemiro (Fabinho, of 39/2nd) and Lucas Paquetá (Bruno Guimarães, of 39/2nd); Raphinha (Gabriel Jesus, of 17/2Q), Vini Jr (Gabriel Martinelli, of 17/2Q) and Neymar. Technician: Titus.

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