Far from the Maracanã for 42 years, Vasco’s grandmother thanks you for going viral for her affection: “I felt like a child” | Basque

When Vasco won 1-0 against Cruzeiro last Sunday in a match that is valid for the 12th matchday of Serie B in Brasileirão, the crowd stole the show. More than 60,000 Vasco fans cheered the team on and helped narrow the gap to the championship lead by four points. These include a lady and her poster.

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Lúcia Marques Marvila, 89, more than one photographer clicked on the steps of the Maracanã: “Valentine’s Day is passing with my 1st love.” The photo posted on Vasco’s official profile went viral before the ball was thrown.

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Vasco in a match against Cruzeiro, Maracanãn – Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

O ge He met Dona Lúcia, who lives in Bangun, in the Western Zone of Rio de Janeiro. He says he has not stopped receiving messages since Sunday and is grateful for the love of Vasco residents and fans of other teams.

– The phone doesn’t stay in my house anymore (laughs) – he says with a smile.

– I didn’t know I was going to get to that age, because I loved so many people around me. It went very well. The excitement was great, I’m very happy to be in that Maracanã, to see these people, to see you taking pictures of us – he added.

As far as Vascaína can be understood, Dona Lúcia has not seen Vasco for a long time, she ended up leaving because of the violence in the stadiums. When the club announced that it was planning a match at the Maracanã, the family mobilized to take him away. Grandma was reluctant at first, but later accepted the invitation. He went to the stadium with one of his children and four grandchildren.

This was Doña Lucia’s first time at the Maracanã in 42 years. The last time he set foot in the stadium, he recalls, was during a visit to Brazil by Pope John Paul II in 1980.

– These people were wonderful ‘”Vasco!” hearing the screams, and releasing my voice, screaming, I raised my signal. Oh, it was so exciting, you can’t even calculate – he said.

– He was admiring the people in the background: “How do you vibrate, sing …”. I was there for that, to enjoy that moment. I was very happy, after so long, “Vasco, Vasco!” for being able to shout, shout for Nenê, for all the players. It was very emotional, there is no way to explain how I felt. I felt like a child there again, a young woman, ”she added.

However, Dona Lucia could not enter the stadium with a sign. He was told by security that only small artifacts were allowed, but said he had the common sense of the employee: “When I opened it (the poster), he read the message and said he couldn’t let me in, so I went in.”

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In the match between Doña Lúcia and her family Vasco and Cruzeiro, Maracanãn – Photo: Personal archive

In a conversation with the report, with her husband Edelvais Marques on her side, Doña Lucia did not admit that the content of the poster was a provocation, as she does not support any club and has never lost the opportunity to participate with Vasco. But the family guarantees that the message was a pleasant boost.

– He was (jealous). But he doesn’t go to games, we invite him, but he never really liked Carnival, sports, you know. We didn’t care if he left. So she stayed at home, watching the best moments, telling her how her goals were, explained Doña Lucia, who frightened her husband when she appeared on TV Globo.

– I was in the armchair watching the game. Suddenly, he appeared. I thought, “I lost my wife” (laughs), joked Seu Edelvais.

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Excited, Dona Lucia now plans to go to Vasco for more matches. He also has a dream of getting to know the player. The team will return to the pitch next Saturday, but away from home, to face London, at the Estádio do Cafén, at 16:00, for the 13th matchday of Serie B.

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