Fabrcio highlights Cruzeiro’s best memory: ‘It was a great 6-1’

Photo: Reproduction Canal Samuel Venncio

Fabricio recalled the details of the 6-1 defeat against Atltico

Fabrcio was in Cruzeiro between 2008 and 2011 and his best memory was the club’s last game. In an interview with Canal Samuel Venncio on YouTube on Tuesday (31), the former Raposa winger commented that his most notable moment with the sky shirt was the defeat against Atltico, in the last round of the 2011 Brazilian. the 6-1 victory over the opponent was tremendous.

The former player left Raposa at the end of 2011 and moved to So Paulo, but a very popular name among Cruzeiro’s fans. Fabricio was on the field for 154 games, but highlighted the last game as the best memory with a sky shirt.

“There were many (good memories), but we can’t forget the 6-1. The 6-1 was great, because it meant a lot to us. Until then, Cruzeiro never went down in history and I lived the last rounds there. “We were going to win, we were going to get out of everything and things didn’t happen,” he said.

Fabrcio also highlighted Cruzeiro’s pressure ahead of the 38th round of the 2011 Brazilian Championship. The Minas Gerais team had to win its biggest opponent in order not to go down and that was it. The former athlete has also stressed that he did not want to go down because of his special love for the club.

“There was a lot of pressure and I wish I could never fall for Cruzeiro. Cruzeiro never fell. It was a wonderful story and I thought, ‘I’m not going to get dirty.’ I like Cruzeiro. Thank you. God, everything went well that day. but unfortunately, years later, what happened happened, ”Fabrcio said, regretting the fall in 2019.

Classic route details

Cruzeiro’s biggest win in history was against Atltico on December 4, 2011, and Fabrcio provided details of the match. The defensive midfielder, who started in that match, spoke about the pre-preparation for the classic that was worth surviving in Serie An and recalled his speech to motivate teammates who were in tension.

“I couldn’t wait for that game to come soon. I thought we were going to win, but the pressure was very high. The week came and I went and said ‘Let’s calm down! Guys. Us.’ The boys will show up, mostly because our crowd will be there. We will run. Let’s relax and get to work this week. We will win. “I said it and everyone was kind of scared, but I felt that with me, even more so when I looked back. players.

The former Cruzeiro midfielder also recalled how the club came to Sete Lagoas, the stage of the 6-1 defeat against the rivals alvinegro.

“I remember the (support) started at the Toca exit. The crowd followed us. The atmosphere was awesome. We arrived at Sete Lagoas, the Arena was full and everyone was excited. Eyes wide open, everyone focused. I said. “I started with maximum adrenaline, carts everywhere. I made some crazy carts. And everything went well. There was still room to score a few goals. I wish it was around 7 or 8, because we had two more chances,” said the athlete.

In addition to stressing that he would like an even more elastic score, Fabrcio spoke of his goal. After Roger, Leandro Guerreiro and Anselmo Ramon shook the net, the midfielder scored the fourth goal. Wellington Paulista and Everton increased even more for Cruzeiro, while Rverk increased for Atltico.

“It was horrible. At the end of the first half I still scored that counter-attack. There, when I scored that fourth goal, it was very difficult to keep up the excitement. At the break, they even asked me if it was fixed. “But when I got to the locker room, if you stopped to think it was 4-0, I wanted to cry, emotionally. But we had to focus on the second half. remembering the emotion.

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